Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: 557

‘Killed Mythical Creature, Torch Dragon youngling . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

This thing… is a youngling… Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be astonished . If it were an adult Torch Dragon, he wondered how strong it would be .

Only one dimensional crystal dropped . When Zhou Wen saw the number, he thought it was just an ordinary dimensional crystal . He couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed . However, upon careful scrutiny, he saw that it was a 37-valued Spatial dimensional crystal .

It’s a rare spatial stat, and it’s 37 points . Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly absorbed the Spatial Crystal .

Strands of strange energy fused into Zhou Wen’s body, making him feel like his body had changed, but he couldn’t tell what changes had happened .

After the Spatial Crystal was completely absorbed, Zhou Wen saw the Spatial state of his rare stats reach 37 .

Spatial stat of 37 . The requirement for the Jade Lute Crystal is 41 Constitution, 21 Spatial stat, and a Spatial Life Providence and Life Soul . In other words, as long as I raise my Constitution to 41 points, I can absorb the Jade Lute Crystal skill . Zhou Wen was still eyeing the Jade Lute Crystal .

Although no Companion Egg dropped, a special stat was still extremely valuable . Zhou Wen was satisfied and planned on doing it again . Unfortunately, Torch Dragon was the same as the Golden Battle God Halberd . It didn’t appear immediately after he respawned the dungeon . It would probably take 24 hours before the Torch Dragon youngling would appear again .

It’s time to go to Zhuolu . Zhou Wen planned on heading to Zhuolu while waiting for the dungeon to respawn . As long as he grinded twice and confirmed that he could kill Torch Dragon safely, he would immediately enter the ruins .

He could ignore the chick and antelope . If the two of them didn’t see Zhou Wen return, they would definitely head to Wang Lu’s place for free food and drink . They wouldn’t starve themselves .

Zhou Wen planned on purchasing some items before heading to Zhuolu .

Just as he walked out of Four Seasons Garden, he bumped into Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen, who were looking for him .

“Coach, our exchange is about to end . I came to say goodbye before we leave,” Ming Xiu said .

“So fast?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He didn’t think it had been three months since Ming Xiu had arrived . His days of gaming really passed quickly .

“The three months are up the day after tomorrow . I’m afraid that the school will have other arrangements and that I won’t be able to bid you farewell, so I came ahead of time,” Ming Xiu said .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what to say . He wasn’t good at words, nor did he like to make farewell speeches .

“Coach, if you have the time, can you fight me again before I leave?” Ming Xiu clearly wasn’t the kind of person who would invite others to a farewell dinner . He wasn’t just here to bid Zhou Wen farewell .

“I can do it now,” Zhou Wen said with a nod .

“Then let’s go to the training ground . I’ve improved a lot recently . Although I haven’t advanced to the Epic stage, I already have some insights,” Ming Xiu said excitedly .

The three of them arrived at the training ground and found an empty room . Tian Zhenzhen stood by the side and watched the battle . Zhou Wen and Ming Xiu took their practice weapons and stood there .

“Coach, please give me your guidance . ” With the sword in hand, Ming Xiu’s temperament changed instantly . The warmth from before vanished . His being was even more terrifying and cold than the sword in his hand .

Zhou Wen wielded the practice sword and displayed the stance of Transcendent Flying Immortal . Since Ming Xiu specially came to spar with him before leaving, Zhou Wen didn’t want to brush him off .

Ming Xiu held his sword . At the instant his aura reached its peak, he unsheathed his sword and transformed into a stream of light that stabbed Zhou Wen .

It was like the last ray of light on the horizon during sunset . Ming Xiu’s sword was gorgeous and resolute . It was the last ray of light, and also the final bloom .

Although they were both focused on speed, Ming Xiu’s sword techniques and Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques exuded a completely different feeling .

Tian Zhenzhen watched Ming Xiu’s strike from the side . Her eyes were filled with anticipation, hoping that the strike would surprise Zhou Wen .

She had been practicing with Ming Xiu the entire time . She knew how much hardship Ming Xiu had suffered in order to hone his sword, and she also knew how much Ming Xiu had improved in such a short time . Although she knew that Ming Xiu couldn’t defeat Zhou Wen, she also wished to see a look of surprise on Zhou Wen’s face . That was the greatest reward for Ming Xiu’s hard work .

Tian Zhenzhen knew very well that Zhou Wen’s shocked expression was more important than any other person’s praise for Ming Xiu .

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However, Zhou Wen didn’t show any expression . With a slight movement of his practice sword, he blocked Ming Xiu’s sword . Although Ming Xiu’s sword was fast and ruthless, it was still too slow for Zhou Wen .

Ming Xiu couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged when he saw Zhou Wen easily block his sword that was infused with everything . He stood there with his sword in hand .

“What are you waiting for? Continue,” Zhou Wen said when he saw Ming Xiu pause .

Ming Xiu’s eyes narrowed . He gripped the sword in his hand tightly and swung it again . Like before, his sword was as fast as lightning .

However, Zhou Wen still casually brandished his sword and blocked Ming Xiu’s sword . However, this time, Ming Xiu didn’t hesitate or stop as he struck again .

Tian Zhenzhen was filled with disappointment . Ming Xiu had clearly put in so much effort, but Zhou Wen was still able to easily block his sword art .

Ming Xiu constantly attacked Zhou Wen from all directions . His sword technique was like meteors that streaked across the sky, but Zhou Wen didn’t use his strongest strike . He even remained in place . All he did was wave his sword and block Ming Xiu’s incoming strikes .

Tian Zhenzhen could not help but smile bitterly . She knew that the difference between the two of them was too great . It was so great that it left one in despair .

Looking at Ming Xiu, who constantly attacked Zhou Wen but failed to make him even take a single step, Tian Zhenzhen felt her heart almost shatter . She really didn’t wish to see Ming Xiu suffer such a blow .

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Ming Xiu had put so much effort into improving his sword techniques that when they failed she wanted to rush forward and stop him from continuing the battle . She didn’t want Ming Xiu to suffer such humiliation again .

“If I were you, I wouldn’t disturb him . ” A voice sounded beside her . Tian Zhenzhen was too engrossed and hadn’t noticed someone standing beside her .

“President Wei?” Tian Zhenzhen turned around and realized that the person was the president of the student council, Wei Ge .

Wei Ge looked at the battle between Zhou Wen and Ming Xiu and said, “No one is born to be a winner . Every man will experience countless failures in his life . However, some men will never get up again after failing . As for some men, they will get up and continue advancing after failing, ultimately becoming geniuses in the eyes of others . Trust him . Don’t stand in front of him . Don’t block his path . Just trust him . ”

Tian Zhenzhen didn’t understand him, but his words dispelled her urge to rush over .

Ming Xiu’s sword constantly slashed out, but it was also constantly blocked by Zhou Wen .

Wei Ge’s eyes narrowed . He could tell that Ming Xiu’s sword technique was evolving . He was searching for all possibilities . As long as he could get up and continue advancing, he would not lose .

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