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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 559

Published at 26th of October 2020 04:20:12 PM

Chapter 559: 559

When the terrifying sword intent reached its peak, it suddenly retracted . In an instant, it completely converged, and the transparent sword beam in Ming Xiu’s hand stabbed out .

This wasn’t a late strike, but a strike from the future . Ming Xiu’s sword was unbelievably fast as though it had broken through his limits . It transcended space and time as it stabbed at Zhou Wen .

The eruption of this strike was so sudden, fast, and bizarre that Tian Zhenzhen was unable to keep up with it . She did not even see how the strike was thrust out when she heard a clang .

The practice sword in Zhou Wen’s hand had already snapped . As for the transparent beam sword in Ming Xiu’s hand, it had been sheathed at some point in time .

“Tomorrow after tomorrow . How many tomorrows would there be? If you have the will, why wait until tomorrow? Live in the moment, and let the Sword of Tomorrow slay all grudges . Good sword technique!” Wei Ge praised .

Tian Zhenzhen only knew that Ming Xiu’s strike was very powerful, but she did not know how strong it was or which aspect of it was strong . She kept staring, but she couldn’t tell .

“Thank you for your guidance, Coach . I’ll be leaving . ” Ming Xiu bowed seriously and then turned to leave the practice room .

“Ming Xiu, you have finally won . Furthermore, you have condensed a Life Soul . You are only seventeen years old . It’s great that you reached the Epic stage at seventeen,” Tian Zhenzhen chased after him and said excitedly .

“No, I lost . ” Ming Xiu shook his head .

“How can that be? I saw you snap Zhou Wen’s sword . You definitely won!” Tian Zhenzhen exclaimed .

“That’s because Coach used a practice sword, while mine was a Life Soul Sword . That’s why he blocked my sword . It was only because the practice sword was too weak that it snapped . Even so, my sword still failed to injure him, nor was it able to force him to attack . Indeed, I’m still too inferior . However, I now have a direction . There will come a day when I will catch up with Coach,” Ming Xiu said confidently .

“I see . However, you are already very powerful . You are at the Epic stage at 17 years old . If your father knew, he would definitely be overjoyed,” Tian Zhenzhen consoled .

“That’s right . It’s time to go back and make the old man happy . I have to let others decide if the sword art my father passed down is weak or strong . ” Ming Xiu’s eyes were filled with excitement . After all, he was only a seventeen-year-old . He had the zeal of youth .

After Ming Xiu and Tian Zhenzhen left, Zhou Wen was about to leave when Wei Ge stopped him .

“Zhou Wen, can we have a chat?” Wei Ge asked .

“President, what’s the matter?” Zhou Wen didn’t feel anything special about Wei Ge . He didn’t have any negative feelings towards him or a good impression of him . He was just a schoolmate he wasn’t familiar with .

“I have a question for you,” Wei Ge said .

“Just say whatever you have to say . However, I might not necessarily answer you,” Zhou Wen said .

Wei Ge smiled and said, “Actually, it’s not a big deal . I just want to ask you . After graduating, do you plan on staying in school or going out to make a name of yourself?”

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“Everyone’s choices are different . I only wish to return to my hometown to game,” Zhou Wen said .

When Wei Ge heard Zhou Wen’s answer, he was stunned for a long while before he suddenly laughed . “Not bad, not bad . Everyone’s choices are different . I was overthinking it . ”

“Zhou Wen, what game are you playing? I should have a lot of free time in the future . I want to play it too,” Wei Ge asked .

“Recently, Huang Ji and I have worked together to develop a new game . If you’re interested, you can download it to play . This is the download address . ” Zhou Wen sent the download address of the game, Dimensional, to Wei Ge .

“Alright, I’ll go back and play . ” Wei Ge downloaded the game and waved goodbye to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen went to the supermarket to buy what he needed before storing them in the chaos space . Then, he informed Li Xuan and company before leaving the school . He headed to Zhuolu alone .

He didn’t contact An Sheng . Firstly, An Sheng was still hatching the Companion Egg . Secondly, if he contacted An Sheng, he would definitely enter the temple with him . It would be a meaningless risk .

Zhou Wen already had the confidence to kill Torch Dragon, so it was better for him to do it himself .

Before he left the city, his phone suddenly rang . He took a look at the number and realized that it was from Ouyang Lan . He could not help but mutter inwardly, Don’t tell me Ouyang Lan found out so quickly?

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“Little Wen, how’s your exchange with your schoolmates at the moment?” Ouyang Lan asked out of the blue after he picked up the call .

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen was puzzled and didn’t understand what Ouyang Lan was getting at .

“I’m talking about the exchange student from Bright Prospects College . Aren’t you his student tutor? How are you two getting along? Are you close?” Ouyang Lan asked .

Zhou Wen was even more puzzled . Why would Ouyang Lan actually care about this?

He had no idea that Ouyang Lan had arranged for him to become Ming Xiu’s student tutor .

“Our relationship isn’t bad, I suppose?” Zhou Wen felt that their relationship wasn’t bad . At the very least, they hadn’t quarreled .

“That’s good . What do you think if I let you live with Ming Xiu in the future?” Ouyang Lan asked again .

“Wait, Sis Lan, what do you mean? What do you mean by letting me live with Ming Xiu?” Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss .

Ouyang Lan said, “Do you know what Ming Xiu’s Life Providence is?”

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“I don’t know . ” Zhou Wen had never cared about this .

“Didn’t you say that you have a good relationship with him? Why don’t you even know about his Life Providence?” Ouyang Lan didn’t wait for Zhou Wen to reply before continuing, “His Life Providence is Peerless Duo . Do you know what it means? It means that there will be two peerless geniuses in the same era . ”

“And then?” Zhou Wen still didn’t understand what this had to do with him .

“Little Wen, I think that you should read more brain-teasers in addition to your cultivation to strengthen your imagination . That’s a Peerless Duo . Of course, it requires two people to be able to be called a duo . In other words, those who practice with him will be augmented by his Life Providence . Both parties will have their cultivation speed accelerate . Don’t you think that you’ve improved faster in the past three months?” Ouyang Lan said .

“There’s actually such a thing…” Zhou Wen really wasn’t aware . Furthermore, he had never cultivated with Ming Xiu . Instead, it was Feng Qiuyan who practiced with Ming Xiu all day .

“Forget it, forget it . Your emotional quotient and reaction are too slow . My relationship with Ming Xiu’s family elders isn’t bad, so if you can get along well, I can consider letting you live together and cultivate together…”

“Sis Lan… Thank you for your kindness… There’s really no need . I’m more used to living alone…” Zhou Wen finally understood why Wang Fei said that the school had designated him as a student tutor and that he couldn’t reject it . So it was Ouyang Lan’s arrangement .

Unfortunately, he had missed Ouyang Lan’s good intentions .

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