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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 560

Published at 26th of October 2020 04:20:11 PM

Chapter 560: 560

After hanging up, Zhou Wen left Luoyang and rode a Chi towards Zhuolu .

He had been to Zhuolu before, so naturally, he still remembered the way . However, compared to the last trip, the probability of seeing people outside the city was lower .

Many of the roads were already abandoned and lush vegetation could be seen everywhere .

Unless there was a large convoy or a pet transport team passing by, it would be hard to see a lone traveler .

On the way, Zhou Wen encountered some break-out creatures . Although they weren’t very strong—at the Legendary stage—it made him even more uneasy .

As the level for break-out creatures dropped, it was very likely that the dimensional zones’ seals would weaken further . Wang Mingyuan had said that in another ten years, the dimensional zones would completely have their seals released . From the looks of it, it wasn’t a lie .

The Chi’s speed was rather fast . Although it wasn’t as comfortable as sitting in a car, it could traverse complicated terrain, unlike cars that were easily restricted .

Many roads were destroyed by dimensional creatures . It was getting harder and harder to drive outside the city .

There were also many vines and plants that covered the roads . Other than some roads that often had cars drive through them, it was hard to guarantee smooth-flowing roads .

Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of exhaustion as he traveled day and night . On the third day, he set up a tent and planned on sleeping for a while .

Although he was full of energy and had endless Essence Energy, a person’s body and mind wouldn’t feel good if they did not sleep for prolonged periods .

The path Zhou Wen took wasn’t one visited by convoys, so there weren’t many people around . Furthermore, this was a mountain path in the mountainous area, so the chances of encountering people were even lower .

Zhou Wen set up a tent on a platform by the side of the road . It just so happened that the area was empty . Beside it was a cliff without any obstructions . If any foreign creature appeared, it could be discovered ahead of time .

He summoned Six-Winged, Banana Fairy, Doctor Darkness, and other Companion Beasts and got them to guard him . Only then did Zhou Wen feel at ease to fall asleep .

At midnight, Zhou Wen was sleeping soundly when he was suddenly awoken by a pair of tiny hands .

Opening her eyes, he saw Banana Fairy patting his face with her tiny hands . Upon seeing Zhou Wen wake up, Banana Fairy pulled his hand and pointed outside the tent .

“What happened?” Zhou Wen asked Banana Fairy .

Banana Fairy spoke, but he couldn’t understand what she was saying . It left Zhou Wen somewhat depressed . After all, she was a Mythical pet . It had been so long, yet she couldn’t even learn simple human language .

Zhou Wen could only get up and leave the tent . Six-Winged was sleeping outside the tent, sleeping even more soundly than Zhou Wen .

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Doctor Darkness stood at the entrance of the tent without any expression, as though he was in a daze .

These two fellows aren’t reliable when compared to Banana Fairy, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Banana Fairy flew in the air with her banana leaf and pointed at the bottom of the cliff . She made a series of sounds as though she wanted to tell Zhou Wen something .

Zhou Wen walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down . With the help of the moonlight’s illumination, he saw something glowing in the forest below .

The flickering light looked very regular . It didn’t look like fireflies . Firstly, fireflies weren’t that bright . Secondly, Zhou Wen had never heard of a firefly being able to emit red light .

Looking at it from above, it felt like a red alert alarm was flashing under it .

What’s down there? A dimensional creature? Although Zhou Wen’s eyesight was good, he couldn’t see what was glowing red from so far away .

Banana Fairy pulled Zhou Wen and flew down as though she wanted him to follow her down .

Zhou Wen hurriedly pulled Banana Fairy . The world was too terrifying . Many unknown things could cause people to die without knowing why . It wasn’t that Zhou Wen wasn’t curious, but he couldn’t risk his life out of curiosity .

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After grabbing Banana Fairy, Zhou Wen summoned more than ten Poison Bats and made them fly down to take a look .

The dozen or so poison bats quickly flew to the forest below the cliff and tore apart the trees and vines, making the red light even clearer .

Zhou Wen switched to Eight Perfections Wisdom and enhanced his vision . He could vaguely see that there seemed to be a red object glowing underground . As it was buried in the soil, only a tiny portion of it could be seen . Zhou Wen couldn’t tell what it was .

He ordered the Poison Bats to dig up the soil near that object . They lay on the ground, their claws piercing into the soil covered by fallen leaves as they dug up the soil .

Seeing that the object didn’t have any reaction, Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief . However, he didn’t dare to be careless . He kept staring at the object and the Poison Bats . Once the Poison Bats had any abnormal reaction, he could immediately react .

Thankfully, the situation that Zhou Wen had expected didn’t happen . After digging for a short while, the Poison Bats had dug out a huge hole .

However, from above, he could only see a red ball that was more than four meters in diameter . It was shining brightly, but he could not tell what it was .

Before confirming what it was, Zhou Wen didn’t dare let the Poison Bat touch it . After some thought, he put away the tent and other things . Then, he got Six-Winged to fly down the cliff with him .

Looking from the side, it was really a huge ball . It looked like a piece of jade that was half-buried in the soil . The blinking light in it was constantly changing, sometimes strong, sometimes weak . That was why from afar, it looked like it was flickering . In fact, it was constantly glowing .

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A dimensional creature? It doesn’t look like it . A Companion Egg doesn’t seem like it either . What is it? Zhou Wen sized it up but couldn’t tell what it was .

Banana Fairy couldn’t help but fly above the red ball . Then, she jumped down from the banana leaf and landed on the red ball .

She jumped on the red ball a few times, then with a pop, the red ball cracked .

Zhou Wen jumped in fright . It was already too late to stop her . Thankfully, there wasn’t any danger after the red ball split open . The red ball turned into a flower .

The jade-like outer shell was actually its petals . After peeling open layer by layer, the pink pistil inside was revealed, and the glowing object was the pistil .

The moment the flower bloomed, Zhou Wen immediately smelled a rich floral fragrance . With the augmentation of the Eight Perfections Wisdom, he felt that the fragrance was refreshing, one that relaxed his mind .

Banana Fairy had already landed in the pistil . Her tiny hand grabbed some pollen and placed it in her mouth, as though she was eating cotton candy . She quickly swallowed it .

There was a lot of pollen in the flower . After Banana Fairy ate one blob, she grabbed another with both hands . She stuffed it into her mouth and stuffed her cheeks .

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