Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 561

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Chapter 561: 561

A plant-type dimensional creature? Zhou Wen noticed that the flower didn’t show any abnormal reaction . It didn’t react to anything the Banana Fairy did . He found the plant-type dimensional creature rather strange .

When Zhou Wen saw Banana Fairy enjoying the pollen, he wondered if he should get some flower pollen to give it a try, but that was when he suddenly heard a strange sound nearby .

Zhou Wen looked around and his expression changed slightly . He saw that in the nearby forest, snakes, insects, rats, and ants were all approaching .

Zhou Wen recognized rats, caterpillars, venomous snakes, and centipedes . However, there were many insects that he didn’t know at all .

These weren’t likely to be real dimensional creatures . Most of them were ordinary creatures in the forest . Some of them were mutated creatures, but they were still a little far from the level of dimensional creatures . They could only be considered mortal .

The snakes, insects, rats, and ants struggled to crawl over . They all rushed towards the huge red flower . As they stepped over each other, many of them either got injured or died .

However, they still charged at the red flower as if they were possessed .

Is it the fragrance of the red flower that attracted them? Zhou Wen thought .

Many insects flew over, but before they could reach the red flower, even more terrifying creatures appeared . They scared the snakes, insects, rats, and ants away . However, the former were unwilling to leave . They loitered around the area .

A caterpillar coruscating with blue light crawled out of the forest . When the ants saw it, they immediately hid far away . They would rather squeeze together and trample on each other than get near it .

Even the temptation of the floral fragrance didn’t stop them from fearing the blue-light-emitting caterpillar .

Another break-out creature . Is there a dimensional zone nearby? When Zhou Wen looked up, he realized that another dimensional creature had appeared . It was a butterfly that was as large as a crane . Its body and wings were golden in color . As it flew, it scattered golden specks of light and dust . It was rather eye-catching in the dark night as though it was dancing in a golden galaxy .

However, when the golden dust landed on the snakes, insects, rats, and ants, they all died immediately . Their bodies also turned a faint golden color .

Both the blue-light-emitting caterpillar and the gold-dust butterfly rushed toward the red flower . Clearly, their target was the same .

Banana Fairy, who was enjoying the pollen, saw the gold-dust butterfly and blue-light-emitting caterpillar rushing over . She reached out and grabbed her banana leaf before fanning at them .

The terrifying Grand Yin Wind immediately sent the two flying . However, they remained uninjured, so they quickly rushed over again .

The gold-dust butterfly swooped down at the red flower from the sky . The gold-dust on its body constantly scattered . Unfortunately, it met Banana Fairy and with a wave of her hand, the gold-dust along with the butterfly was sent flying .

Wherever the blue-light-emitting caterpillar crawled, the leaves and soil burned, leaving a blue trail on the ground . However, the blue mark did not seem like a real flame .

However, it shared the same outcome . Before it even approached the red flower, it was blown away by Banana Fairy .

Banana Fairy’s Grand Yin Wind was extremely powerful . The two dimensional creatures were sent flying, but didn’t suffer any serious injuries . They quickly crawled back, shocking Zhou Wen .

Banana Fairy stuffed flower pollen into her mouth as she waved the banana leaf at the two of them . She didn’t allow them to approach the red flower . Clearly, she was afraid that they would snatch the flower pollen from her .

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When Zhou Wen saw that the blue-light-emitting caterpillar and the gold-dust butterfly weren’t a threat to Banana Fairy, he didn’t take action and just watched from the side .

Apart from those two dimensional creatures, no other dimensional creatures appeared . Instead, it was the ordinary snakes, bugs, rats, and ants . No one was willing to leave, but they didn’t dare approach . They just watched helplessly from the side .

The butterfly and the caterpillar tried to charge forward many times, but they were blown back by the Grand Yin Wind . However, they still did not give up and continued charging forward .

It seemed a little boring . After a while, Zhou Wen yawned, feeling a little sleepy .

Just as he was thinking about whether he should go back and take a nap, he suddenly felt that something was amiss . Sweeping his gaze over, he saw that many of the snakes, insects, rats, and ants were lying there motionless as if they were dead .

The insects that were flying in the air also staggered and fell from the sky .

Zhou Wen took a careful look and realized that they weren’t really dead . They were just asleep .

Something’s wrong… Could it be the floral fragrance… Zhou Wen immediately realized the problem .

Zhou Wen hurriedly stopped breathing . Indeed, he felt much less sleepy .

From the looks of it, there is poison in the floral fragrance . Thankfully, my Poison stat is high enough, so I didn’t fall asleep like those snakes, insects, rats, and ants . Zhou Wen saw that Banana Fairy, the butterfly, and the caterpillar weren’t affected by the floral fragrance and were still warring for the flower pollen .

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The ordinary creatures around them had all fallen to the ground and were asleep .

Although Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of the floral fragrance, he felt bored . He drew his saber and slashed at the blue-light-emitting caterpillar and the gold-dust butterfly, killing them .

The gold-dust butterfly didn’t leave anything behind, but the blue-light-emitting caterpillar rolled out a sapphire-like bead . It was a Companion Egg .

I never expected my luck to be so good . Zhou Wen took out his phone and snapped at the blue-light-emitting caterpillar’s Companion Egg .

Netherworld Caterpillar: Epic

Life Providence: Netherworld Envoy

Life Soul: Netherworld Poison

Strength: 26

Speed: 28

Constitution: 27

Essence Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Myriad Poisons Augmentation

Companion Form: Pill

These stats are rather interesting . Zhou Wen looked at its stats . It was an Epic creature with three attributes that didn’t reach 30 points, but its Essence Energy stat was maxed out .

Furthermore, its companion form was something he had never seen before . After some thought, Zhou Wen picked up the Companion Egg and hatched it before turning it into its companion form .

Soon, a blue lotus seed-like pill appeared in Zhou Wen’s hand . It looked like a blue medicine pill . It looked beautiful, but Zhou Wen didn’t know what effects it would have if he ate it .

What’s the use of this thing? I wonder if I can feed it to other dimensional creatures and poison them to death? Zhou Wen stored away the pill and planned on giving it a try when he had the chance .

Banana Fairy was about to finish all the flower pollen . Her stomach swelled . However, she didn’t have any intention of stopping . She only stopped when she had finished all the flower pollen and then she returned to Zhou Wen’s side .

The next morning at dawn, the morning sun shone on the red flower . The flower instantly withered at a speed visible to the naked eye . It didn’t take long before it turned into ashes on the ground and was gone, leaving behind a red crystal .

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