Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: 562

Before Zhou Wen could see what the red crystal was, Banana Fairy had already flown over . She blew a breath and sent the red crystal flying into her mouth .

The red crystal melted in her mouth and was swallowed by Banana Fairy . She licked her lips as if she hadn’t had enough .

It was only at this moment that those sleeping snakes, insects, rats, and ants woke up . They scattered and returned to the forest .

Seeing that there was nothing else there, Zhou Wen continued on his journey and headed straight for Zhuolu .

It had only been a few months, and this road was very different from the last time he took it . Previously, he had not seen so many break-out creatures on the way, but he could see them now .

Although they were low-level dimensional creatures, it also indicated that the dimensional zones’ sealing powers were rapidly weakening .

When Zhou Wen arrived at Zhuolu again, he didn’t head to the encampment . He headed straight for the battlefield and circled around the soldiers stationed there before arriving at the entrance of the ruins .

Zhou Wen didn’t see the chariot at the entrance of the underground ruins . For some reason, there was a chariot in reality, but there wasn’t a chariot in-game .

After grinding so many Zhuolu instance dungeons, Zhou Wen still couldn’t find the chariot .

He entered the underground ruins which he was extremely familiar with . After passing through the maze-like underground passageway, he went to the Longevity Tree .

There was no Longevity Tree in-game either, but the Longevity Tree in reality was still fine . The fruits on the tree were as many as Zhou Wen had seen before . No one had touched it .

He aimed his phone at them, but there was still no reaction . He knew that it was impossible to store the Longevity Tree on his phone .

This Longevity Tree is so similar to the Dead Man Tree, but it can’t be shown in-game . I wonder what its origins are . Zhou Wen looked at the fruits . Although he knew that eating them would give him immense strength, he wasn’t willing to try .

Lord Alcohol’s fate made it evident . There were definitely unseen consequences of eating it .

Since he couldn’t store away the Longevity Tree, Zhou Wen was preparing to leave when he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his tattoo . Demonic Neonate was throbbing .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he summoned Demonic Neonate . The moment Demonic Neonate landed, she ran towards the Longevity Tree . Before Zhou Wen could call out to her, she had already jumped onto it and opened her mouth to bite the fruit .

Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

One fruit was swallowed by Demonic Neonate in a few seconds . She continued to bite at another fruit .

Zhou Wen was surprised . Ever since Demonic Neonate had been born, she hadn’t eaten or drunk . Even when Zhou Wen fed her the best Epic Companion Egg, she wasn’t moved . She even showed disdain .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that she didn’t eat at all, but who knew that she would eat the fruits of the Longevity Tree? In just moments, she had swallowed three to four fruits .

Back then, Lord Alcohol only ate one fruit and his body was restored to its youth . He almost broke through to the Mythical stage .

Demonic Neonate had eaten three or four fruits, but she still looked fine . She continued crawling around the tree, looking for fruits to eat .

The Longevity Tree was likely a terrifying Mythical creature . It easily turned Lord Alcohol into fertilizer . Demonic Neonate jumped around its body and ate many fruits, but the Longevity Tree didn’t react at all .

Zhou Wen stared at the Longevity Tree for a long time as he thought to himself, Could this tree be waiting for Demonic Neonate to finish eating before dealing with her?

Zhou Wen stood far away and focused . If the Longevity Tree stirred, he would immediately summon Demonic Neonate back and escape .

It was a strange object, and it wasn’t in-game . Zhou Wen didn’t wish to take the risk to fight it .

However, nothing Zhou Wen imagined happened . Demonic Neonate jumped around on the tree and ate many Longevity Fruits, but the tree didn’t react at all .

Demonic Neonate finished more than ten Longevity Fruits and was about to eat more, but she suddenly fell from the tree, giving Zhou Wen a fright .

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He immediately summoned her back . Demonic Neonate transformed into a stream of light and returned to Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen felt that Demonic Neonate’s tattoo was burning hot, like a piece of burning iron . It was so hot that Zhou Wen nearly cried out . All he could do was summon her out again .

When Demonic Neonate landed in front of Zhou Wen, the Longevity Tree in the distance didn’t move . It made Zhou Wen heave a sigh of relief as he hurriedly checked Demonic Neonate’s body .

Her face was flushed red, and there was even a hint of white air coming out of her body . It was like steam .

However, Demonic Neonate’s aura was completely uniform, and she didn’t appear to have a problem . Instead, her vital energy was constantly surging, as if she was about to advance .

Don’t tell me she’s about to advance to the Legendary stage? Zhou Wen felt that there was a high chance that he was right . However, he didn’t know what changes would happen if this happened .

She already had a Life Providence, Life Soul, and Wheel of Destiny . If she advanced to the Legendary stage, he didn’t know if she would condense a new Life Providence .

The white gas on Demonic Neonate increased in amount as it enveloped her body . Her temperature was shockingly high, so Zhou Wen could only watch from the side . He could do nothing .

If those Longevity Fruits really can make Demonic Neonate evolve, why don’t I pluck them and keep them for her? Zhou Wen looked at the Longevity Tree as many thoughts flashed through his mind .

It was impossible for him to eat them himself, so in the past he had had no intention of doing anything to the Longevity Tree . However, since Demonic Neonate was willing to eat the fruits, he couldn’t just sit around and do nothing .

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After some thought, Zhou Wen summoned a Poison Bat, hoping to see if it could pluck the Longevity Fruit .

The Poison Bat flapped its wings and flew over . Before it could pluck the fruit, a tree root emerged from the ground . It wrapped around the Poison Bat’s body like a flood dragon and pulled it into the ground . Then, nothing else happened .

From the looks of it, not anyone can pluck the fruits . Zhou Wen summoned some of his other Companion Beasts, but the outcome was the same . They were killed by the Longevity Tree the moment they approached . They couldn’t even touch the tree, much less the Longevity Fruit .

Zhou Wen didn’t wish to touch the Longevity Fruit himself, nor did he wish to take the risk with a Mythical pet . All he could do was wait for Demonic Neonate to complete her evolution . If there was nothing he could do, he would get Demonic Neonate to pluck the fruit herself and take everything away . It would be her food for the future .

After a while, the white gas on Demonic Neonate’s body gradually dissipated, and her body temperature also gradually decreased . However, it didn’t seem like her body had undergone any special changes . She was still tiny, and she was still hugging the ancient sword in her arms .

After Demonic Neonate had fully recovered, she stood up and looked in the direction of the Longevity Tree . However, she seemed to hesitate and did not go over immediately .

“If you can’t eat anymore, why don’t you pluck the fruits now and I’ll help you keep them?” Zhou Wen suggested .

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