Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 563

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Chapter 563: 563

Demonic Neonate thought about it for a moment before finding it feasible and nodding .

Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly took out a huge cloth bag from his chaos space and handed it to Demonic Neonate . He patted her head and said, “Try your best to pick more fruits . I’ll store them for you . You can eat them anytime in the future . ”

Demonic Neonate was too short, so she had to drag the cloth bag to the Longevity Tree . Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade and stared at the Longevity Tree . If it made any abnormal movements, he would be able to react in time .

However, Zhou Wen’s worry was unnecessary . The Longevity Tree seemed to treat Demonic Neonate exceptionally well . It allowed Demonic Neonate to pluck the Longevity Fruit from its body without any reaction .

Demonic Neonate was even more greedy than Zhou Wen . Regardless of its size or ripeness, she plucked all of them and stuffed them into the cloth bag .

As expected of an existence with a Supreme True Demon Life Soul . She sure is greedy and ruthless . Zhou Wen didn’t find it strange considering how Demonic Neonate dared to bite him and Xia Xuanyue before her death .

Zhou Wen saw Demonic Neonate pluck dozens of fruits from the tree . If the energy of a Longevity Fruit was at the peak of the Epic stage and close to the Mythical stage, these fruits would be impressive .

Demonic Neonate finished plucking all the Longevity Fruits and stuffed them into the large cloth bag before dragging it back . She placed it in front of Zhou Wen, indicating for him to help her put it away .

“Alright, alright . I’ll help you store it away now . ” Zhou Wen picked up the cloth bag and threw it into his chaos space . He glanced at the bald Longevity Tree and thought to himself, I wonder when this Longevity Tree will grow new fruits . I’ll bring Demonic Neonate to pluck the fruits when that happens .

After putting away the items, Zhou Wen also unsummoned Demonic Neonate . At the same time, he launched the game on his phone and took a look at Demonic Neonate’s stats .

Demonic Neonate: Legendary (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Child of Dimension

Life Soul: Supreme True Demon

Wheel of Destiny: One Spin .

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

Constitution: 21

Essence Energy: 21

Talent Skill: Demonic Sword

Companion Form: None

Demonic Neonate’s stats disappointed Zhou Wen . Apart from her stats increasing to 21, nothing else changed . It was identical to before .

How can this be? She’s clearly so special . Why isn’t there much difference between her and an ordinary Mythical creature after advancement? Zhou Wen looked over and felt that the problem was most likely her Wheel of Destiny .

The Wheel of Destiny of the other Mythical Creatures were all kinds of miracles . Even if it wasn’t a strong Mythical creature like the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, it still had the miraculous ability to take his place in death .

However, Demonic Neonate’s Wheel of Destiny didn’t seem to have any miraculous abilities . The words “One Spin” didn’t explain anything .

Demonic Neonate had a Life Providence, Life Soul, and Wheel of Destiny from the beginning . This means that she has already evolved to the Mythical stage . However, for some reason, she has returned to the Mortal stage and needed to evolve again . According to the words of the Wheel of Destiny, would One Spin mean that she has re-evolved once? If that’s the case, what benefits does it bring her to evolve again? Her Life Providence hasn’t increased, and her stats haven’t increased . If there are any benefits, they’re likely to be on the Wheel of Destiny… Zhou Wen couldn’t figure out why . He probably had to wait for her to advance to the Mythical stage before he knew what secrets her Wheel of Destiny had . All he could do was ignore it for now .

Even without a miracle, Demonic Neonate was already quite strong by relying only on the demonic sword .

After leaving the region where the Longevity Tree was, Zhou Wen passed through the Poison Bat Cave and arrived at the underground sea . He didn’t dare provoke the black dragon which pulled the wagon . The black dragon was bound, so it couldn’t catch up to him . Soon, Zhou Wen crossed the underground sea .

He arrived in front of the temple without any danger . After all, Zhou Wen had made countless runs of the Zhuolu underground ruins . Unless there was something that wasn’t in-game, nothing could harm him .

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Upon arriving outside the temple, Zhou Wen saw the chariot . It was parked in front of the temple door and people were moving things .

Some of them were wearing military uniforms, while others were wearing ordinary exploration suits or companion beast armor . Judging from their ages, they must be the experts .

“Who’s there?” When Zhou Wen approached, they immediately discovered him . The soldiers all picked up their weapons and aimed at him .

“Battalion Commander Lu, it’s me,” Zhou Wen said when he saw someone he knew .

Lu Yunxian heard Zhou Wen’s voice and took a closer look . He recognized Zhou Wen and immediately said in delight, “It’s Young Master Wen . Lower your weapons . He’s one of us . ”

Lu Yunxian had risked his life with Zhou Wen, so their relationship naturally wasn’t ordinary . He welcomed Zhou Wen over and said warmly, “Young Master Wen, why did you come here alone? Didn’t Adjutant An come with you?”

“No, Ah Sheng has something on and can’t come . I came by myself . ” Zhou Wen looked at the temple entrance and asked, “How’s the situation inside?”

“It’s not very optimistic . The experts have studied it for a long time and determined some of Torch Dragon’s and Qiongqi’s skills . However, just knowing these skills doesn’t mean we can deal with them . We have attempted to use Companion Beasts to probe . Basically, they are instantly killed . Only some Companion Beasts that are slightly smaller than insects can live longer and obtain some information,” Lu Yunxian explained the situation to Zhou Wen .

“Battalion Commander Lu, this is?” An expert walked over and sized up Zhou Wen .

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“Professor Lei, let me introduce you . This is Zhou Wen, Madam Lan’s son . Previously, it was all thanks to Young Master Wen for finding the stone artifact that we were able to open the temple’s door… Young Master Wen, this is Professor Lei Zhiguo, a folklore professor . Now, the research work of the temple is handled by Professor Lei,” Lu Yunxian introduced the two of them .

Lei Zhiguo nodded and said to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, it’s too dangerous for you to walk through the cave passageway alone . Don’t go that way when you return . Go back on the chariot . ”

Lei Zhiguo believed that Zhou Wen had come from the passageway Lord Alcohol and company had found, but he didn’t know that Zhou Wen had crossed the underground sea without the chariot .

“I don’t plan on returning . I want to enter the temple to take a look,” Zhou Wen said .

“That won’t do . We haven’t researched the situation inside the temple yet . It’s too dangerous to enter the temple,” Lei Zhiguo refused immediately .

“Didn’t we already conquer the front temple? I’ll just go there and take a look . There won’t be any danger . ” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to create unnecessary trouble and planned on entering the temple first .

“Crossing the Aoyin stone statue requires sacrifices to appease it . It’s not easy to make a trip back and forth here . It’s also very troublesome to transport the offerings here . There aren’t many offerings left here, and there’s only enough for one use . ” Lei Zhiguo still didn’t agree . He paused for a moment before saying, “If you really want to go in, just wait two more days . We’ll be doing the next round of research then . When the time comes, you can come with us . ”

What Lei Zhiguo said was reasonable, but Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to wait another two days .

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