Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: Chapter 564 - Folklore Exper

Chapter 564 Folklore Exper

“I’ll figure out a solution for the sacrifice myself . Battalion Commander Lu, please take me in to have a look,” Zhou Wen said to Lu Yunxian .

Before Lu Yunxian could say a word, Lei Zhiguo shook his head and said, “I’m in charge of this place . I have to ensure the safety of everyone here . If you wish to enter, you have to wait two more days . Otherwise, I will not give you permission to enter . ”

Lei Zhiguo was just too stubborn . Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian couldn’t convince him at all . Furthermore, he was the one in charge here, so Zhou Wen couldn’t barge his way in .

“Alright, I’ll wait another two days then . ” Zhou Wen thought that although he had already killed the Torch Dragon youngling a few times on the way, killing it two more times to familiarize himself with the process wasn’t a bad thing . Therefore, he agreed to wait two days before following them into the temple .

Zhou Wen had recently farmed the Torch Dragon youngling, Medusa, and the Golden Battle God Halberd a few times, but the drop rate wasn’t as high as An Sheng had described . Most of the items dropped were stat crystals . Occasionally, an Essence Energy Skill Crystal would drop . Due to the limitations of his stats, Zhou Wen couldn’t use them nor take them out . All he could do was watch them disappear with each respawn .

Up to now, the Companion Egg that had dropped was only the Golden Battle God Halberd .

“Young Master Wen, the conditions here are rather poor . You can rest in my tent now . ” Lu Yunxian took Zhou Wen into his tent .

Lu Yunxian didn’t have a tent for himself because space was limited . Typically, it was three people to a tent . Lu Yunxian’s tent originally had two people living in it, so it was perfect for Zhou Wen to stay there .

The two of them chatted for a while about what happened after they had parted previously . It was mainly Lu Yunxian speaking . Zhou Wen mostly listened silently .

Lu Yunxian had been stationed at the ruins all this while, having been responsible for cleaning up the dimensional creatures and protecting the experts .

Those comrades who had been with him previously had been transferred . Most of them were promoted and were deployed to other places .

As the two of them were chatting, a middle-aged man in his thirties walked in . Lu Yunxian introduced, “Young Master Wen, this is Professor Lei’s student, Qu Qingyun . He is also an expert in folklore . During his research on Torch Dragon and Qiongqi, he gave us quite a few valuable opinions . ”

Lu Yunxian introduced Zhou Wen to Qu Qingyun . Qu Qingyun only said a few polite words before he went to bed . Clearly, he wasn’t interested in chatting with Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian didn’t wish to disturb him, so they went out of the tent for a stroll . They slept immediately after they returned .

The next day, when Zhou Wen and company woke up, they heard the commotion outside . They went out to take a look and saw that the logistics team had sent their supplies over . Everyone was busy moving things .

Qu Qingyun also walked out of the tent . When he saw someone in the logistics team, his eyes lit up . He went over with a smile . “Head Nurse Xu, why are you here alone? It’s so dangerous . ”

“We got a batch of newly-made medicine which needs to be injected into the soldiers . I’m afraid that they will get the dosage wrong, so I came here myself,” Xu Wen said to Qu Qingyun . When she saw Lu Yunxian, she immediately saw Zhou Wen, who was standing beside Lu Yunxian . She immediately revealed a look of delight .

“Young Master Wen, when did you come to Zhuolu? Why didn’t I see you at the encampment?” Xu Wen quickly walked towards Zhou Wen and asked in pleasant surprise .

“I didn’t go to the encampment because I came straight to the ruins . I only wanted to take a look and leave, but I was delayed by some matters . I still need to stay for another two days,” Zhou Wen said .

“Young Master Wen, that’s not very nice of you . Since you’re here in Zhuolu, how can you not visit us?” Xu Wen and Lu Yunxian were the same . They had been through thick and thin with Zhou Wen, so their relationship with him wasn’t something ordinary comrades could compare with .

Qu Qingyun couldn’t help but frown when he saw how friendly Xu Wen was with Zhou Wen, but he didn’t say a word .

“Xu Wen, deliver the injections to the soldiers first . Young Master Wen will be here for two days . It won’t be too late to catch up later,” said Lu Yunxian with a smile .

“Alright, I’ll get back to work then . Young Master Wen, let’s have a good chat later . ” Xu Wen returned to her work .

“Go ahead and busy yourself . ” Zhou Wen’s mood improved significantly . To be able to meet such sincere friends in such a dark place made him feel better than getting a treasure .

Two days quickly passed . Zhou Wen had grinded the Torch Dragon youngling twice in this period of time . Although it was a harrowing experience each time, Zhou Wen was confident that he could kill it safely .

Professor Lei and company were already prepared . They brought Zhou Wen and entered the temple . Even Xu Wen followed Lu Yunxian in .

“The dangers in the temple are unimaginable . Remember not to act on your own . You must abide by the arrangements, or you will harm others and yourself . ” Lei Zhiguo was a little worried about Zhou Wen as he repeatedly told him .

“I understand . ” Zhou Wen agreed seriously .

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Only then did Lei Zhiguo feel a little relieved . He was afraid that Zhou Wen was the kind of scion who would disregard everything just because of his temper . He had no idea that Zhou Wen’s understanding of the temple far exceeded his .

Under the lead of Lei Zhiguo and the other experts and professors, Zhou Wen and company finally headed for the passageway where the Aoyin stone statue was .

“Head Nurse Xu, the Aoyin stone statue is extremely evil . If you touch it, it will hurt people . Stay by my side . If there is any danger, I can protect you,” Qu Qingyun said as he walked beside Xu Wen .

Anyone could tell that Qu Qingyun was interested in Xu Wen .

Xu Wen shook her head slightly and said, “Mr . Qu, you must be joking . I’m a soldier . It’s my duty to protect you . ”

Qu Qingyun smiled and said, “Outside, you are naturally the one protecting me . However, in such a place, many problems can’t be solved by brute force . I should be the one assuring you . ”

He paused for a moment before saying, “Just like this Aoyin stone statue . Even if the Overseer personally came, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to do anything to it . A blood sacrifice is needed for safe passage…”

Qu Qingyun kept trying to show off, but he did not know that Xu Wen was not a woman who lacked a sense of security .

On the contrary, she was a qualified soldier . Qu Qingyun’s words were actually questioning her ability as a soldier . This naturally displeased Xu Wen . However, she didn’t say anything .

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Lu Yunxian, who was walking at the back, whispered to Zhou Wen, “Qu Qingyun was born into a rich family . His family background isn’t inferior to the An family’s, and he’s rather talented . Unfortunately, he’s too conceited . He’s not the type Xu Wen likes . I’m afraid he’s just wasting his efforts . ”

Zhou Wen nodded slightly . Even someone with a low EQ like him could tell that Xu Wen didn’t have a good impression of him .

When everyone arrived in front of the Aoyin stone statue, Lei Zhiguo got Qu Qingyun to use a living creature as an offering to the Aoyin stone statue . Zhou Wen naturally wasn’t unfamiliar with this method . He was the one who had informed An Sheng of the method .

“It’s done . Everyone, please come this way . ” Qu Qingyun bowed to the Aoyin stone statue before heading towards the Qiongqi temple .

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