Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: Chapter 565 - No Need for Offerings Anymore

Zhou Wen, who was walking behind, said to Lu Yunxian and Xu Wen, “I wish to visit Torch Dragon, so I won’t go with you to Qiongqi . ”

“Let’s go with you,” Xu Wen said .

Although their conversation was very low, it still attracted Qu Qingyun’s attention .

“Didn’t Professor Lei say that you have to follow the arrangements and not walk around randomly? Are you sick of living?” When Qu Qingyun spoke, Professor Lei and the rest turned around and looked at them .

“What’s going on?” Professor Lei came over and asked .

“Professor Lei, I’m here to see the Torch Dragon temple . I won’t be going to the Qiongqi temple . Now that there’s an offering, it shouldn’t be a problem to go anywhere, right?” Zhou Wen said .

Professor Lei said, “Although that’s true in theory, the temple is very strange . Anything can happen . It’s best if we act separately . If anything happens, we can still collectively think of a solution . Why don’t we go to the Torch Dragon temple after our work is over?”

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “Those offerings just now can only last less than an hour . When you return from the Qiongqi temple, I’m afraid there won’t be much time left . I’ll go on my own . I’ll just take a look . Nothing will happen . ”

“Don’t pretend to know what you don’t . The offerings we offered can last for at least two hours . If you don’t understand anything, don’t spout nonsense . ” Qu Qingyun laughed coldly .

“More than two hours? Professor Lei, is that true?” Zhou Wen ignored Qu Qingyun’s sarcasm and asked Professor Lei with a frown .

“That’s right . For safety reasons, the offerings we provide each time will be enough to last for more than two hours . And our working hours must be controlled to be within one and a half hours . Today, we can end work earlier and take you to the Torch Dragon temple to have a look,” Professor Lei said .

“Professor Lei, I think it’s best if you examine the offerings again . I’m certain that your offerings can only last for an hour at most . If you really wish to stay in there for an hour and a half, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for you to come out alive,” Zhou Wen said seriously .

Qu Qingyun sneered and said, “The quantity of the offerings were carefully calculated . It has never gone wrong . As a layman, how can you be so sure?”

The offerings were personally placed by Qu Qingyun . Therefore, wasn’t Zhou Wen’s claim that there was something wrong with the offerings indirectly implying that Qu Qingyun had made a mistake?

Xu Wen couldn’t help but speak up for Zhou Wen . “Young Master Wen isn’t someone who speaks without reason . He definitely has his reasons for saying that there’s a problem . ”

“What’s the logic behind this? Could it be that the results of our expert plans are wrong?” Qu Qingyun said disdainfully .

Professor Lei pondered for a moment before asking, “Zhou Wen, why did you say that the offerings can only last for an hour?”

“Professor Lei, the blood you used was obtained from the Poison Bat, right?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought .

“That’s right . In the past, we used living sacrifices . Later on, we discovered that it was also possible to use fresh blood . Because it was too difficult to capture the Poison Bats alive, we switched to using blood . The amount used is calculated precisely, so mistakes usually do not happen,” Professor Lei said .

“There’s nothing wrong with the quantity, but there’s something wrong with the blood . The bat’s blood isn’t pure and has been mixed with other things . Therefore, the time it can last will be much shorter than you expected . ” After Zhou Wen said that, he looked at Lu Yunxian and said, “Yunxian, this shouldn’t be a coincidence . Check everyone related to this matter carefully . It might be that someone had tampered with it . ”

“What gives you the right to say that there’s a problem?” Qu Qingyun still felt that Zhou Wen was being unreasonable because Professor Lei hadn’t allowed him to go to the Torch Dragon temple .

“Zhou Wen, how did you know that there’s something else mixed in the bat’s blood? This is a very serious problem,” Professor Lei asked Zhou Wen with a heavy expression .

“Professor Lei, was it Adjutant An who told you about using a live sacrifice?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Yes . ” Professor Lei nodded .

“I told Adjutant An the method,” Zhou Wen said .

“You really dare to say anything . How many times have you come to the temple? How dare you say that you discovered the method of the live sacrifices? Why don’t you just say that you have found a way to kill the Mythical creatures?” Qu Qingyun pouted .

“This matter is of paramount importance, but the blood has already been absorbed by the Aoyin stone statue . There’s no way to test it now . ” Professor Lei looked at the Aoyin stone statue and pondered for a moment before saying, “Safety first . Since Zhou Wen said there’s a problem with the blood, let’s temporarily cancel the research . ”

“Teacher, why do you have to listen to a layman like him spout nonsense? We have used it so many times with no problems . Why would there be a problem with the blood the moment he’s here? Isn’t this nonsense? Wasting the offerings this time and retrieving the bat’s blood again will take a few days . We can’t do a thing for the next few days . ” Qu Qingyun said unhappily .

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Professor Lei insisted, “Safety first . Since there are doubts, we can’t take the risk regardless of whether it’s true or not . ”

Since Professor Lei had already said so, what else could Qu Qingyun say? He could only feel frustrated .

“Since you said that the offerings can last for about an hour and we have given up our plans for today, let’s go to the Torch Dragon temple to take a look . We can return in about ten minutes . Even if there’s a problem with the blood, it won’t hinder us,” Professor Lei said to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, I’m going to kill Torch Dragon . If I take you along, I’m afraid Torch Dragon will be able to kill all of you in one breath .

“Professor Lei, I think it’s best you head to the Qiongqi temple . I’ll go to the Torch Dragon temple myself,” Zhou Wen said to Professor Lei .

Qu Qingyun retorted angrily, “You were the one who said that there’s something wrong with the offerings . You are also the one who said we shouldn’t go . Now, you are also the one saying we should go . You are basically playing every possible role!”

Professor Lei frowned and said, “If what you said is true, the offerings can only maintain the passage for less than an hour . Our preparatory work already takes half an hour . There’s no point in going . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as he looked at the Aoyin stone statue and walked in front of it .

No one knew what he was trying to do as they looked at him . Qu Qingyun opened his mouth to say something, but before he could say anything, he saw Zhou Wen standing in front of the Aoyin stone statue . Wielding the Bamboo Blade in hand, he suddenly unsheathed it .

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Everyone was shocked . It wasn’t that they hadn’t tried to destroy the Aoyin stone statue, but the result was a terrible loss .

Inside the temple, the Aoyin stone statue was strengthened by some kind of power . Despite being attacked by several Epic Companion Beasts, it could devour all of them .

If Zhou Wen were to alarm the Aoyin stone statue, they would probably die .

Someone had already opened their mouth to stop Zhou Wen, but before they could say anything, the Bamboo Blade in Zhou Wen’s hand flashed and returned to its scabbard .


Professor Lei was shocked . The Aoyin stone statue split into two and collapsed on both sides .

“There’s no need for any offerings for the time being,” Zhou Wen said as he took two steps back .

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