Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 566

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Chapter 566: 566

Chapter 566 Killing Torch Dragon

“Yunxian, you should stay here instead . Let’s investigate the problem with the blood offering first . Before we figure it out, don’t let anyone leave the temple . Also, find some reliable people to protect Professor Lei and company . Don’t let others have a chance of sneaking an attack,” Zhou Wen said to Lu Yunxian .

“Yes, Young Master Wen . I’ll do it now . ” Lu Yunxian saluted and left .

Professor Lei and company still hadn’t reacted . Zhou Wen’s splitting of the Aoyin stone statue had shocked them greatly .

“Professor Lei, when Yunxian comes again, you can head to the Qiongqi Temple . Xu Wen, come with me . ” Zhou Wen walked towards the passageway to the Torch Dragon temple .

Xu Wen hurriedly followed, leaving Professor Lei and the rest standing there looking at each other .

“I’ve only heard of Zhou Wen causing trouble for the An family in the past, causing the relationship between the An family and the Federation’s upper echelons to worsen . From the looks of it, the rumors are unreliable . The An family’s protection of him does make sense . He should still be in school, right?” Professor Lei sighed as he looked at the two halves of the Aoyin stone statue .

“I heard that he’s only in his freshman year,” another professor said .

“That makes him only seventeen or eighteen years old . To have such achievements at this age, if he were in my Lei family, we would be even more protective of him than the An family,” Professor Lei said .

Qu Qingyun snorted coldly . “He’s Wang Mingyuan’s disciple . Who knows what he has done in private? Otherwise, how could a student produce such achievements?”

Professor Lei glanced at Qu Qingyun and said meaningfully, “Qingyun, as researchers, the greatest taboo is to let our emotions affect our judgment . ”

Qu Qingyun’s expression changed slightly when he heard that, but he quickly calmed down . He said respectfully, “Teacher is right . I know what to do . ”

“Everyone, let’s rest for a while . When Battalion Commander Lu brings his men over, we’ll head to the Qiongqi temple again . Now that there are no restrictions from the Aoyin stone statue, we can work for longer periods . We have to replan our working arrangements…” Professor Lei picked up a notebook and began studying it .

Zhou Wen led Xu Wen into the passageway to the Torch Dragon temple . After walking for a short distance, he stopped and said to Xu Wen, “Help me guard this place . No matter what happens inside, no matter what you hear, don’t come in . Don’t let anyone pass . Do you understand?”

“Young Master Wen, what are you going to do?” Xu Wen was alarmed . She immediately knew that Zhou Wen’s trip wasn’t as simple as taking a look at the Torch Dragon temple .

“To kill Torch Dragon . ” Zhou Wen didn’t hide it from her . He couldn’t hide it either . With that said, he headed for the tunnel .

Xu Wen was taken aback . By the time she reacted, Zhou Wen had already walked into the tunnel .

Although he had been in the game countless times, he had a different feeling coming here in real life .

After all, he wasn’t in-game . If he made any mistakes, he might die .

Standing in front of the temple’s metal door, Zhou Wen took a deep breath and closed his eyes, allowing his body and mind to calm down . It wasn’t to adjust himself to an optimal state, but to make himself treat what lay ahead normally .

If one needed to use 120% of their abilities to complete something, it would be a gamble . As for Zhou Wen, he didn’t need to gamble . As long as he completed what he needed to do like he always did, he could obtain the results he wanted .

When he opened his eyes, Zhou Wen had already calmed down . He summoned his armor and Six-Winged and was prepared to release the other crystal mirror at any time .

With the Golden Battle God Halberd in hand, Zhou Wen pushed open the temple’s door .

With the creaking sound of the metal door being pushed open, Zhou Wen saw the snake-like Torch Dragon youngling inside . It was even more ferocious and terrifying than in-game . It was also bigger and more oppressive .

Amidst the swirling poisonous smoke, Torch Dragon opened its mouth and spewed out billowing poisonous smoke .

The six wings on its back flapped as Zhou Wen circled behind Torch Dragon at an unbelievable speed . Torch Dragon swept its tail out, but everything was within Zhou Wen’s control . His body moved in a perfect trajectory, dodging Torch Dragon’s repeated attacks before he finally approached it .

The Golden Battle God Halberd stabbed into its scales with Golden Divine Light . Blood immediately gushed out from where the Golden Battle God Halberd hit as Torch Dragon let out a terrifying cry .

In an instant, rows of lanterns-like eyes lit up on its body . Their eyes reflected light like mirrors, illuminating the entire metallic temple .

The six wings on Zhou Wen’s back and the Golden Battle God Halberd in his hand were immediately unsummoned . The power of the Bright Torch Vision World shone on his armor and was reflected by the mirror, preventing him from being sucked into the vision world .

With his experience in-game, Zhou Wen knew very well that the next minute was the most critical period . As long as he could withstand this one minute, the Torch Dragon youngling would enter a weakened state . It would be incapable of using the Bright Torch Vision World again and all its assortment of skills would be greatly weakened . That would give him the confidence to kill Torch Dragon .

However, this one minute was difficult even in-game . He had to ensure that he didn’t make any mistakes .

He activated Transcendent Flying Immortal not to kill the enemy, but to escape . Zhou Wen’s speed was raised to the limit as he dodged behind a metal pillar . His every move had been carefully calculated and he knew the optimum way to stall for time .

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The Torch Dragon youngling chased after him with all its might and circled around the metal pillar . The beams of monstrous lights shot out from the eyes like laser beams that crisscrossed in the temple .

Without any pause, he constantly moved . With the help of the metal pillar in the metallic temple, Zhou Wen dodged the Torch Dragon youngling’s lethal attack time and time again .

As time passed, Zhou Wen remained calm . He knew that he was getting closer and closer to killing the Torch Dragon youngling .

Lu Yunxian quickly brought his men over and arranged for them to protect Professor Lei and company . Although it was a form of protection, it was actually a form of surveillance .

This was because those who could tamper with the blood would likely be Professor Lei and the others after excluding the ones who obtained the blood and transported it .

Although it didn’t seem likely for them to do that since they had to enter too, who knew if someone among them would find an excuse to leave early?

Therefore, while protecting them, he also had to prevent any spies from harming them .

Lu Yunxian arranged his men and ran over to see Zhou Wen .

However, just as he reached the tunnel, he saw Xu Wen standing alone at the entrance . “Why are you here? Where’s Young Master Wen?”

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“Young Master Wen went in,” Xu Wen said .

“Why didn’t you go in with him?” Lu Yunxian felt that something was amiss .

“Young Master Wen didn’t allow me to enter . He also said that no one is allowed in . He wants to kill Torch Dragon,” Xu Wen answered truthfully .

Lu Yunxian’s expression changed drastically . “Why didn’t you stop him? You should know how terrifying Torch Dragon is . Although Young Master Wen is very strong, his chances of survival are still very slim when facing a creature like Torch Dragon…”

As Lu Yunxian spoke, he heard a sharp cry from the Torch Dragon temple .

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