Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 567

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Chapter 567: 567

“That’s bad; something’s really happened . ” Lu Yunxian rushed into the tunnel without any hesitation .

“Young Master Wen said that no matter what happens, we can’t go in…” Xu Wen pulled Lu Yunxian back .

“Do you have any idea what’s happening now? If Young Master Wen dies inside, how are we going to answer to Adjutant An and Overseer An? Furthermore, Young Master Wen saved our lives . ” Lu Yunxian shook off Xu Wen and rushed in .

Xu Wen gritted her teeth and charged in as well . She couldn’t be bothered anymore .

As the two of them rushed over, they heard terrifying screams and rumbling crashing . They were even more worried . From the sounds, the dragon was probably enraged .

Terrifying sounds and collisions echoed in the tunnel . Even Professor Lei, who was setting up various equipment, heard them .

“Oh no, it’s Torch Dragon . It has been stirred . Could Zhou Wen have opened the Torch Dragon temple’s door?” Professor Lei’s expression changed as he immediately ran over .

Qu Qingyun gloated when he heard that . “That Zhou Wen is so arrogant . He must have thought that he’s amazing and opened the door to the Torch Dragon temple . ”

As researchers, they knew very well that Torch Dragon was a true Mythical creature . It wasn’t something Aoyin could compare with . It was almost certain death . They had already sacrificed many Epic Companion Beasts in their attempts to kill it .

When Professor Lei and company ran back to the three forks where the Aoyin stone statue was, Torch Dragon’s sharp cries suddenly stopped .

Lu Yunxian and Xu Wen had already run to the Torch Dragon temple and saw the gigantic Torch Dragon inside . This was the first time they had seen it with their own eyes .

Although they knew that Torch Dragon was inside, they weren’t the ones who personally saw Torch Dragon . Instead, it was the Companion Beasts they had placed inside .

At that moment, they saw Torch Dragon’s body . Its massive body and ferocious aura gave them immense pressure .

In front of Torch Dragon, they felt as tiny as ants .

However, in front of Torch Dragon was a man wearing silver mirror-like armor . He had six holy white flaming dragon wings on his back . He held a golden trident in his hand as he levitated in front of Torch Dragon .

And on Torch Dragon’s body, there were bloody wounds everywhere . The most terrifying part was that blood gushed out like a fountain from its head .


In front of the god-like figure, Torch Dragon collapsed to the ground, dead . Blood flowed everywhere in the temple .

However, the figure floating above Torch Dragon looked spotless . Its body emitted a holy glow .

After a long pause, Lu Yunxian gulped and asked in disbelief, “Young… Young Master Wen… Is that you?”

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you not to enter?” Zhou Wen was certain that Torch Dragon was dead . He unsummoned his Companion Beasts and revealed his body .

“Sorry, it’s my fault . ” Xu Wen hurriedly apologized .

“It’s nothing . Since you’re here, help me look around . Is there anything in this temple left behind by the former principal and company?” Zhou Wen had searched the Torch Dragon temple in-game, but he hadn’t found any other way out . If the former principal and company really came here, they would probably leave something behind unless they were eaten clean by Torch Dragon .

For example, paper, backpacks, or instruments . No matter how good Torch Dragon’s appetite was, it probably wouldn’t eat those things .

As for Lu Yunxian and Xu Wen, Zhou Wen didn’t let them come in because he was afraid that they would die when Torch Dragon used the Bright Torch Vision World . Now that Torch Dragon was dead, it didn’t matter if Lu Yunxian and Xu Wen entered .

Lu Yunxian and Xu Wen hurriedly searched the Torch Dragon temple with Zhou Wen .

All his attention had been focused on Torch Dragon, preventing him from observing the temple . Now, Zhou Wen carefully sized up the temple and realized that the layout and decorations were the same as in-game .

However, the game was cartoonish and this place looked even more real . There were metal pillars and metal carvings everywhere, as well as some metal statues .

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The carvings depicted monsters . For example, the ChiMeiWangliang that Zhou Wen had encountered outside had its image engraved on the metal wall .

There were many other monsters that Zhou Wen couldn’t name .

This wasn’t the main point of Zhou Wen’s observation . He wanted to find something, even if it was a skeleton, a piece of tattered cloth, or even a piece of paper .

However, there was nothing in the temple . Apart from the metal items, there was nothing else .

Zhou Wen had mixed feelings . He couldn’t see the former principal and company’s belongings . It was possible that they had been swallowed by Torch Dragon, but it was also possible that they hadn’t come here . Therefore, there was still some hope . However, this hope was even more torturous .

“Young Master Wen, if you only look at it with your naked eye, you won’t be able to see any problems . I wish to use some equipment and the powers of our Companion Beasts to examine the area . Perhaps we can discover something . ” Lu Yunxian looked around the temple before saying to Zhou Wen . Clearly, he hadn’t discovered anything .

“Alright, go and prepare . ” Zhou Wen nodded .

“Xu Wen, help Young Master Wen look around and see if Torch Dragon dropped any Companion Eggs and crystals . If there are, get Young Master Wen to put them away . In a while, there will be too many people and it will inevitably be troublesome,” Lu Yunxian told Xu Wen before leaving .

Xu Wen agreed and went to investigate Torch Dragon’s corpse .

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Zhou Wen knew that the chances of Torch Dragon dropping a Companion Egg were very low, so he didn’t deliberately search for it . He just carefully observed the temple and compared it to his memories in-game .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen discovered something . It was identical to the metallic style of the temple . It seemed to be something from the temple, but Zhou Wen had never seen it in-game .

Zhou Wen walked to the side of the temple and saw a metal artifact . It looked cubic like a metal block . It wasn’t too big and was about the size of a brick . Its color was the same as the metallic color of the palace . It was bluish-black .

This metal piece was placed above the head of a monster statue . The metal statue looked like a lion, a tiger, but nothing like them either . However, it looked like a legendary Qilin .

Zhou Wen had seen this statue in-game, but he had never seen the metal piece on its head .

He reached out to push the metal block and realized that it wasn’t one with the statue . It was very easy for him to push it . Zhou Wen took it down and found it rather heavy . It was likely much heavier than a gold block of the same size .

The surface of the metal piece was very smooth and there was nothing on it . Zhou Wen flipped to the side to take a look, but there was nothing . However, when he flipped to the bottom, he realized that there was something different . There were a few carvings on the metal surface, splitting the metal into nine parts .

Zhou Wen seemed to have seen such a nine-part setup somewhere before . On careful thought, he immediately recalled that in Qin Xiyuan’s shop, the chained silver-haired Companion Beast was connected to a metal block . The metal block had a similar nine-number keypad .

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