Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 568

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Chapter 568: 568

However, the metal block that chained the strange person was many times bigger than this one . Furthermore, there were numbers on the nine-key pad . There were no numbers on the tiny metal block here . Each box was blank .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and stored the metal piece into the chaos space . He planned on studying it when he returned .

“Young Master Wen… A Companion Egg… It’s Torch Dragon’s Companion Egg…” Xu Wen suddenly said in pleasant surprise .

Zhou Wen was just about to examine the temple again, to see if there was anything else that was different from the game, when he heard Xu Wen’s voice . He couldn’t help but be taken aback . He turned his head and saw Xu Wen holding a soccer-ball-sized crystal in her hand . It seemed to have billions of starlights circulating in it . It looked beautiful and surreal .

“Young Master Wen, quickly put it away . It’s best not to let others see it . ” Xu Wen handed the Companion Egg to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen took the Companion Egg and looked at it . He couldn’t help but sigh inwardly . I’ve grinded so many times in-game, but nothing dropped . I never expected it to drop in real life .

Outside the tunnel, Professor Lei and company couldn’t hear anything anymore . They were guessing what was happening inside .

From the looks of it, Zhou Wen should have been killed by Torch Dragon . Qu Qingyun gloated inwardly, but he said, “Teacher, Zhou Wen is probably doomed . How do we explain this to Overseer An?”

Professor Lei was also feeling vexed . The An family definitely placed great importance on a cultivation genius like Zhou Wen . Although this matter had nothing to do with him, he was still in charge here . He ultimately had to bear some responsibility .

“Let’s head over to take a look first . ” Professor Lei summoned his Companion Beast and planned on figuring out the situation to see if Zhou Wen could be saved .

Although the chances were slim, he had to give it a try .

“There’s really no need . Sending Companion Beasts over is just sending them to their deaths for nothing,” said Qu Qingyun .

Professor Lei was about to say something when he saw someone rush out of the tunnel . It was Lu Yunxian .

“Commander Lu, how’s the situation inside? Zhou Wen didn’t enter the Torch Dragon temple, did he?” Professor Lei hurriedly asked when he saw Lu Yunxian come out .

“Young Master Wen is in the temple,” Lu Yunxian answered .

“It’s over . ” When Professor Lei heard Lu Yunxian say that, he felt that Zhou Wen was definitely dead .

“Professor Lei, where’s your scanning equipment? Bring it with you . Follow me to the Torch Dragon temple,” Lu Yunxian said .

“What’s the use of taking in the equipment? Those instruments can only be used to gather data, not save someone,” Qu Qingyun said with a twitch of his lips .

Lu Yunxian said with a smile, “Who are you saving? Young Master Wen has killed Torch Dragon . Hurry up and bring the equipment over . Check the interior of the temple carefully and see if there are any traces left behind by Old Mister Ouyang and the others . ”

“What?” Professor Lei and the others thought that something was wrong with their ears .

“Battalion Commander Lu, are you joking with us?” A professor looked at Lu Yunxian in disbelief .

“What do you mean joking? Young Master Wen is waiting for you in the temple . Quickly bring the equipment and follow me,” Lu Yunxian said .

Professor Lei and company were doubtful, but seeing that Lu Yunxian didn’t seem to be joking, they could only gather their equipment and follow him to the Torch Dragon temple .

When they arrived outside the Torch Dragon temple and saw the massive body lying in a pool of blood, everyone was dumbfounded .

They had studied the area for months, but they had never seen Torch Dragon in person . Now, they had seen it with their own eyes, but Torch Dragon had already turned into a corpse .

Qu Qingyun’s expression was even more thoughtful, as if he couldn’t believe it . He was also somewhat horrified .

Zhou Wen looked back and forth at the temple several times . After confirming that it wasn’t different from in-game, he left the temple and handed it over to Professor Lei, Lu Yunxian, and company to deal with it . He returned to the encampment and waited for their results .

Although many electronic devices couldn’t be used in Zhuolu, there were still some more rather practical investigative methods that could be used . For example, blood tests, fingerprint tests, etc .

Some tiny skin tissues could be collected and tested .

The entire team did a carpet sweep of the area . Since Zhou Wen couldn’t do anything, he had to just wait for the results .

In Luoyang’s An family, An Sheng had just returned to the office . Just as he was reporting the hatching of his Companion Egg to An Tianzuo, the phone on his desk suddenly rang .

An Tianzuo gestured slightly and An Sheng answered the call .

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“What?” An Sheng widened his eyes in shock after hearing a few words .

An Tianzuo frowned slightly as he waited for An Sheng to put down the phone before asking him, “What happened?”

“Young Master Wen… He went to the Zhuolu ruins…” An Sheng put down the phone and said to An Tianzuo with a look of shock .

“What did he do?” An Tianzuo asked with a frown . From An Sheng’s expression, he knew that it wasn’t as simple as going to the ruins . Something must have happened .

“Young Master Wen… He… He… entered the Torch Dragon temple…” An Sheng said with a pained expression .

“Nonsense… What are Lu Yunxian and Professor Lei doing? How could they let him into the temple?” An Tianzuo immediately slammed the table and asked, “How is he now? Is he dead?”

“Dead,” An Sheng whispered .

An Tianzuo sat down on a chair and said through gritted teeth, “That bastard . How can I answer to the person at home? Does he think he’s a hero? What a bullsh*t hero . He’s just an ignorant boor . Does he think his life belongs to him? Thinking he can do whatever he wants . He doesn’t take anyone seriously and is selfish…”

An Sheng hadn’t seen An Tianzuo so angry in a long time . He realized that he had gone overboard .

“That… Overseer… I mean… Torch Dragon is dead…” An Sheng carefully said when An Tianzuo finally stopped .

An Tianzuo was taken aback . After a while, he stared at An Sheng and said, “What did you say? Say it again?”

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“It was news from Zhuolu that Young Master Wen killed Torch Dragon . They have already entered the Torch Dragon temple to begin testing . They haven’t found anything yet,” An Sheng said .

An Tianzuo looked at An Sheng and his expression gradually turned cold . “Ah Sheng, it looks like you like you have become rather carefree recently . ”

“Overseer, I was stunned by the news of Torch Dragon’s death . I couldn’t think straight . It really wasn’t intentional . ” An Sheng immediately felt that things were going south .

“Since you are so carefree, go and guard Chess Mountain . You are not allowed to return without my orders,” said An Tianzuo coldly .

“Do I have a choice?” An Sheng said with a bitter expression .

“What do you think?” An Tianzuo said coldly .

“Yes, I’ll be setting off for Chess Mountain immediately . ” An Sheng stood straight and saluted, but he didn’t go out . He said, “Something strange happened over there as well . The blood they used to sacrifice to the Aoyin stone statue seemed to have been tampered with . ”

Zhou Wen returned to his tent and took out the metal piece he had obtained from the temple to study it . Apart from being a little smaller, it looked very similar to the things that chained the silver-haired Companion Beast .

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