Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 569

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Chapter 569: 569

Zhou Wen tried using the mysterious phone’s camera function to snap the metal block, but there was no reaction . Clearly, he couldn’t store it on his phone .

Zhou Wen tried pressing the nine keys again and realized that although it didn’t sink, there seemed to be a glimmer .

These grids can’t really be buttons, right? Zhou Wen pressed a few other keys . As long as the pressure reached a certain level, each grid would emit a flash .

Could it be that this metal block is really a box with a code? Then what’s the code? Could it be the ten numbers the former principal gave me? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that something was amiss .

There were no numbers on the nine-key grid . Even if the ten numbers given by the former principal were really the passcode, he didn’t know which one corresponded to 1 or 9 .

Typically, numbers are arranged in order . 123 is the first row . 456 is the second row . 789 is the third row . However, the nine-key grid is a square . I don’t know which orientation is the first row . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that he could give it a try .

If it was really arranged in order, he should be able to get results from making a few tries .

Therefore, Zhou Wen tried using the ten-digit code . 5156942730 . He remembered this number very clearly, but he soon realized that something was amiss .

As the grid only had nine buttons, and with one of the ten numbers being zero, there was no way to press this zero .

It doesn’t work at all . From the looks of it, I’m overthinking things . Zhou Wen looked at the metal piece and suddenly recalled that he had seen a similar grid on the metal block that chained the silver-haired Companion Beast . However, there were numbers on that grid .

Zhou Wen carefully recalled what numbers were on the grid .

Thankfully, he had quite a good memory . Back then, he had looked at it carefully, so he quickly recalled it . He remembered that the numbers weren’t arranged according to the order, but were seemingly random .

249… 715… 603… I remember that the numbers on the metal block should be distributed in this way . Strange, there’s no 8 in the grid . Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he thought of the ten-digit code . Indeed, there was no number 8 .

Although this didn’t mean anything, Zhou Wen suddenly felt that he could give it a try .

If the numbers on this small metal block are the same as the large metal block, then I should press it this way . Zhou Wen followed the numbers in his memory and pressed the ten-digit code, but the metal block didn’t react .

Zhou Wen spun the grid clockwise ninety degrees before continuing his attempts . After he pressed the tenth button, he suddenly heard a very soft click .

He was immediately delighted and hurriedly looked at the metal piece . Indeed, there was a crack on the side of it . With a gentle twist, the metal piece split into two .

It was different from the box Zhou Wen imagined . The metal piece was almost solid . Only in the middle was a circular crystal that was about the size of a small coin .

After the metal piece cracked, the crystal fell out and landed on the table .

The crystal was transparent, but there were many silver spots of light inside . They resembled countless swirling galaxies . It was extremely beautiful .

Zhou Wen picked up the crystal and took a careful look . It was slightly cold, but there weren’t any special energy fluctuations from it . On the side he saw, there was a symbol of an anchor engraved on it .

Zhou Wen wasn’t unfamiliar with the anchor symbol . He had seen it a few times before . A similar tattoo was on the large metal piece and Gu Dian also had a similar tattoo .

However, the symbol of the anchor was slightly different . There was no woman’s side profile on it . It was just a simple anchor symbol .

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence? Zhou Wen thought as he flipped the crystal over to take a look . He couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw it .

The crystal looked transparent, but when he turned around, he realized that it wasn’t the case . There was a woman’s head engraved on this side . It was her side profile and she looked extremely beautiful . It was identical to the one Zhou Wen had seen on the anchor symbol .

It’s really related, but what’s the use of this item that looks like a commemorative coin? Why did the former principal tell me the passcode to the box? Why didn’t he give me the box or the crystal coin? If I hadn’t seen the metal block that chains the silver-haired Companion Beast, or if I didn’t come here to obtain the small metal block, it wouldn’t be of any use even if I had the passcode . Countless thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind, but the more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became .

From the looks of it, I won’t be able to answer these questions unless I find the former principal . I wonder what use this crystal coin has? Zhou Wen studied it for a while, but he failed to find any use for it . All he could do was put it back into the metal block .

When the cracked metal pieces were placed together, it immediately seemed to have a powerful magnetic force that firmly sucked both parts together . Even the gap in the middle could not be seen .

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Zhou Wen used his hand to try to pry it open a few times, but it remained solid, as though there was no gap .

This metal block sure is magical . I wonder if the large metal block that chains the silver-haired Companion Beast can be opened with the passcode . Although Zhou Wen felt that it was very likely, he didn’t plan on attempting it .

After putting the metal piece into the chaos space, Zhou Wen was about to take out the Torch Dragon Companion Egg to try hatching it when he suddenly heard someone walk into the tent .

“Young Master Wen, someone has arrived at the encampment . He wants to see you immediately . Adjutant An wants to talk to you,” Lu Yunxian said as he entered .

“Got it . How’s the investigation of the blood offerings?” Zhou Wen asked casually .

“We’re still investigating . There were more than twenty people involved, but we are investigating every one of them . We haven’t found anything yet . Adjutant An said that he will personally investigate this matter . Before he comes, none of the people related to this matter can leave,” Lu Yunxian said .

Zhou Wen was relieved when he heard that An Sheng was personally investigating the matter .

He took the chariot with Xu Wen, who was on her way back, and left the underground ruins . After returning to the encampment, Zhou Wen’s phone finally received a signal .

Before he could call An Sheng, An Sheng had already called . “Young Master Wen, didn’t you agree to wait for me to come back? Why didn’t you wait for me? It’s such a huge contribution . It’s really sad that you took all the credit alone . ”

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“Weren’t you hatching the Mythical pet? I just didn’t want you to be distracted,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“Young Master Wen, you have to remember to take me with you next time if there’s something this good . Look at how hard I’ve worked for so many years . Now, I’m only an adjutant . I also want to make a contribution . I want to be promoted . The next time you go to the Qiongqi temple, you have to take me along . Now that I have Love Letter, I should be able to help you,” An Sheng said .

“Alright, I’ll definitely take you with me next time . ” Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng was joking . Although An Sheng was only an adjutant and his official position wasn’t high, his actual power was immense . He could be said to be a true figure of power in the Sunset army .

An Sheng said this mainly because he didn’t wish for Zhou Wen to take the risk alone .

“Did Torch Dragon drop anything good?” Since he got his intent across, An Sheng didn’t say anything else .

“A Companion Egg,” Zhou Wen answered .

“Young Master Wen, you’re really lucky . Over the past few years, Overseer has also killed some Mythical creatures . However, his luck with Companion Eggs isn’t that good . When you went with us to kill Love Letter, a Companion Egg dropped . Now that you killed Torch Dragon, another Companion Egg has dropped . You’re just so lucky . If I were to kill Mythical creatures again, Young Master Wen, you have to help me,” An Sheng said with a smile .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, My luck is good? Joke’s on you . I’ve killed countless Mythical creatures in-game, but none of them dropped Companion Eggs .

“By the way, Young Master Wen, we’ve obtained some information regarding the cube’s ranking,” An Sheng said solemnly .

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