Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 570

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Chapter 570: 570

“Currently, there are internal rumors amongst the six families that as long as a Companion Beast enters the rankings, they will have a chance of being further improved in the future,” An Sheng said .

“What do you mean by further improved? Enhanced?” Zhou Wen remembered that The Thearch had told him that only the first Companion Egg on the rankings would obtain the opportunity to be enhanced .

“I don’t know . The rumors are all over the place right now . It’s difficult to determine their authenticity . However, the Xia, Zhang, and Dugu families already have Mythical Companion Beasts on the rankings . Furthermore, there are also some unknown Companion Beasts on the rankings . Haven’t you realized that your Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s ranking has dropped?” An Sheng asked .

“I really didn’t notice that . ” Zhou Wen had no time to pay attention to those things . He had been studying how to kill Torch Dragon .

“Your Six-Winged’s ranking has already dropped to fifth place . The number one pet is no longer the Death of the Underworld . It has been replaced by a Companion Beast named Primordial Sword Immortal . Death of the Underworld is second, Genie is third, Frost Giant is fourth, and your Six-Winged Guardian Dragon is fifth . There are already more than thirty Companion Beasts on the rankings . The number one Primordial Sword Immortal doesn’t seem to belong to the six families . We haven’t found out who it belongs to . The six families have a real headache now . The number of Companion Beasts that aren’t from the six families on the rankings has increased significantly . ” An Sheng explained the situation to Zhou Wen in detail .

“Why didn’t you let Love Letter give it a try?” Zhou Wen didn’t care much about the ranking . After all, it was only a ranking for humanity’s Companion Beasts . Compared to dimensional creatures, humans were still too weak . Just thirty Mythical Companion Beasts were nothing in the massive dimensional Mythical system .

“It doesn’t make a difference even if I put it up on the rankings . The current rankings definitely aren’t final . There are still many Companion Beasts from the six families that haven’t been placed . The truly powerful ones haven’t shown up . Furthermore, the bigwigs from all over the world might not be as rich as the six families, but they should have some Mythical pets . When the time comes, the rankings will definitely exceed a hundred entries . Even if my Love Letter gets on the rankings now, it’ll drop out sooner or later . ”

After a pause, An Sheng said, “On the other hand, if you obtain the Torch Dragon Companion Beast, quickly hatch it . Its ranking will definitely be very high . It might even have a chance of reaching first place . Rumor has it that the higher the ranking, the greater the opportunities in the future . However, you have to be careful . The stronger a Mythical Companion Beast is, the harder it is to hatch . It might even kill you . I have a few ways to hatch a Mythical Companion Beast . I’ll send you some information later . ”

After chatting with An Sheng for a while, Zhou Wen hung up and found a room to rest . He took out the Torch Dragon Companion Egg and planned on hatching it .

No one would mind having too many Mythical Companion Beasts . More importantly, every Mythical Companion Beast had different abilities . No matter how strong a Mythical Companion Beast was, it was impossible for it to be invincible . In different situations, it was best to have Companion Beasts with different abilities .

Just like Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World, it could instantly kill Mythical Companion Beasts of the same level, but an Epic Jade Crystal Spirit armor could restrain it .

Zhou Wen had infinite Essence Energy, so he naturally didn’t need a special hatching method . He picked up the Torch Dragon egg and began injecting Essence Energy to incubate it .

The moment his Essence Energy touched the Torch Dragon egg, Zhou Wen immediately felt a powerful suction force suck his Essence Energy in like a whale .

Zhou Wen felt his Essence Energy suddenly empty . Thankfully, he quickly replenished it . If it were anyone else, they would probably be sucked dry .

As the Essence Energy surged in, the Companion Egg gradually lit up . It was as though countless stars were swirling around it . When it finally stopped absorbing Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy, the Companion Egg transformed into a stream of starlight that flew towards Zhou Wen’s left eye and fused into his pupils .

If one took a closer look, there was a Torch Dragon-like dark pattern in Zhou Wen’s black pupils . As the color was similar, it was very difficult for ordinary people to tell .

Thankfully, the Torch Dragon tattoo didn’t affect Zhou Wen’s vision, so it didn’t hinder him .

Zhou Wen switched on his phone and checked Torch Dragon’s information . This might be the strongest Companion Beast he currently had . Even the Golden Battle God Halberd would be considered inferior .

Torch Dragon Youngling: Mythical (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Son of a World King

Life Soul: Eye of Spacetime

Wheel of Destiny: Bright Torch Vision World

Strength: 81

Speed: 81

Constitution: 81

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Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Torch Eyes, Dragon Breath, World King Transformation

Companion Form: Eye Mirror

Indeed, it’s a top-notch Mythical . All its stats are 81 . It’s a pleasure looking at it . It’s even stronger than the strengthened Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Zhou Wen summoned Torch Dragon in-game .

The gigantic Torch Dragon immediately appeared in the game’s interface . It looked identical to the one in real life . Zhou Wen tried all kinds of skills .

Apart from having a few less skills than the real Torch Dragon, there was basically no difference . The few skills that were lacking were not important skills . The core abilities were all present .

The truly invincible ones were the Bright Torch Vision World and the World King Transformation . The Bright Torch Vision World could reflect all things . Once its gaze landed on someone, they would be sucked into the Vision World and vanish without a trace .

The World King Transformation was Torch Dragon’s final transformation skill . With the Eye of Spacetime appearing all over his body and the Bright Torch Vision World, it was practically invincible .

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However, after using the World King Transformation, Torch Dragon would enter an overall weakened state . Its combat strength would drop drastically to the same level as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon in a short period of time . It would take a long time to recover .

Even if it doesn’t use World King Transformation, Torch Dragon is still a top-notch combat force . I wonder if Torch Dragon will be ranked first if it enters the rankings? Zhou Wen guessed inwardly .

Bringing Torch Dragon along, Zhou Wen headed for the temple in-game . He wanted to give it a try and see what effects Torch Dragon and the Bright Torch Vision World had against the Bright Torch Vision World . It would definitely be exciting .

Finally, he arrived at the Torch Dragon temple . Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen ordered his Torch Dragon to use the Bright Torch Vision World . Torch Dragon’s eyes immediately turned into a mirror that emitted a sun-like glow .

As for the Torch Dragon in the temple, it seemed to sense danger . It also used the Bright Torch Vision World . In the next second, a strange scene happened . The two Torch Dragons vanished into thin air . A strange spatial vortex appeared in the temple, sweeping everything in . The game screen immediately turned black .

The Bright Torch Vision World versus Bright Torch Vision World is an annihilative disaster! Zhou Wen realized something unusual as he had an ominous feeling . After entering the game again, Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush to head to the Torch Dragon temple . Instead, he headed for the Poison Bat Cave .

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