Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 571

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Chapter 571: 571

Groups of Poison Bats flew over . With Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World, large swaths of Poison Bats and a White Shadow of Poison were reflected into the Vision World, disappearing in the blink of an eye .

The large number of Poison Bats in the cave vanished without a trace .

As expected! Zhou Wen’s expression didn’t look good . This was because at least two hundred Poison Bats had been sucked into the Vision World . They were nowhere to be seen, with no corpses indicating their deaths . The key point was that the game constantly indicated that the Poison Bat had been killed, but nothing dropped .

This was a very troublesome problem . The dimensional creatures that were sucked into the Bright Torch Vision World wouldn’t drop anything, or they might have dropped something, only to have them vanish in the Vision World .

If it doesn’t drop, so be it . Zhou Wen didn’t feel overly conflicted . This time, he took the Torch Dragon to the Qiongqi temple .

Qiongqi was very powerful and Zhou Wen was no match for it with the Six-Winged Golden Battle God Halberd and the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General that restrained it . However, Qiongqi was no match for Torch Dragon Youngling .

The trouble was—Qiongqi’s speed was too fast—allowing it to constantly avoid Torch Dragon’s vision . However, by unleashing World King Transformation, Qiongqi had nowhere to run . It was directly sucked into the Vision World and instantly killed .

Unfortunately, the Bright Torch Vision World prevented anything from dropping despite killing Qiongqi .

From the looks of it, it won’t be a problem to use Torch Dragon to kill Qiongqi . Zhou Wen was rather satisfied with the outcome . It didn’t matter if anything dropped . As long as he could kill Qiongqi, he could enter the Qiongqi Temple .

If they couldn’t find the former principal in the Qiongqi temple, it meant that he had most likely been killed .

In fact, after discovering the metal piece, Zhou Wen already felt that the former principal and company had gone to the Torch Dragon temple . The chances of them heading to Qiongqi temple were relatively low .

As for why he didn’t discover the former principal and company’s relics, Zhou Wen felt that they might have been sucked into the Bright Torch Vision World, so nothing remained .

Only the metal piece had been left behind for some reason . Or perhaps it was originally something from the temple—the former principal and the others had merely discovered it .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush to head to the Qiongqi temple . An Sheng said that he would head over in the next two days, so he planned on waiting for him .

After all, with Torch Dragon around, killing Qiongqi wasn’t too risky . It was fine to wait for An Sheng .

Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed when he took the Torch Dragon with him to grind the Torch Dragon . If Torch Dragon used Bright Torch Vision World, he wouldn’t obtain any benefits even if he killed Torch Dragon .

However, he wasn’t a match for Torch Dragon in the temple without using Bright Torch Vision World . He would still be killed instantly by the Bright Torch Vision World, so Zhou Wen had no choice but to use the old method to kill the Torch Dragon .

When Torch Dragon appeared in his companion form, it gave Zhou Wen a pleasant surprise .

Torch Dragon’s Companion Form was similar to contact lenses . It directly appeared in Zhou Wen’s left eye . Under such circumstances, Zhou Wen’s left eye could also use Bright Torch Vision World .

Although it drained him greatly, it wasn’t a problem for Zhou Wen who had infinite Essence Energy .

Unfortunately, this move can only be used to kill enemies, but it can’t drop dimensional crystals or Companion Eggs . Zhou Wen planned on using Torch Dragon as his trump card . He could also use it when grinding Mythical creatures, but without using the Bright Torch Vision World and World King Transformation, its combat strength was only slightly stronger than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

An Sheng arrived very quickly . Zhou Wen didn’t even wait two days before An Sheng arrived at the encampment .

Zhou Wen told An Sheng about hatching the Torch Dragon Youngling and found an uninhabited place . There, he demonstrated Torch Dragon’s abilities to him, telling him that he could kill Qiongqi with Torch Dragon .

“This Torch Dragon Youngling is practically invincible . It’s very likely to be first on the rankings . However, I have to do something before we kill Qiongqi,” An Sheng said .

“Is it related to the blood offerings?” Zhou Wen guessed .

An Sheng nodded slightly . “I’m constantly updated by the news over here . I’ve roughly guessed who it is . If I don’t deal with this fellow now, I’m afraid something will happen in the future . Let’s head to the temple and settle this matter . ”

Zhou Wen entered the temple with An Sheng . Everyone related to the blood offerings was there .

When Professor Lei saw Zhou Wen and An Sheng, he came over and said excitedly, “Young Master Wen, Adjutant An, our research has made quite a bit of progress recently . From the murals and statues inside the Torch Dragon Temple, that palace should be related to the Mythical Chiyou…”

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“Professor Lei, report the details to the Overseer in the future . Please gather everyone . I have something to say,” An Sheng said .

“Alright, Little Zhao, call everyone over,” Professor Lei said to one of his students .

Soon, the student called everyone over . When everyone was present, Professor Lei frowned and asked, “Where’s Qingyun?”

“Senior Brother Qu was a little unwell yesterday and had been resting in the tent . When I called him just now, he seemed to be very sick . He was a little muddle-headed and didn’t wake up,” Little Zhao said .

“In that case, I’ll get him . ” An Sheng seemed to realize something as he quickly walked towards Qu Qingyun’s tent .

Everyone followed him . An Sheng pulled open the tent and saw Qu Qingyun sleeping inside with the blanket wrapped around him . His body seemed to be trembling like a patient suffering from a severe cold .

An Sheng walked over and reached out to pull the blanket away . He saw Qu Qingyun curled up into a ball as his body trembled .

“Qingyun, what’s wrong?” Professor Lei saw that Qu Qingyun seemed to be seriously ill and wanted to go up to check on him .

However, An Sheng stopped Professor Lei and pulled out a flying dagger before throwing it at Qu Qingyun .

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The flying dagger instantly stabbed into Qu Qingyun’s body . With a bang, a white fog erupted from the body . After the white fog dissipated, they saw the dagger nailing the corpse of a fox to the ground .

“What’s going on?” Professor Lei and the others were dumbfounded .

“Adjutant An, I’ll lead my men to chase after him . ” Lu Yunxian’s expression changed . Qu Qingyun slept in the same tent as him, but he had actually failed to notice anything amiss .

“There’s no need . This person isn’t simple . Furthermore, the terrain in the ruins is too difficult . It’s easy for accidents to happen . Watch the vicinity of the temple and investigate the important areas . Don’t let him have another chance,” An Sheng said .

“Yes . ” Lu Yunxian went to make arrangements .

The matter was already very clear . Even Professor Lei and the rest had guessed that there must be something wrong with Qu Qingyun’s sudden disappearance and him playing such a trick . It probably had something to do with the blood offerings .

“Adjutant An, I really didn’t expect Qingyun to do such a thing…” Professor Lei said in embarrassment .

“Professor Lei, don’t blame yourself . Everyone has cavities in their teeth . You weren’t to know . ” Having settled the matter, An Sheng headed to the Qiongqi temple with Zhou Wen .

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