Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 572

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Chapter 572: 572

The duo went all the way to the Qiongqi temple . With Torch Dragon as their main force, An Sheng and Zhou Wen didn’t even plan on entering .

Before the temple door opened, Zhou Wen summoned Six-Winged and Torch Dragon . At the same time, he summoned the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General .

“Is this tiger-riding Companion Beast also at the Mythical stage?” An Sheng asked curiously as he sized up the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General .

“It’s not at the Mythical stage . It’s just an Epic Companion Beast . However, his Life Providence has some restraining effects on Qiongqi . It will make killing Qiongqi easier,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

These words were very honest . Without the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, Torch Dragon could only kill Qiongqi in its World King Transformation state . And with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, there was no need to use the World King Transformation . A single Bright Torch Vision World would seal the deal .

“There’s actually a Life Providence that can restrain Mythical creatures . Although it’s at the Epic stage, it’s sufficiently precious,” An Sheng commented .

“Yes, it wasn’t easy to obtain it . It’ll probably be difficult to find a second one,” Zhou Wen said as he opened the temple door .

Qiongqi was inside the temple . The moment the door opened, it pounced forward . However, due to the influence of the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, its speed decreased significantly .

Under Zhou Wen’s orders, Torch Dragon activated the Bright Torch Vision World to which Qiongqi dodged . Unfortunately, its speed was greatly reduced and it failed to escape . Torch Dragon immediately swept its gaze at it, making it disappear .

“Torch Dragon is really too strong! It will be unreasonable if it can’t get first on the rankings,” An Sheng praised when he saw Qiongqi being settled so easily .

Zhou Wen also felt that Torch Dragon was very strong, but he wondered if it could defeat the guardian of a white cocoon .

“Unfortunately, after being killed by the Bright Torch Vision World, nothing will be left . Even if dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs drop, I won’t be able to take them out . There are a lot of limitations,” Zhou Wen said .

“That’s not too good, but it’s still very strong . There are some mysterious dimensional zones with many good things inside, but they are protected by terrifying Mythical creatures . It’s almost impossible to get the treasures out . Having this Torch Dragon makes things much simpler . When I’m free later, I’ll take you to those places to take a look . After a spin through them, we’ll definitely be able to obtain some good things,” An Sheng said .

The duo entered the Qiongqi temple . Inside the stone temple, there were also many stone sculptures and murals . Many of the murals depicted a huge battle . Various creatures that looked like monsters and ghosts were fighting, while humans were just cannon fodder . The monsters were the main combat force .

The two of them carefully explored the temple several times, but they didn’t find any passageway or any clues left behind by the former principal .

Zhou Wen didn’t discover anything different about the temple versus the in-game temple . It was completely identical .

“Let Professor Lei and the rest come over and study it . They are the professionals in this area . If there are any clues, they will definitely discover them,” An Sheng said .

“That’s all we can do . ” Zhou Wen nodded helplessly .

He now knew that the former principal and company were doomed . They had either been killed by Torch Dragon or eaten by Qiongqi . No matter what the possibility was, there was no need to investigate further .

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Zhou Wen planned on returning to school . The outcome was no longer important to him . No matter how the former principal died, it was impossible for him to come back to life .

“Wait another two days for me . When I’m done here, we can return together . I can also take you to kill a few Mythical creatures on the way . It’s a crime not to use such a powerful Torch Dragon and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon,” An Sheng said .

“What will you be doing here?” Zhou Wen looked puzzled as he asked .

“Of course I have to find Qu Qingyun,” An Sheng said .

“Will he still be here?” Zhou Wen felt that Qu Qingyun had definitely escaped Zhuolu .

“According to the time, he was definitely still inside the underground ruins when we entered . The underground ruins only have one exit . I planted some Companion Beasts at the exit, but I haven’t detected his departure . That means he’s definitely still here,” An Sheng said .

“When did you set up the Companion Beasts? Why didn’t I know?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

“It’s an ordinary Companion Beast . Apart from being small, it doesn’t have any special abilities . However, it’s very useful for monitoring,” An Sheng said .

“Alright, I also want to know why Qu Qingyun did that . Before I came, he hadn’t done anything . Yet, he took action after I came . This clearly isn’t a coincidence . ” Zhou Wen felt that Qu Qingyun was targeting him, not Professor Lei and company . Otherwise, he could have done it long ago .

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“If I want to find him, I’ll have to rely on Love Letter,” An Sheng said as he summoned Love Letter .

Although its name was Love Letter, it looked like a huge scorpion . There were many strange blood-colored texts on its body . No matter how one looked at it, it had nothing to do with a romantic love letter .

“Does Love Letter have the ability to find people?” Back when An Tianzuo fought Love Letter, he was also present . He had never seen Love Letter display such abilities .

“It doesn’t have the ability to find people, but its language skills will be useful . ” An Sheng left the temple with Love Letter .

Zhou Wen followed beside him and saw that Love Letter would open the wall or the ground at a fixed distance every time . The words quickly fused into the rock .

There were also some words that landed on the plants in the ruins, like grass . It was unknown what they could do .

“Although these words don’t have any offensive power, Love Letter will naturally sense any creature that passes by . I left something in all the necessary areas . Unless Qu Qingyun doesn’t move in the ruins, we will be able to catch him sooner or later,” An Sheng explained .

“Take your time . I wish to visit the underground sea . ” Zhou Wen had nothing to do, so he wanted to take a look .

Zhou Wen had already explored most of the Zhuolu underground ruins . Now, he didn’t even have a place to explore . All that was left was the underground sea .

Ignoring the nine black dragons and the cocoon in the war wagon, there was also something strange inside the sapphire sky . Zhou Wen planned on taking this opportunity to take a look . Perhaps, in reality, he could discover something he couldn’t see in-game .

“Alright, I still need a while . You can take your time . ”

After separating from An Sheng, Zhou Wen headed for the underground sea . There weren’t many things that could threaten him in the underground ruins . Even against the nine black dragons, Zhou Wen had the strength to fight them .

Of course, that was under the circumstances that the nine black dragons were chained . If their shackles were unlocked, Zhou Wen would have to rely on Torch Dragon .

When he passed the white desert, Zhou Wen saw the tattered flag and the skeleton sitting under it .

Apart from suddenly waking up the first time Zhou Wen passed by, the skeleton didn’t react .

Zhou Wen carefully sized up the symbol on the animal hide flag . It was indeed the symbol of a ship’s anchor . He wanted to ask the skeleton what their flag meant, but unfortunately, the skeleton remained motionless like a dead object .

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