Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 573

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Chapter 573: 573

I wonder how the skeleton will react if I pull the flag away? Zhou Wen mused . Even if he pulled out the flag, he didn’t know what he could do with it .

After sizing up the vine flag and beast hide, Zhou Wen suddenly realized that the sand beneath the flagpole was different from the white sand elsewhere .

When he walked over to take a closer look, he saw that the sand granules beside the flag pole were rather large . Some of them were about the size of table tennis balls, while the smaller ones were the size of glass beads . Furthermore, the shapes were irregular .

As the graphics in-game were cartoonish, he couldn’t distinguish them clearly . However, when Zhou Wen looked carefully, he realized that the white sand wasn’t sand, but bones .

Could it be that this white desert isn’t a real desert, but made of weathered bones? Zhou Wen looked at the endless white desert and couldn’t help but shiver .

If the sand in the desert were really bone granules, how many creatures had to die here to form such a huge desert?

Furthermore, it was obvious that things weren’t that simple for their bones to become sand .

Zhou Wen grabbed a handful of sand and carefully looked at it . The more he looked at it, the more it looked like it was formed from shattered bones . However, the size and shape of the sand grains were very similar . It was unknown how it was formed .

Could it be that this is actually the main battlefield of Zhuolu back then? The dead creatures in the battle were buried here? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and summoned the Guardian Dragon and Torch Dragon . He made the two huge monsters dig open the sand to see if there was anything underneath .

In the Zhuolu battle back then, other than humans, any creature that participated in it was at the Mythical stage . Furthermore, they had quite a number of treasures . If he could dig up one or two, even damaged relics would have huge value .

Six-Winged and Torch Dragon were huge, and they had immense strength . They were even more powerful than excavators . The Guardian Dragon swiped its front claws and dug out a huge hole .

Torch Dragon plunged into the sea of sand and swam beneath it . Soon, it parted the sand, revealing a ravine .

At the spot Torch Dragon had dug out, something was exposed . It looked like ivory—a sharp horn . Zhou Wen hurriedly ordered Torch Dragon to continue digging .

Torch Dragon and Six-Winged dug a huge pit that was more than ten meters deep . Many parts of the object were revealed . They were not teeth, but a huge skeleton . What he saw was the tip of one of the rib cages . There were two rows of such a sternum on the skeleton . There were at least twenty to thirty bones .

The entire skeleton resembled the bones of a cow, but it was many times bigger than cow bones . Furthermore, it didn’t have a skull .

Apart from the skeleton, there was nothing else . However, this left Zhou Wen somewhat expectant . Since there was really a monster’s bones below, there might be something that had been left behind from the battle or some dimensional crystals left behind .

If he could dig up a few Essence Energy Skill Crystals, he would make a killing .

Zhou Wen got Six-Winged and Torch Dragon to constantly dig in the desert, hoping to find something .

Not long after, he had dug out quite a number of bones under the desert . The bones had different shapes, so they likely didn’t belong to the same creature .

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However, the strange thing was that the bones were crystalline, akin to jade . They seemed to have fossilized, but they maintained a moist texture .

Many bones shattered when Six-Winged and Torch Dragon touched them .

Unlike ordinary bones, these bones were like tempered glass . Once they shattered, they would turn into tiny particles that scattered in the white sand, becoming a part of the white desert .

Indeed, this white desert is a bone sand desert . Zhou Wen was alarmed .

From the scale of the white desert, the intense battle back then far exceeded anyone’s imaginations . Many Mythical creatures had definitely died here .

Six-Winged and Torch Dragon dug holes in the sea of sand, almost turning half the desert over .

Unfortunately, other than some bones, everything seemed to have decayed and melted . The bones remained for some reason, but most of them had already turned into bone sand .

Most likely, those that hadn’t turned into bone sand were terrifying Mythical creatures .

Suddenly, Six-Winged seemed to dig out something as it roared at Zhou Wen .

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Zhou Wen went over to take a look and saw a rhinoceros’s head in the sandpit that was split open by the six wings . However, this head was much bigger than a rhinoceros on Earth . It resembled the size of a train engine .

Although it had turned into jade, the rhinoceros’ head remained intact . It was still very lifelike and there weren’t any scars on its head .

Zhou Wen got Six-Winged and Torch Dragon to dig out the rhinoceros’ body . Although there were many bones here, it maintained its complete form like a giant rhinoceros . This was the first one .

However, this gigantic rhinoceros was like a jade statue . Its body had completely transformed into jade and there was no vitality left in its body . It definitely couldn’t come back to life .

Wait, I don’t see any injuries on its body . How did it die? Zhou Wen carefully sized up the rhinoceros and suddenly had an idea .

Perhaps the white desert’s bone sand isn’t purely bone . Instead, the creatures here are affected by some unknown force . Their bodies are like the rhinoceros, turning into stone . Then, they shatter and become bone sand… The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more convinced he was .

What kind of terrifying power made so many creatures turn into bone sand? Which faction does the expert who used this power belong to? Yellow Emperor or Chiyou? Zhou Wen guessed .

The rhinoceros was still intact after being fossilized . It didn’t turn into bone sand like ordinary creatures . It must have been extraordinary when it was alive .

Even so, it still couldn’t escape the influence of the terrifying power, turning into its present state .

Zhou Wen reached out and struck the rhinoceros a few times . With two clangs, the sound was extremely crisp as though he had struck a jade artifact or bone . The rhinoceros’ body didn’t shatter due to the external force .

Torch Dragon and Six-Winged dug the nearby area, but apart from some weak fossilized bones, they didn’t discover anything .

It can’t be? Could it be that only some primitive creatures participated in the battle? They only engaged in melee combat and didn’t even use divine weapons? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed .

Crack! Crack!

Cracks suddenly appeared on the rhinoceros’ body . More and more cracks appeared as though it was about to shatter .

Perhaps Torch Dragon and Six-Winged collided into it while they were excavating . What a pity . Bringing it back as a specimen would have been good . After all, it’s an ancient Mythical creature . To be able to participate in such a battle is definitely no trifling matter . Just as Zhou Wen was feeling poignant, the jade-like rhinoceros had already shattered .

Something dropped from the rhino’s cracked abdomen . Unlike the shattered bone sand, the thing was still squirming .

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