Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 574

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Chapter 574: 574

Zhou Wen was surprised that the thing which dropped from the rhinoceros’ stomach was a living creature . Furthermore, it looked like a snail .

The fist-sized snail shell was crystalline and translucent .

The snail’s body that was exposed was transparent like a flawless crystal . After the snail fell out, it slowly crawled on the sand with its shell .

Zhou Wen retreated as though he was facing a formidable enemy . At the same time, he ordered the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and Torch Dragon to attack the snail .

Zhou Wen didn’t know the origins of the snail, but he knew one thing very well . In such a terrifying ancient battle, even a powerful creature like the rhinoceros had fossilized . Yet, this snail had survived inside the rhinoceros’ stomach .

No matter how it did it, it definitely wouldn’t have been easy .

Of course, it was also possible that the fellow had crawled in later, but no matter what, Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to take the risk .

Torch Dragon and Six-Winged simultaneously spat out dragon breath at the snail . The snail immediately shrank into its shell . Two terrifying dragon breaths sprayed on the snail’s shell, melting away the surrounding bone sand and forming a huge crater .

However, after the dragon breaths stopped, the snail shell in the pit remained unharmed . The attacks of the two Mythical pets failed to penetrate the snail shell .

Bright Torch Vision World . Zhou Wen increasingly found the snail terrifying . He ordered Torch Dragon to use its Wheel of Destiny powers .

Torch Dragon’s eyes turned into a mirror as it looked at the snail in the pit, but in the blink of an eye, the snail had vanished .

The power of the Bright Torch Vision World absorbed large amounts of bone sand . A large swath of bone sand vanished as though a huge hole had been dug out of the desert .

Zhou Wen carefully observed his surroundings, but he didn’t find the snail .

Was it absorbed by the Bright Torch Vision World or had it escaped? Zhou Wen didn’t dare be careless as he summoned several important Companion Beasts to prevent any mishaps .

If this lineup still allowed it to escape, it would be terrifying .

Torch Dragon and company stood around Zhou Wen and constantly scanned the nearby desert, but they didn’t find any traces of the snail .

Now, Zhou Wen missed Truth Listener a little . If he had Truth Listener’s ability, he wouldn’t be at such a disadvantage . Now, he had to be more careful .

After waiting for quite some time, the snail still didn’t appear . Zhou Wen felt that it was most likely sucked into Bright Torch Vision World with the bone sand . Otherwise, there was no reason for it not to appear .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t dare be careless . He continued watching carefully . At the same time, he didn’t dare stay in the bone sand desert any longer as he headed straight for the underground sea .

Along the way, he didn’t see the snail reappear . When he arrived at the beach, Zhou Wen didn’t head into the sea . Instead, he watched the sapphire sky from the side . It was a spectacular sight .

An Sheng said that they had people who also wanted to study the sapphire sky, but the Companion Beasts they had sent would die for no reason once they approached it . After losing quite a number of Companion Beasts with no results to speak for, they had to give up exploring the sapphire sky .

Zhou Wen looked at it for a while, but he didn’t find anything in the sapphire sky . The gem-like crystal’s body was entirely blue, looking beautiful and profound .

He attempted to summon a Poison Bat Companion Beast and make it fly towards the sapphire sky .

Back in-game, Zhou Wen had already done similar experiments numerous times . He would only see the Poison Bat flash a faint blue light when it approached the sapphire sky . Then, they would die . He saw nothing else .

This time, Zhou Wen wanted to see it happen in reality, hoping to find some clues .

Indeed, the moment the Poison Bat Companion Beast approached the sapphire sky, a blue light suddenly flashed from its body . In the next second, the Poison Bat’s body turned into a blue transparent crystal . After it exploded into powder, it fell into the underground sea .

Zhou Wen looked carefully, but he failed to discover where the blue light had shot out from . From his point of view, the blue light appeared to come from within the Poison Bat’s body .

He tried a few more times, but the results were the same . He couldn’t identify the problem .

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Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt his neck itch . He reached out to scratch it, but when his fingers touched his skin, it gave him a fright .

When his fingers touched the itchy spot, he found it extremely hard to the touch . It didn’t feel like skin, but rather like jade .

Not good! Zhou Wen thought of something as he hurriedly summoned the crystal mirror and looked at his neck’s reflection . Upon seeing the reflection, his expression changed drastically .

On the right side of his neck, there was a bulge the size of a fingernail . It was very strange . It was neither red nor swollen . It was translucent like jade and had spiral patterns on it . It was like the shell of a snail .

Is this the snail being up to no good? Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen pulled out his Orchid Blade and slashed at his neck, slicing off the jade-like flesh .

Seeing that the flesh under his skin remained tender flesh and blood, he felt a lot more at ease that it hadn’t turned to jade .

Zhou Wen directly used the Orchid Blade to shatter the sliced piece of flesh . At the same time, he summoned the Fire Furnace Queen and burned it to ashes .

Although the wound on his neck still hurt, it didn’t itch . Zhou Wen felt much better .

With Zhou Wen’s current physical strength, the tiny wound quickly contracted and stopped bleeding . It wouldn’t take long to heal itself .

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However, after a while, Zhou Wen felt his wound itch again . He thought that it was the itch from the scab, but when his fingers touched it, his expression immediately turned ugly .

He picked up the crystal mirror and took a look . The wound had completely healed, but a snail shell had protruded out .

Zhou Wen immediately cut it off and summoned Doctor Darkness to inject large amounts of poison into his wound .

Zhou Wen’s body’s poison resistance was already very high, so the poison couldn’t take his life . He wanted to see if it was effective on the wound or rather, be effective on the snail-like lump .

However, he was disappointed . Despite injecting him with a large amount of poison, making him almost unable to take it, it didn’t take long for the wound to automatically heal, producing a spiral-shaped jade lump . A strange itch also triggered Zhou Wen’s nerves, making him have the urge to grab it .

I’m in big trouble . Zhou Wen knew that things were rather serious . It was definitely the snail’s doing, but he didn’t even know where the snail was . It was unknown when the snail had attacked him .

He switched to Zero Taboo and used all sorts of methods to deal with the jade lump, but it was to no avail . No matter how he tried, the jade lump would regrow and become itchier . It made Zhou Wen have the urge to chop off his neck .

Damn it . Truth Listener is still evolving . Otherwise, its Evil Nullification Life Soul might be useful . Zhou Wen felt his neck itch more and more as he clenched his fists . However, he didn’t dare grab it . He was afraid that the more he scratched at it, the worse it would become .

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