Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 575

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Chapter 575: 575

Zhou Wen knew that he couldn’t delay any further . He had to think of a way to resolve this problem .

Perhaps The Thearch knows what it is . Zhou Wen wanted to leave the Zhuolu battlefield and return to the encampment to contact The Thearch to see if he could obtain any useful information regarding the snail from her .

However, after taking a few steps, Zhou Wen felt his neck itch to the point of being unbearable . He wished he could slice off his neck .

What was even stranger was that Zhou Wen felt his body become heavier as though an invisible boulder was pressing down on him . Every step he took felt extremely difficult . He left deep footprints on the bone sand as his calf sank into it .

Zhou Wen knew that it wasn’t an illusion . There really was something pressing down on him . He could clearly sense the pressure, but there was nothing on him .


Zhou Wen’s body was pressed into the bone sand . He struggled to stand up, but he couldn’t move .

Not only could he not move, but his neck was getting itchier . He couldn’t even scratch it .

I have to leave this place as soon as possible . Zhou Wen got Six-Winged and Torch Dragon to pull his body back .

However, even with Six-Winged and Torch Dragon’s immense strength, they were unable to move him . Or rather, they didn’t dare use too much strength, afraid that they would directly snap his body .

Indeed, I’m not suited to enter a dimensional zone in real life . Something happens every time . Zhou Wen was beginning to regret digging around .

Perhaps it was because he had just obtained a powerful Companion Beast like Torch Dragon that it had gone to his head . He believed that with Torch Dragon around, he could deal with any unexpected situation, but he never expected to have no chance of using it .

Zhou Wen could only endure the itch and let Torch Dragon burrow beneath the bone sand to prop him up from above .

However, when Torch Dragon tried to prop up Zhou Wen’s body with all its might, it nearly flattened Zhou Wen . It still failed to lift his body up even a centimeter .

However, Zhou Wen was pressed down on Torch Dragon’s back . As Torch Dragon retreated, Zhou Wen immediately fell into the sandpit, incapable of moving .

Zhou Wen had thought of all the solutions he could, but they were useless . He was trapped there, unable to move .

The pressure on his body was secondary . The itch on his neck was unbearable . It was so itchy that it nearly reached deep into his soul .

All his strength was useless . All Zhou Wen could do was switch to the Small Perfection of Wisdom and circulate the Eight Perfections Wisdom Life Providence .

It wasn’t that the power of the Small Perfection of Wisdom could reduce the pressure on him, nor was it that the Eight Perfections Wisdom could stop the itch . Instead, the Small Perfection of Wisdom had one benefit—it had a high tolerance .

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Daoists cultivated life as it was, while Buddhists cultivated their future incarnation . They pursued the great release of the future .

Although Small Perfection of Wisdom was an Essence Energy Art that cultivated his constitution, it was different from the Invincible Connate Divine Art that directly strengthened one’s body . Small Perfection of Wisdom focused on the mind’s management of one’s body .

The Six Perfections Wisdom had all sorts of wisdoms that allowed one to pursue an epiphany mentally without being limited by one’s body .

Zhou Wen didn’t circulate the Small Perfection of Wisdom to relieve the pain on his body, but to prevent himself from focusing on his pain . He hoped to reduce the itchiness by employing this method .

Although this method didn’t treat the root of the problem, Zhou Wen really didn’t have a better solution . If he didn’t stop the itch, he was afraid that he would go crazy .

If I don’t have Truth Listener with me, I will not touch anything randomly in the future, Zhou Wen thought .

After the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra circulated, the Eight Perfections Wisdom made his six senses sharp . It made the itch go deeper into his bones .

Zhou Wen knew that this was only temporary . He had read quite a number of Buddhist scriptures, so he knew that this was an inevitable process . He needed to first experience pain before he could fully gain enlightenment and achieve the liberation of his body .

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva had once said that one cannot become a Buddha with hell empty . It was a form of great enlightenment and liberation .

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Resisting the almost lethal itch, Zhou Wen constantly circulated the Small Perfection of Wisdom, hoping to achieve a great liberation of his mind . At the same time, he had absolute control over his body, preventing it from being limited by his six senses and circumstances .

If it were an ordinary person, they wouldn’t be able to calm down and think about the meaning behind the scriptures when suffering from such an itch . They wouldn’t be able to fully focus on circulating the Essence Energy Art .

However, Zhou Wen was clearly not an average person . His talent at focusing allowed him to think and gain insights without being affected .

The scriptures he had read previously weren’t for nothing . Zhou Wen had taken the right path . With the circulation and comprehension of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Zhou Wen’s senses became sharper . The itch on his neck still existed, but the mental effects on Zhou Wen decreased significantly . It made him feel less uncomfortable .

This is indeed feasible! Zhou Wen continued studying from this angle, hoping to break through the Small Perfection of Wisdom’s bottleneck and condense a Life Soul .

Unlike ordinary Essence Energy Arts that strengthened one’s constitution, the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra could not eliminate the pain in one’s body . Instead, it used one’s wisdom to understand the pain .

Of course, being able to understand something didn’t mean that he could resolve it . However, the separation of his body and mind made Zhou Wen feel less pain .

The pressure on him remained as the itch grew more intense . However, despite clearly sensing the pain, Zhou Wen felt that his body wasn’t his . The pain wasn’t that unbearable anymore .

This feeling was very odd . It was clearly his body, but it didn’t feel like it belonged to him . His mind seemed to be taking on an outsider’s view .

If this continues, will I really become a Buddha? Zhou Wen could sense that his body was emitting a treasure glow .

And the source of this treasure glow was not from his physical body, but deeper .

Zhou Wen didn’t wish to become a Buddha without any desires, but in this situation, he could only continue cultivating . Otherwise, just the itch would drive him crazy .

In such an environment, Zhou Wen quickly separated his mind and body . It sounded contradictory, but it was indeed Zhou Wen’s present state .

It could control his body while his mind wasn’t restrained by his body . The pain from the pressure and itch was already nothing to Zhou Wen .

However, even if Zhou Wen was no longer fazed by it, nor had it affected his mind, the pressure on his body still existed . His body had already been pressed into the bone sand and was about to be flattened .

With his body dead, it was useless no matter how powerful his mind was . Wouldn’t he just be waiting for Buddha to take him into Paradise? Zhou Wen clearly didn’t follow this belief .

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