Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 576

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Chapter 576: 576

What should I do? If Small Perfection of Wisdom can’t resolve my predicament, it’s akin to drinking poison to quench my thirst . Zhou Wen racked his brains, hoping to find a complete solution .

Although the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and the Eight Perfections Wisdom couldn’t free Zhou Wen from the pain, it made his mind and six senses sharper . He could observe the details he couldn’t sense before .

His neck protruded . Even without looking in the mirror, Zhou Wen could sense everything that was happening, including the details beneath his skin .

Under the effects of the Eight Perfections Wisdom, Zhou Wen felt as though his body had turned transparent . It allowed him to see many physical details through his consciousness, or it could be said that he could sense the minute parts of his body . That wasn’t a true vision .

This should be the seventh sense mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures, right? Zhou Wen could clearly sense that the spiral jade beneath his neck wasn’t as simple as a lump .

Beneath the lump, there were many invisible silk objects that penetrated his blood vessels and muscles . As they were too minute, one couldn’t see them with the naked eye .

The silk-like objects seeped into his body like a spiderweb and coiled around his flesh and bones . His entire neck was enrooted by the silk as it spread throughout his body . Even his brain was penetrated .

Now, Zhou Wen finally knew why it was useless to slice off the lump . As the saying went, if one didn’t remove the roots when cutting grass, the grass would grow again once the spring wind blew .

He needed to get rid of the threads inside to truly resolve the danger .

However, the power of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and the Eight Perfections of Wisdom could let him see the problem, but not resolve it .

Such a force that directly penetrated his body made formidable powers like Torch Dragon useless . Unless Zhou Wen wanted to be killed by the Bright Torch Vision World, he could only come up with another solution .

Doctor Darkness was the best in this area, but even his poison couldn’t destroy the fine threads . This showed how powerful this thing was .

Thankfully, I still have the Substitute Talisman on me . Furthermore, I still have the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . If I have no choice, I’ll perish together with this strange snail . With the Substitute Talisman and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, I should be able to survive . It might not be the case for the snail, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

However, that was the final step . As long as there was a way, Zhou Wen didn’t want to take that final step .

Since the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra can let me see it, is there really no way to resolve it? Furthermore, my comprehension still hasn’t allowed the Small Perfection of Wisdom to advance to the Epic stage or condense a Life Soul . Clearly, it’s because my comprehension isn’t completely correct… Zhou Wen tried hard to meditate .

The treasure glow on his body became more and more crystalline . However, due to the immense pressure, his body was almost unable to withstand it . His bones creaked from the pressure as though they would snap at any moment .

Zhou Wen could sense a huge snail shell pressing down on him . It couldn’t be seen with the naked eye or touched, but the pressure existed . It was extremely odd .

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Since my mind can’t control my body, why don’t I do the opposite? If I can’t even live this life, what’s the point of a future incarnation? With a thought, Zhou Wen reversed the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

Zhou Wen originally believed that reversing the Small Perfection of Wisdom would definitely damage his body, but he soon realized that after the Small Perfection of Wisdom was reversed, it could also smoothly circulate without any obstruction . It was as though it should have been that way from the start .

Zhou Wen’s heart suddenly stirred as he thought of the three-faced Buddha in Small Buddha Temple . The three-faced Buddha had three faces, but they weren’t all smiling benevolently . They were somewhat different from ordinary Buddha statues .

Could it be that the… Small Perfection of Wisdom isn’t a pure Buddhist Essence Energy Art… One body with three sides… Then what’s the last side? Zhou Wen seemed to figure out something .

As the Small Perfection of Wisdom reversed, the Eight Perfections Wisdom also changed . Zhou Wen, who was originally in a state of separating his mind and body, once again fused his mind and body .

The extremely itchy feeling immediately returned to Zhou Wen, making him nearly go crazy .

However, almost at the same time, this crazy itch made Zhou Wen feel like he was brimming with strength . The more painful and itchy his body was, the more mentally sharp he became . Not only did he not feel the pain, but he also felt a sense of pleasure, as though he wanted to tear apart everything .

Humans have three sides . One side is Buddha, the other side is the devil . When Buddha arrives, I will be Buddha . When the devil arrives, I will be a devil . When Buddha and the devil are not present, I am my true self…

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As Zhou Wen constantly gained insights, his essence, vitality, and spirit, as well as his Life Providence, erupted with terrifying power . It made his body glow and emit a shocking treasure glow, as though an indescribable power was building up in his body .

Zhou Wen wasn’t unfamiliar with this power . It was the condensation of a Life Soul .

However, it was different from the previous times when he condensed a Life Soul . This Life Soul was not an incorporeal object in the consciousness like Zero Taboo, nor was it a corporeal entity like Lost Country . It also wasn’t an independent entity like the Inverse Ancient Sovereign .

Zhou Wen’s Life Soul seemed to be his body—his body being the Life Soul . It was probably unprecedented .

Crack! Crack!

As his Life Soul condensed, the jade lump on Zhou Wen’s neck cracked . Wisps of invisible threads peeled out from his body .

It was as though invisible transparent strands of hair had automatically crawled out from his body . However, it wasn’t that the silk that had crawled out by itself . It was because of a strange change in Zhou Wen’s body that prevented any external object from attaching to him . Therefore, the threads had no choice but to leave his body .

The threads separated from Zhou Wen’s body and gathered together . Soon, they transformed into a transparent snail with a milky-white shell on its back . It was the same snail that Zhou Wen had dug out from the rhinoceros’ stomach .

Its tiny eyes sized up the glowing Zhou Wen as though it was pondering over something . However, when it looked at Torch Dragon beside it, it ultimately bowed its head and burrowed into the bone sand . It seemed to be invisible as it disappeared in the blink of an eye .

As for Zhou Wen’s body, it had already turned crystalline, like jade . He looked like a mighty being, as though he was nurturing an immense amount of energy . A vertical eye appeared at his glabella . At the instant the vertical eye opened, it was as though a door to the endless hell had opened . Countless vengeful and ferocious ghosts roared in it .

Zhou Wen himself seemed to have become a demon king as he emitted a terrifying aura of death .

Little Perfection of Wisdom had finally condensed a Life Soul, but this Life Soul looked somewhat odd .

Zhou Wen dispelled his Life Soul and returned to his normal state . The bulge on his neck had vanished, and the pressure on him had vanished . At the same time, he came to realize something .

“Hell King?” Zhou Wen muttered to himself as he read out the name of the Life Soul .

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