Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 577

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Chapter 577: 577

Zhou Wen had naturally sensed the snail’s departure, but he didn’t chase after it .

The Hell King Life Soul could only prevent the tiny threads from clinging onto his body, but if the snail unleashed its strength, it could still destroy Zhou Wen’s body .

The snail’s retreat without fighting Zhou Wen wasn’t due to the Hell King Life Soul .

Although the Hell King Life Soul was good at strengthening his body, even Torch Dragon and Six-Winged’s attacks couldn’t injure the snail . Zhou Wen didn’t believe that the Hell King Life Soul could really threaten it, so he was still somewhat puzzled when the snail retreated .

However, no matter what, he had finally resolved a huge problem . Zhou Wen quickly left the bone sand desert, not daring to stay any longer .

He used his phone to look at his information and realized that the postfix—Guilt—of his Constitution had vanished . The Life Soul that Small Perfection of Wisdom had condensed was also Hell King . It had the effect of strengthening his mind and body, but this wasn’t the most important ability . The strongest aspect of the Hell King Life Soul was turning the body into a Life Soul . Zhou Wen didn’t know what use it had, for now, so he could only slowly study it .

After returning to the temple, Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t see the snail appear .

I should just game in the future . Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to give up . He lay in the tent and launched the game before heading to the bone sand desert to get Torch Dragon and Six-Winged to continue digging .

However, Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed . He didn’t find the fossilized rhinoceros in-game, neither did he find the snail . He only found a few bones .

There’s no snail in-game? Zhou Wen spent two days searching the bone sand desert, but he still failed to find the snail or encounter any other danger .

As for treasures, he found nothing .

The hidden forces An Sheng had set up, failed to capture Qu Qingyun . It was unknown if Qu Qingyun had covered his tracks well or if he had already used some method to escape the ruins .

An Sheng didn’t have the time to be stationed here . All he could do was send someone to guard the ruins and bring Zhou Wen back to Luoyang .

On the way, Zhou Wen used his phone to check the Internet . Indeed, just as An Sheng had said, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s ranking had dropped to fifth place . There were already 37 Companion Beasts on the rankings . There were a few more than what An Sheng had said .

Should I get Torch Dragon on the rankings as well? Zhou Wen had been pondering over this question .

Beep! Beep! A message was sent by The Thearch .

“I have a gift for you . Accept it with the Void Flower . ” Zhou Wen immediately had an ominous feeling when he read the message .

Zhou Wen refused to believe that The Thearch would take the initiative to deliver something good to him .

“I’m driving now . The Void Flower isn’t with me . What gift did you send me?” Zhou Wen probed .

“It’s a world-shaking invention that I came up with . You lucked out,” The Thearch replied .

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What shocking invention? Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief . If it was just an experimental product made of chemicals, Zhou Wen felt that it couldn’t be too dangerous .

“You’ll know when you get back . ” The Thearch kept him guessing .

After returning to school, Zhou Wen took out the Void Flower pot from the chaos space . The Void Flower couldn’t open a portal in the chaos space; therefore, when Zhou Wen took it out, a portal appeared on the flower . Something floated out .

Zhou Wen took a careful look and saw that it was a glass bottle . It was one of the items he had bought for The Thearch . It wasn’t dangerous, so he reached out to catch it .

Inside the glass bottle was half a bottle of purple liquid . It was unknown what it was .

He didn’t know what the purple liquid was, but Zhou Wen definitely didn’t dare use it . Just as he was about to put it into the chaos space, he received a message from The Thearch .

“Have you received it? Let your Companion Beast drink it . Then, it’s time to witness a miracle . ”

No matter how Zhou Wen looked at it, The Thearch’s tone was like a scammer online .

However, since it wasn’t for him to drink, Zhou Wen didn’t mind . It didn’t matter if he gave it a try . After all, he had plenty of Companion Beasts .

After randomly summoning a Chi and letting it drink The Thearch’s medicine, Zhou Wen stared at it with widened eyes .

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According to what Zhou Wen knew, ordinary chemicals didn’t have much use for Companion Beasts . Instead, they had a certain effect on dimensional creatures that could make them mutate .

Unfortunately, Companion Beasts were pure energy bodies, so their composition was relatively stable . The possibility of mutation was very low, so chemicals were useless .

However, after the Chi drank the medicine, its body seemed to be dyed purple—the same color as the drug . Its body also rapidly transformed as it underwent a significant change .

After the transformation ended, its body hadn’t appeared to have undergone many changes . Even the purple color faded .

Zhou Wen took a look at its stats and realized that its stats had greatly increased . It had gained another skill, making it one of the best at the Epic stage .

Ignoring the increase in stats, it had actually allowed the Chi to comprehend a new skill . It went from two skills to three skills; a shocking feat .

“Thearch, what drug did you give me?” Zhou Wen sent a message to The Thearch .

“The Pet Skill Insights Agent I invented can stimulate the potential of a Companion Beast, allowing it to comprehend a hidden talent ability . The effects aren’t bad, right? I’m guessing you didn’t dare give it to your Six-Winged and Truth Listener . Instead, you let an ordinary Companion Beast drink it . Are you regretting it now?” The Thearch seemed to see through Zhou Wen’s thoughts . It was as though she had seen Zhou Wen’s actions with her own eyes .

Zhou Wen knew that The Thearch was deliberately trying to see his regret by not mentioning the effects of the drug in the beginning . Zhou Wen naturally wouldn’t let her wish come true .

“Who knows if your drug is really useful . Perhaps it’s only effective on low-level Companion Beasts and useless for high-level ones?” Zhou Wen deliberately said .

“Goading me on is useless . You’re too old-fashioned . If you want a Pet Skill Insights Agent, you have to exchange it with something . ” The Thearch’s words were filled with contempt .

“No thanks then,” Zhou Wen immediately replied .

Who knew if The Thearch’s medicine had any side effects . Zhou Wen found it unreliable no matter how he thought about it . How could ordinary chemicals allow a Companion Beast to gain insights into a skill? It was highly likely that she had added something else .

“It’s fine if you don’t want the Pet Skill Insights Agent, but you have to return me the items . ” The Thearch directly sent a list .

“How much Pet Skill Insights Agent can these items get?” Since he couldn’t reject it, he naturally had to try his best to benefit himself .

“One bottle,” The Thearch replied .

“At least ten bottles . I was the one who bought all the ingredients you used to make the drug, right? It’s not worth that much money . ” Zhou Wen deliberately said this to know if The Thearch had added anything else .

However, The Thearch didn’t answer him . “Two bottles . It’s up to you whether you want them or not, but you have to buy and deliver everything on the list in a month . ”

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