Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: 578

Zhou Wen looked at the list . The items The Thearch wanted this time weren’t very expensive . They were all relatively common items . Most of them were electronic products . He had no idea why she wanted them .

When Zhou Wen was in Chess Mountain, many electronic devices couldn’t be switched on, much less get any reception . Occasionally, he would switch on the phone only to have it crash with a black screen .

The Thearch clearly had a way to resolve these problems, but it was unknown how she did it .

Now that I have Torch Dragon, I might be able to explore Deer Terrace Pavilion . Even if I can’t get anything to drop, storming my way in to see what’s inside would be good too . Zhou Wen decided to head to Deer Terrace Pavilion in-game .

After getting Li Xuan to help get someone to buy the items on the list, Zhou Wen entered Chess Mountain’s instance dungeon and headed for Deer Terrace Pavilion .

With the Demon God Catalog, Zhou Wen successfully ascended the Deer Terrace Pavilion . However, he didn’t sneak up this time . Instead, he summoned Six-Winged and Torch Dragon to kill all the fake fairies and immortals .

After the fake fairies and immortals were killed, they revealed their true forms—foxes, night cats, rats, and wolves . Killing them wasn’t difficult .

With the two pets leading the way, Zhou Wen soon arrived at the ancient building on the Deer Terrace Pavilion . He could see six male and female immortals drinking and enjoying themselves inside the ancient building .

One of them was the fake fairy who had chased after Zhou Wen last time . When she saw Six-Winged and Torch Dragon, the six fake immortals inside were alarmed . However, Zhou Wen didn’t give them a chance . Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World opened and instantly reflected all six fake immortals into it, instantly killing them .

The phone indicated that he had killed the Mythical Creature, Fox Demon, but unfortunately, they were all pulled into the Vision World . Even if something dropped, it would be impossible to get it out of the Vision World .

Zhou Wen wasn’t too concerned about this . After killing six Mythical fake immortals, he circled the first level without finding anything valuable .

He headed for the second level of the ancient building through the stairs . Upon reaching the second level, he saw a colorfully dressed fairy sitting in the hall .

The fairy looked extremely beautiful, but she wasn’t as otherworldly as an immortal . Instead, she was just extremely beautiful .

When the fairy saw Torch Dragon and Six-Winged, her expression changed . She flicked her sleeve and flew up . At the instant she flicked her sleeve, she let out a cry as a terrifying sound wave blasted out .

Torch Dragon and Six-Winged could still withstand her sound blasts, but the blood-colored avatar’s body wasn’t that strong . It was shattered by it .

The blood-colored avatar didn’t die, but the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon died in its place . However, the sound blast didn’t stop . Unable to escape death, the game screen turned black .

Indeed, I have to launch a preemptive attack . Zhou Wen entered the game again and charged up Deer Terrace Pavilion . He slew six fox demons on the first level and rushed to the second level .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t give the colorful-robed fairy any chance . He got Torch Dragon to use the Bright Torch Vision World .

The colorful-robed fairy turned into a colorful giant bird . It looked like a colorful phoenix, but there were nine heads on its neck .

The nine-headed phoenix flapped its wings and flew out as though it had teleported, avoiding Torch Dragon’s gaze . Its speed was much faster than Zhou Wen’s peak speed .

Seeing the giant, nine-colored, phoenix-like bird about to cry out again, Zhou Wen ordered Torch Dragon to use World King Transformation as he charged down the second level’s exit and returned to the first level .

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Just as Zhou Wen heard a sound wave blast down from the second level, the sound came to a halt as his phone gave a notification .

‘Killed Mythical creature, Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit . ’

The notification was very simple, and there weren’t any indications of dimensional crystals . It was probably stored in the Vision World .

Zhou Wen sent the blood-colored avatar back up to the second level and indeed, he realized that the Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit was gone . Only the weak Torch Dragon was lying on the ground . Clearly, it was draining for it to use the World King Transformation .

This building has a total of three levels . The second level is the Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit . Could the third level be the legendary Demon Consort? Zhou Wen really wanted to head to the third level to take a look .

However, Torch Dragon was too weak . Without Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen couldn’t even defeat the Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit, much less the Demon Consort .

Could The Thearch be that Demon Consort? Zhou Wen guessed inwardly .

Instead of continuing upstairs, he logged out of the game . Zhou Wen planned on heading to the top of Deer Terrace Pavilion after Torch Dragon recovered .

He first went to other dungeons to grind all sorts of rare dimensional creatures . Just as he was grinding Medusa, his phone suddenly rang .

He took a look at the number and saw that it was an unknown number . It continuously rang a few times before Zhou Wen picked up the call .

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“Junior Brother, how have you been recently?” A clear and gentle voice came from the phone .

“Jiang Yan…” Zhou Wen nearly jumped up .

Ever since they separated at Holy City, Zhou Wen had not heard of Jiang Yan again . He never expected Jiang Yan to suddenly call him .

“I’ll wait for you at the same old place,” Jiang Yan said before hanging up .

Zhou Wen knew where Jiang Yan was referring to . Unable to hold himself back, he went out and headed for Dragon Gate Grotto .

When Zhou Wen arrived at the former laboratory in Old Dragon Cave, he saw Jiang Yan sitting on a stone slab . He was looking at Zhou Wen with a harmless smile .

Zhou Wen and company had used the stone slab as a table to eat and play cards . When he saw Jiang Yan sitting there, he couldn’t help but recall the times they had spent here .

“Senior…” Zhou Wen called out, but he didn’t know what to say .

Ask him if he was doing well? That was nonsense . How could he be living well while being pursued by the bureau?

Ask him what he had been doing recently? Zhou Wen felt that he shouldn’t ask . That would put Jiang Yan in a difficult position .

If Jiang Yan answered him, he would expose his past whereabouts . If he didn’t answer, it would hurt his feelings .

However, Jiang Yan didn’t seem to mind . He sized up Zhou Wen and said with a smile, “From the looks of it, you have been doing pretty well recently . Your strength has improved greatly . It seems like you have more than one Mythical Companion Beast . ”

“Can you tell?” Zhou Wen asked Jiang Yan in surprise .

Jiang Yan probably didn’t know that he had the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and Torch Dragon; yet, he was able to tell that he had more than one Mythical pet . If everyone could tell, he wouldn’t have any secrets to speak off .

“Don’t worry . There aren’t many humans like me who can tell that you have Mythical Companion Beasts . Besides, I can’t tell what your Mythical Companion Beasts are,” Jiang Yan said with a smile as though he had seen through Zhou Wen’s thoughts .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he heard Jiang Yan say that .

“I was trying to come up with a solution for a problem I have, but since you already have such strength, help me,” Jiang Yan continued .

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