Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 579

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Chapter 579: 579

Chapter 579 Speedy Solar Lunar Shuttle

“What help do you need?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I’m going to a dimensional zone to do something and need help . There’s a Mythical creature guarding the area and it’s rather powerful . However, with your help, it shouldn’t be difficult to deal with it,” Jiang Yan said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen agreed .

“Aren’t you going to ask which dimensional zone I’m going to?” Jiang Yan said with a smile .

“There’s no need . No matter which dimensional zone it is, I’ll accompany you . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

“Alright, go back and prepare . See you here tomorrow morning,” Jiang Yan said .

“I don’t have anything to prepare . I can go with you now . ” Zhou Wen brought everything he needed with him, so there was nothing to prepare .

“Let’s do it tomorrow . I don’t know if I’ll be able to come back in the future . I want to stay here for the night,” Jiang Yan said as he looked at the dilapidated laboratory .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else and returned to his dorm .

The next morning, Zhou Wen arrived at Old Dragon Cave again and saw a strange beast carriage in the laboratory .

The carriage looked ancient . Even the wheels were made of bronze . The carriage’s box wasn’t sealed with a baldachin over it . Pulling in front of it were two giant rabbits—one black, one white .

The rabbis were even bigger than an ordinary horse . They were almost the same size as an elephant . They sprawled on the ground, their bodies connected to the reins .

Jiang Yan was already in the carriage . When he saw Zhou Wen walk over, he waved at him . “Ah Wen, get in . ”

“Isn’t it too ostentatious to drive this carriage out?” Zhou Wen got into the carriage and asked uneasily .

If they were to drive this carriage out of Old Dragon Cave, it would definitely attract the attention of countless people, even onlookers .

“No . ” Jiang Yan was very certain . He held a whip and whipped the two giant rabbits .

The two giant rabbits immediately began moving . They moved quickly, and finally, Zhou Wen understood what it meant to start a hare .

The two giant rabbits charged forward like arrows with the carriage in tow .

However, there was a cave wall in front of them . Just as the two giant rabbits were about to slam into the mountain wall, Zhou Wen almost jumped off the carriage to prevent himself from dying in the collision .

However, Zhou Wen ultimately held back the urge to jump . He knew that Jiang Yan wasn’t such a rash person .

Indeed, the black and white giant rabbits slammed into the mountain wall, but the mountain wall didn’t seem to exist . They pulled the beast carriage and charged in .

Zhou Wen watched the black and white giant rabbits pulling the beast carriage forward quickly . Streams of light rushed ahead of him and to his side, as though they had entered a spacetime tunnel . He couldn’t see anything around him at all . There were distorted beams of light everywhere .

“What carriage is this?” Zhou Wen could tell that the beast carriage was extraordinary as he looked at Jiang Yan .

“Speedy Solar Lunar Shuttle . ” Jiang Yan continued when he saw that Zhou Wen was still in a daze, “The two rabbits pulling the carriage are Day, and the other is Night . When they are together, they can produce the ability to shuttle through space . Although they aren’t strong enough to reverse the flow of time, they can cross space and travel great distances in an instant . It’s best to travel with them . ”

Zhou Wen was alarmed when he heard that . The two rabbits were definitely at the Mythical stage . Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to have such powers .

Although Zhou Wen had long felt that Jiang Yan wasn’t a simple person, he was still somewhat surprised that he had obtained such a Speedy Solar Lunar Shuttle .

After a while, the Speedy Solar Lunar Shuttle stopped .

Zhou Wen looked out of the carriage and realized that he wasn’t anywhere near Dragon Gate Grotto . He wasn’t even in Luoyang . There were towering mountain peaks that pierced through the clouds everywhere . There were no signs of humans . There were primitive forests everywhere, and the air was so clean and fresh that it felt sweet .

“We must walk on our own for the rest of the journey . Even Day and Night won’t be able to go up . ” Jiang Yan alighted the carriage and released the reins . The two rabbits flashed and escaped .

“Aren’t they your Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

Jiang Yan shook his head and said, “No, I only temporarily invited them to pull the carriage . They aren’t Companion Beasts . ”

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Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd again . To be able to invite wild dimensional creatures to pull carriages wasn’t something an ordinary person could do .

Jiang Yan pointed at the mountain that went straight into the clouds and said, “We have to climb to the top of this mountain . However, this mountain is extraordinary . When we climb it later, we can only advance and not retreat . Under no circumstances are you to retreat . Otherwise, you will be doomed . ”

“Why is that?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

“This mountain is called Immortal Seeking . Legend has it that immortals live at the top of the mountain . Anyone who wishes to become an immortal can be reborn as an immortal if they can climb to the top of the mountain . Although this is only a legend, this mountain is indeed different . It has a terrifying taboo protecting it . Once someone steps into this mountain, they will definitely die if they take a step back . There’s no reason . That’s the rule of this mountain,” Jiang Yan said .

I wonder if my Zero Taboo can restrain the taboo of Immortal Seeking Mountain . Zhou Wen thought to himself, but he didn’t plan on trying . All he did was look around the foot of the mountain, hoping to see if there was a tiny palm symbol .

Unfortunately, he didn’t see one . All he saw was a stone staircase spiraling up the mountain . It was like a heavenly staircase that pierced through the clouds, with no end in sight .

“There are many obstacles along the way, but with your willpower, I believe there won’t be any problems . Just remember that you can’t retreat,” Jiang Yan said as he stepped onto the stone steps .

Zhou Wen followed him . Just as he stepped onto the stone steps, he immediately felt an invisible force tugging at his body . His body sank slightly as he nearly fell onto the stone steps .

With every step Zhou Wen took to climb the stairs, he felt like he was carrying a mountain . After taking a few steps, his clothes were almost drenched in sweat .

Jiang Yan was no different . He could see that his hair was drenched in sweat .

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The power on the stone steps was very strange . It didn’t constantly grow stronger, nor would it constantly weaken . This power was just right to reach the limits of Zhou Wen’s body .

In other words, Zhou Wen had to use all his strength to take every step .

After taking a few steps, Zhou Wen felt that he had expended a lot of his strength, but the power on the stone steps seemed to possess intelligence . It would also weaken relatively, but the effort Zhou Wen needed to walk was maintained at maximum .

The first step was the limit . If it was someone with a weak will, their will would quickly collapse and they would have the intention to retreat .

However, Jiang Yan had said that they absolutely could not retreat . Retreat meant certain death .

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