Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 580

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Chapter 580: 580

They trudged up the mountain step by step . Although they could continue walking no matter how tired they were, seeing the stone steps that seemed to have no end threw one into despair .

As Jiang Yan walked in front, he said, “The ancients believe that there are immortals in the sky . Only by meeting immortals on high ground can one obtain the Great Dao’s heritage . Therefore, since ancient times, the East, West, South, and North Districts have myths regarding the Ascension . For example, in the fairy tales of the West District that we are more familiar with, a young man planted magic beans that ended up growing high into the sky . Then, he climbed up the beanstalk to a giant castle in the sky . There’s also the Foundational Tree legend of our East District . ”

“Those are plants . It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with mountains, right?” Zhou Wen added .

“There are mountains too . Don’t many deities in myths and legends live on the mountain? Like the gods of Mount Olympus, the Immortal Palace on Kunlun Mountain, and Mount Buzhou that connects the heavens and earth,” Jiang Yan said as he walked .

Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan chatted not because they wanted to conclude anything, but it was a way to kill time . The mountain was just too tall . They had to do their best with every step and they couldn’t walk fast . They did not know when they would finish climbing . It was really boring .

Furthermore, speaking could also eliminate some negative emotions, making one feel less despair .

“I wonder if these legendary things have corresponding dimensional zones? If there are, I really want to get a few magic beans to plant one . Then, I’ll take a visit to the giant castle in the sky . I want to know if there’s really a goose that can lay golden eggs and the beautiful girl trapped in the cage,” Zhou Wen said .

“I’m not sure if there are any magic beans, but I’ve seen the Fusang divine tree of the three divine trees overseas,” Jiang Yan said .

“Is there really a Fusang divine tree? Are there really ten Sun Golden Crows on that tree?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“I don’t know if there are Sun Golden Crows, but that tree grows in the sea . It’s so high that it’s unreachable . It’s covered in sun-like fruits . Just a glance from afar is enough to blind one . No human can approach it . ” Jiang Yan paused before continuing, “It’s said that in ancient times, Hou Yi shot down nine suns while standing on the Fusang divine tree . If the legend is true, Hou Yi would definitely be the strongest among humans today . ”

“If Hou Yi really exists, doesn’t that mean that the mighty figures in myths like Zhurong, Gonggong, and Kuafu exist as well? If we can also draw a bow and shoot down the sun in the future, drinking a river dry with a mouthful, and destroying a mountain with a single strike, that would be amazing…” Zhou Wen was somewhat excited when he thought of the scene .

“Why wait? If your Mythical pet is an offensive type, it shouldn’t be a problem to slice off a small mountain,” Jiang Yan said with a smile .

“It’s possible, but it’s just a tiny mountain . Even if it’s sliced off, it would be meaningless . At the very least, it should be able to split five famous peaks into two or slice off the entire Mount Everest,” Zhou Wen said .

“It’s probably impossible for an ordinary Mythical stage to reach that level,” Jiang Yan said .

As the two of them climbed up the mountain, they chatted, their stamina draining in the meantime . They panted heavily every few steps . Their clothes were drenched, as though they had just been scooped out of the water .

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“What are you going to the mountaintop for? Don’t tell me you want to become an immortal?” Zhou Wen joked .

“I really want to seek immortality,” Jiang Yan said seriously .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as he asked in disbelief, “Seek immortality? Aren’t the so-called immortals dimensional creatures?”

“Not entirely . On this mountain peak, there’s a cocoon . The creature inside the cocoon can be said to be a dimensional creature, but it’s not completely one,” Jiang Yan said .

“Guardian?” Zhou Wen exclaimed .

“I’m surprised you know about Guardians . That makes it easy to explain things . That’s right . Although there aren’t any immortals on this mountaintop, there’s a Guardian . My goal is that Guardian, but there’s a terrifying Mythical creature guarding it . I’m not its match alone, so I have to find helpers . ” Jiang Yan didn’t seem surprised that Zhou Wen knew about Guardians .

“Why are you looking for a Guardian? Kill it? Or is there another way to use it for yourself?” Zhou Wen was somewhat worried . Could Jiang Yan also know of the Spirit Casting Skill? If he knew it as well, would he be following Wang Mingyuan’s path in his search of a Guardian?

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This wasn’t impossible . Before Wang Mingyuan tore out of the realm, he had given his research information and experience to Jiang Yan . Perhaps the Spirit Casting Skill was included .

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to kill the Guardian with our current strength . However, I’ve studied the information left behind by Teacher . As long as the method is right, we can obtain the Guardian’s loyalty . Since you know about Guardians, you should have read the information, right?” Jiang Yan said .

“I haven’t seen information about it, but I’ve seen a living Guardian before . ” Zhou Wen recounted John and the six-winged seraphim to Jiang Yan .

“Senior Brother, you have to be careful . Those Guardians are probably unreliable,” Zhou Wen said .

Jiang Yan smiled again and said, “What’s absolutely reliable in this world? It’s just like how there are plenty of people who are betrayed by their business partners . There are also quite a number of people who have conflicts . Don’t tell me that one can’t earn money by not doing business? Everyone is just acting in their self-interests . Even blood relatives like parents and brothers can turn against each other and become enemies . Don’t treat the Guardian as personal property and treat them as a partner . That way, it won’t be so difficult to accept certain developments . ”

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . Jiang Yan’s words weren’t without reason, but Zhou Wen didn’t plan on choosing that path because he had too many secrets he couldn’t let others know .

Jiang Yan continued, “Since this is a path to break past the Epic stage, be it right or wrong, someone has to pass it before we know . I’ll try it first . ”

The two of them chatted as they walked and exchanged some information regarding Guardians .

According to Jiang Yan, there was indeed an azure silk cocoon on the mountaintop . The Guardian inside might be more compatible with his cultivation attributes and he might have a chance of contracting the Guardian inside .

However, according to the information left behind by Wang Mingyuan, the most basic condition to form a contract with a Guardian was to defeat the Mythical creature guarding the cocoon . Otherwise, there was no way to approach the cocoon, much less form a contract .

The Mythical creature guarding the azure silk cocoon on the mountaintop was a white guardian beast that resembled a horse or a sheep . It had two horns and vertical eyes . It could speak the human language . Every word it said could become reality .

Previously, when Jiang Yan went up alone, the guardian beast only glanced at him and said “Scram . ” Jiang Yan rolled down from the mountain peak, unable to control his body . He nearly died .

Jiang Yan had done a lot of research and guessed that the guardian beast was the legendary Bai Ze .

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