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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 581

Published at 6th of November 2020 03:50:08 PM

Chapter 581: 581

“It’s impossible for us to kill it with our present strength, but I have a way to stall it . ” Jiang Yan shared his thoughts .

Jiang Yan had an Epic Companion Beast known as Soundless Snake . It could block sounds from spreading within a small region . As long as they couldn’t hear Bai Ze’s voice, the power in its voice wouldn’t be effective .

Then, Jiang Yan prepared a Mythical Dark Domain Heavenly King . It was a Mythical Companion Beast from overseas . It had the ability to transform a certain area into a region of darkness and could restrain all kinds of vision-type abilities .

As long as Bai Ze was in the darkness, its eyes’ abilities would not be effective either .

Without the ability to speak and see, Bai Ze’s strength would greatly decrease . It wouldn’t even be able to see what Jiang Yan was doing .

At that moment, as long as Zhou Wen could hold back Bai Ze and attract its attention, Jiang Yan could take the opportunity to contract the Guardian in the cocoon .

“Is it impossible to use all vision-type skills in the darkness?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Probably so . I haven’t discovered any vision-type abilities that can be used in the region of darkness,” Jiang Yan said .

I wonder if Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World can be used in the region of darkness? Zhou Wen thought .

Their stamina consumption was immense, exhausting the duo . They stopped talking and walked forward without a word .

Zhou Wen gave it a try and switched his Life Soul to Zero Taboo . He realized that the strange force acting on him immediately vanished without a trace, making him feel much more relaxed . He couldn’t help but be overjoyed .

Soon, Zhou Wen saw the Zero Taboo crystal emit a terrifying glow, as though it wouldn’t last long before it burned to ashes . He knew that the taboo here was no trifling matter .

He hurriedly deactivated Zero Taboo . The strange force exerted on Zhou Wen again, tormenting him with every step he took .

Although Zero Taboo is useful, it’s only in its Primordial Body form . It can only last for a very short period of time . If I can advance to a Perfect Body, I might really be able to use Zero Taboo . It might even be able to restrain all kinds of taboos in the world, Zhou Wen thought to himself as he wondered how he could raise Zero Taboo to a Perfect Body .

Currently, among Zhou Wen’s Life Soul, only the Inverse Ancient Sovereign was an Evolved Body . The rest were still in their Primordial Body forms, so it was imperative to raise their levels .

The Zero Taboo is used to restrain the taboos of various mysterious lands . Doesn’t that mean that as long as I have some understanding of those mysterious taboos, I can raise Zero Taboo? Zhou Wen didn’t know if this conjecture was right, but there was nothing wrong with trying it .

It just so happened that the taboo power of Immortal Seeking Mountain was extremely powerful . Zhou Wen had nothing else to do, so he decided to study it .

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Zhou Wen switched his Essence Energy Art to Small Perfection of Wisdom . Under the effects of the Eight Perfections Wisdom Life Providence, his senses became extremely sharp, allowing him to sense the taboo powers of Immortal Seeking Mountain .

If the Eight Perfections Wisdom couldn’t resist the taboo powers, Zhou Wen only wanted to make his senses sharper to better understand the effects of the taboo power .

The taboo power of Immortal Seeking Mountain was indeed very strange . This kind of power didn’t harm others . It matched the person’s strength . It just happened to be at the peak that one could withstand . Every step one took required them to use all their strength . One couldn’t hesitate or their legs might go limp and end up falling down the mountain .

Although the path to becoming an immortal was difficult, as long as one’s willpower was firm, it wasn’t a dead end . However, this path seemed to have no end . Every step one took was extremely difficult . Even a person with a firm will would inevitably show signs of weakness over time . Therefore, very few people could reach the top of the mountain .

Zhou Wen felt the changes in the power in his body and found it strange and unpredictable .

If I take a step back, what changes will this taboo power have? Just as this thought surfaced in Zhou Wen’s mind, he immediately nipped it in the bud .

Goods of every variety are nothing compared to the value of survival . I definitely can’t take risks . Zhou Wen hurriedly steeled his resolve and continued walking forward .

When the sun was about to set, the two of them had only managed to climb around a thousand meters . When they looked up, they still couldn’t see the end to the path . The stone steps circled around the clouds like a coiling dragon . Just one look made them feel a little dizzy .

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Zhou Wen was just about to take out a bottle of water to hydrate himself when he heard Jiang Yan say, “We’re reaching the Immortal Opportunity Stone ahead . You have to be careful after crossing it . If you continue walking up, there will be something that will try to entice you . You have to remember that no matter what happens, you mustn’t retreat or you will die . ”

Zhou Wen knew that it wasn’t easy to deal with things that Jiang Yan said with such seriousness, so he asked, “What will happen?”

“That’s hard to say . Everyone’s situation is different . You have to experience it before you know what it is,” Jiang Yan answered .

Zhou Wen looked up and indeed, he saw a small platform beside the mountain path . On it was a huge boulder with the words “Immortal Opportunity . ”

However, there was nothing special about the stone . It was exactly the same as the ordinary mountain rocks on Immortal Seeking Mountain . It just had two additional words engraved on it .

Soon, the two of them walked past the Immortal Opportunity Stone and took a few more steps . Zhou Wen didn’t sense anything different from before .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to say something, he saw Jiang Yan suddenly turn and strike at his head . His expression was ferocious as he said coldly, “You’ve been fooled . Die!”

The mountain path was narrow to begin with—it only allowed one person to walk along . Jiang Yan’s palm emitted a resplendent divine light as though a sun had smashed down . Zhou Wen had nowhere to hide . Apart from retreating, he could only take the brunt of Jiang Yan’s palm .

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Zhou Wen’s expression didn’t change as he continued moving up the stairs . At the same time, he used his arms to shield himself from Jiang Yan’s palm .

Zhou Wen still remembered that Jiang Yan had warned him not to retreat no matter what happened . Furthermore, he believed that Jiang Yan wasn’t such a person .

With Jiang Yan’s character, even if he really wanted to harm him, he would have clearly explained why he was doing so . It was impossible for him to sneak an attack like this .

Therefore, Zhou Wen continued walking forward without any intention of counterattacking . If it was just an illusion, any counterattack would strike the defenseless Jiang Yan .

Indeed, Jiang Yan’s palm passed through his arm before Jiang Yan’s body dissipated .

Zhou Wen looked up and saw Jiang Yan walking in front of him . He had never turned his head .

If Zhou Wen hadn’t thought things through and allowed his body to automatically counterattack, Jiang Yan would probably have died from his strike .

What crappy immortal opportunity is this? It’s basically luring the demon in one’s heart, Zhou Wen thought .

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