Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 583

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Chapter 583: 583

“It’s just a legend . It might not be accurate . I think any human will see that many corpses, right?” Zhou Wen naturally didn’t believe this . If it was really the process of transcending one’s mortal coils, why hadn’t he become an immortal considering how he finished the journey?

“I don’t know if it’s accurate, but I know a few people who once walked the Seeking Immortality path . One of them only saw three corpses, with the most being a hundred corpses,” Jiang Yan said .

“Then how many corpses did you see?” Zhou Wen asked Jiang Yan .

Jiang Yan glanced at the path they came from and said indifferently, “I don’t know . I didn’t count . The mountain wall along the way was filled with corpses . It’s like a mountain of corpses . All I saw were corpses, without a single part of the mountain exposed . ”

“Then it’s even more unlikely to be right . How many people can a student like us kill? How can there be so much sin?” Zhou Wen looked at Jiang Yan . He actually didn’t believe that Jiang Yan could see so many corpses .

“Follow the plan . ” Jiang Yan didn’t say anything else as he walked towards the crooked tree on the mountaintop .

As Jiang Yan walked, he summoned two Companion Beasts . The first was a black python with a mouth the size of a bowl . It was more than ten meters long and its entire body was pitch-black .

Strangely, the snake didn’t have eyes . It kept flicking its tongue .

The other Companion Beast was also black, but it was dressed as a warrior in black armor . It wore a black mask and had two sabers on its back . The scabbard and handle were also black . It was probably the Dark Domain Heavenly King .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare be negligent . He summoned Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd while Torch Dragon appeared in the form of an eye mirror . Unless it was absolutely necessary, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on using Bright Torch Vision World .

Firstly, Bai Ze’s reputation was too terrifying . Zhou Wen wasn’t sure if the Bright Torch Vision World was effective against it . If it didn’t work and ended up provoking it, he would ultimately be the one suffering .

Secondly, Bai Ze didn’t take the initiative to attack others . Previously, when Jiang Yan approached the range of the crooked tree, it had only said “Scram”, causing Jiang Yan to roll down the mountain without killing him .

Only then did Bai Ze look up to glance at him . This glance left Zhou Wen alarmed . It didn’t look at Six-Winged or the Golden Battle God Halberd, but straight into Zhou Wen’s eyes .

Could it have already discovered Torch Dragon? Zhou Wen was alarmed .

Seeing that Zhou Wen was already prepared, Jiang Yan immediately ordered the Soundless Snake and the Dark Domain Heavenly King to use their powers .

The Soundless Snake opened its mouth . There were no venomous fangs inside, but visible ripples spread out from the mountaintop .

Almost at the same time, the Dark Domain Heavenly King pulled out the two sabers on his back and crossed them . A black light instantly devoured the entire mountain peak like a black hole .

Zhou Wen immediately felt his vision turn pitch-black . With the augmentation of Eight Perfections Wisdom and the Hell King Life Soul, his vision remained pitch-black . He couldn’t see or hear anything .

Unfortunately, Truth Listener is still evolving . I wonder if Truth Listener’s ability can break through the Soundless Snake’s Soundless Barrier? As Zhou Wen thought about it, he suddenly felt his eyes light up again . He could see and hear .

However, he could see that the entire mountain was enveloped in black . Furthermore, the sound waves produced spread out like water ripples .

“Let’s begin . Use your Companion Beast to attract Bai Ze’s attention . Don’t really fight it . Just attract its attention . It’s best if it can’t see or hear,” Jiang Yan said as he dived towards the crooked tree .

Zhou Wen ordered Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd to surround Bai Ze using a pincer movement . At the same time, he made some noise to attract its attention .

Bai Ze continued lying on a huge rock under the tree, motionless .

Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd lunged from the left and right . One stomped on the ground with its huge feet, leaving huge footprints on the rocks, while the tip of the Golden Battle God Halberd slashed across the ground, leaving a deep mark . Wherever the halberd tip touched the rocks, sparks flew everywhere .

However, due to the Soundless Barrier, their actions failed to produce any sound . Only Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan could hear thanks to the Soundless Snake’s special treatment .

Bai Ze still didn’t react and continued lying there, but Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan felt that something was amiss .

If Bai Ze really couldn’t see or hear anything, then it shouldn’t be so calm, right?

Indeed, when the Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd approached the crooked tree, Bai Ze suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a word . “Freeze!”

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Then, Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd froze . They stopped there as though someone had pressed a pause button in a movie .

As for the Soundless Snake’s Soundless Barrier, it was instantly torn apart by a force and shattered . As though it had suffered a heavy blow, the Soundless Snake collapsed to the ground .

Zhou Wen’s face darkened . The Soundless Barrier was completely useless as it was destroyed by Bai Ze .

What was even more depressing was that the Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd were frozen there . No matter how Zhou Wen commanded them, they remained motionless .

Six-Winged’s eyes could still move, but its expression remained ferocious with its agape mouth, and its body couldn’t move .

The Golden Divine Light at the tip of the Golden Battle God Halberd kept flickering, but the halberd was also unable to move .

Even worse, Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan were also frozen . The Dark Domain Heavenly King couldn’t move either . Although his dark domain remained effective, no one could move . What was the use of the dark domain?

“Sorry, I underestimated Bai Ze’s strength . I originally thought that the Soundless Barrier would last for a while, I never expected it to break in the blink of an eye,” Jiang Yan said .

Zhou Wen made an attempt . Although he couldn’t move his body, there was no problem with speaking . “We should have expected this . A famous divine beast like Bai Ze isn’t that easily restrained . ”

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“Don’t worry . I still have a backup plan,” Jiang Yan said .

“What’s your backup plan? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked when he heard that there was a way to turn the tables .

“There was no need to prepare for the backup plan . You just need to execute it . If I told you in advance, I’m afraid you wouldn’t agree to it,” Jiang Yan said with a strange expression .

“We can’t move now . How do we execute it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“We can still move if we think of a solution . I’m just not sure if my backup plan will work,” Jiang Yan said .

“What is your backup plan?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I studied many myths and legends, and I eventually came to a conclusion . Bai Ze… might be a clean freak…” Jiang Yan’s expression turned odder .

“So what if it’s a clean freak?” Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss as to what Jiang Yan was up to .

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