Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 585

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Chapter 585: 585

What was an obsessive-compulsive disorder patient most afraid of? Of course, it wasn’t something that could be seen . Whatever could be seen could be removed . For a patient with a serious obsession with hygiene, as long as something could be removed, it wasn’t a problem . They could spend a lot of time getting rid of it .

What they really couldn’t tolerate was the psychological hint .

Just like a clean freak who washed his hands after peeing . Turning on the faucet with his hand, he would feel that it was stained with bacteria from the balls . After washing his hands, his hands would be clean, but if he switched it off, he would be touching the balls’ bacteria on the faucet . Such repeated actions made it impossible to feel completely clean .

Unless it was a faucet that had automatic detection, a patient with a severe obsession with cleanliness could struggle in front of the sink for a long time .

Now, two sources of the balls’ dirty bacteria were rapidly rolling on the mountaintop . They tainted wherever they rolled with balls’ dirty bacteria .

If Bai Ze said “scram” now, the two huge sources of infection would continue rolling down the mountain, infecting the entire mountain .

If Zhou Wen hadn’t said the sentence, Bai Ze probably wouldn’t have thought too much into it . However, after Zhou Wen’s psychological cue, Bai Ze felt that no solution was appropriate to deal with the two dirty fellows .

He wanted to fix the two of them in place, but for some reason, it was useless against them .

Kill them? Bai Ze only felt that it would contaminate the entire mountain peak . Furthermore, it wasn’t a creature that could easily kill .

Now, Bai Ze didn’t even want to look at the two dirty sources of infection . It was as if it would be infected by the balls’ dirty bacteria if it looked at them .

Retreat! Slowly retreat!

An existence as powerful as Bai Ze was actually retreating .

We’re about to succeed… Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw that he and Jiang Yan were about to roll to the side of the crooked tree .

Although this move was rather despicable and shameless, it was good as long as it could achieve its goal . There was no one else here to see their sorry state, so there was no need to worry too much about it .

The only hateful thing was that Jiang Yan could clearly use this method himself, but he had dragged him over .

It took longer to describe, but it only took an instant for Zhou Wen to kick Jiang Yan to the point of the duo slamming into the crooked tree . The frightened Bai Ze failed to react in such a short period of time . It retreated from the mountaintop with a look of horror and contempt, as though it had all been contaminated by them .

When he slammed into the tree, Zhou Wen had already summoned the Jade Crystal Spirit Armor and put it on . At the same time, he shouted at Jiang Yan, “Senior Brother Jiang, don’t put your clothes on . Otherwise, Bai Ze will definitely charge over when he sees you wearing your clothes . You won’t have the chance to contract the Guardian . You mustn’t fail . ”

Jiang Yan wasn’t willing to listen to him . He was even faster than Zhou Wen . He had already summoned his armor and put it on . His first reaction wasn’t to pounce at the black cocoon but to smack away the dirt on himself .

This fellow is really obsessed with hygiene… Zhou Wen immediately rushed over when he saw Jiang Yan’s actions . He kicked him away and sent him flying towards the cocoon .

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“Senior Brother, I’ll help you…” Zhou Wen shouted at Jiang Yan who had flown out .

Jiang Yan slammed into the cocoon like a cannonball . He held back the extreme discomfort in his heart and the urge to clean his body . He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood on the azure silk cocoon .

Zhou Wen watched as Jiang Yan’s blood slowly seeped into the cocoon . This was the first time he had seen someone contract a Guardian . He didn’t know if Jiang Yan’s method would succeed .

Bai Ze stood above a sea of clouds and saw that Jiang Yan’s blood had already fused into the cocoon . The expression on its face was abnormally complicated . It didn’t move . It just stood there, looking at the azure silk cocoon .

The azure silk cocoon absorbed Jiang Yan’s blood . There wasn’t much blood, but it quickly dyed the huge azure silk cocoon completely red before cracks began to appear on it . Pieces of the cocoon that were wrapped in silk fell off .

Azure light shot out from the openings; they looked extremely pure .

As the cocoon constantly shattered, Zhou Wen saw a curled body inside the cocoon . However, it was different from what Zhou Wen had imagined .

It was an azure-robed fairy with fluttering clothes . She didn’t share any characteristics with Bai Ze .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that the creatures inside the cocoon were typically related to the dimensional creatures protecting them . Just like the one in Ant City, she had some characteristics of an ant .

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As for John’s six-winged seraphim, he had heard that the Mythical creature guarding the cathedral was an angel .

However, he had used a trick to circle around the angel and formed a contract with the six-winged seraphim . He had never really fought the angel .

Under that situation, John hadn’t truly obtained the six-winged seraphim’s recognition . Now that Jiang Yan had used a trick, Zhou Wen was worried that he wouldn’t be able to obtain the true recognition of the Guardian . It would be terrifying if he had to pay a certain price to contract the Guardian .

Could this guardian also be from the Association of Eunuchs? An indescribable scene flashed across Zhou Wen’s mind as he looked at Jiang Yan with a strange expression .

As Zhou Wen was in thought, the cocoon had completely shattered . Azure vines appeared out of thin air and circled around the azure fairy .

When the azure vines transformed into beams of light that resembled dragons that rose into the sky, they shattered and fell, turning into flower petals that filled the sky .

The azure-robed fairy actually turned pink amidst the petals . The petals that filled the sky danced as the fairy moved .

The fairy’s gaze was calm as she walked to Jiang Yan with the flower petals . She extended her hand and said to him, “My name is Fairy Burial . Are you willing to let me become your Guardian and fight with you?”

“I am,” Jiang Yan answered seriously .

“As you wish . ” Fairy Burial’s palm pressed on Jiang Yan’s forehead . At the point of contact, a pink light spread out .

At that instant, Fairy Burial’s body transformed into countless petals that surged towards Jiang Yan, condensing into a floral armor that completely enveloped Jiang Yan’s body .

As more and more petals gathered on the armor, the original pink color turned red . The red gradually turned dark red before turning purple . When all the petals fused into the floral armor, the armor turned dark purple . It looked strange, yet gorgeous .

The floral armor looked extremely beautiful as though it was a perfect piece of art, but for some reason, Zhou Wen seemed to sense the aura of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood from the gorgeous armor . It left him horrified .

As the floral armor fused with Jiang Yan’s body, an unimaginable power erupted from him . This power was no longer at the Epic stage . It was shocking .

The Thearch is right . The Guardian’s power can indeed allow humans to enter the Mythical stage . However, this advancement is mainly due to the Guardian armor, not the human itself, Zhou Wen thought .

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