Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 587

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Chapter 587: 587

Wang Lu had only jokingly asked . Even if the chick and antelope really followed her, she couldn’t take Zhou Wen’s pets away .

After rearing the chick and antelope for so long, how could she not know that the origins of these two dimensional creatures were extraordinary?

However, just as Wang Lu asked that, the chick that was extremely affectionate to her flapped its wings and flew back to Zhou Wen . It turned its face to the side as though it didn’t know her .

Although the antelope wasn’t that heartless, it had no intention of following her . It slowly walked back to Zhou Wen’s side .

“How infuriating . The pet follows after its owner . They are all heartless cheats . They only know how to scrounge for free food and drink . ” Wang Lu angrily pointed at the chick and said, “I dote on you the most . I give you everything that’s good . You little cheat…”

Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised as well . The antelope following him could be reasoned away as having other motives, but he never expected the chick to be so determined .

This fellow was usually very close to Wang Lu and despised Zhou Wen . He never expected it to stand on Zhou Wen’s side at such a critical moment .

“When are you leaving?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu .

“Someone will pick me up tonight,” Wang Lu said .

“I’ll inform the students in the club to wave you off,” Zhou Wen said .

“There’s no need . I don’t like parting scenes . ” Wang Lu shook her head slightly before looking at Zhou Wen and saying, “You still owe me a lot of food . I’ve recorded all of it in a notebook . How are you going to repay me?”

“Can I get a discount?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Of course not . ” Wang Lu glared at him .

“Then what do you want me to do?” Zhou Wen said as he spread out his hands .

“Just remember this debt . ” Wang Lu put away her notebook and turned around to walk out of Four Seasons Garden . After taking a few steps, she stopped and said to Zhou Wen with her back facing him, “If you can’t stand staying in the An family in the future, remember to look for me in the capital . You can work while paying me back . ”

With that said, Wang Lu left Four Seasons Garden along the small trail .

Zhou Wen watched her leave and was somewhat puzzled . He originally imagined that the four years in college would be relatively safe, but fate was just so unpredictable with people he was familiar with leaving one by one .

I hope there’s still a chance to meet again . Zhou Wen really wasn’t sure if he could see Wang Lu again . Once the dimensional zones’ restrictions failed, the roads between the major cities would definitely be cut off . To go from Luoyang to the capital would probably be difficult .

At the end of the day, without strength in the future, there was probably nothing one could do . They might not even have the chance to live, so Zhou Wen wanted to raise his strength quickly .

He didn’t want to become an existence like Wang Mingyuan or contract a Guardian . He wanted to see if he could forge his own path .

Can humans definitely not advance to the Mythical stage with their bodies? Zhou Wen didn’t believe that it was set in stone . Since humans could advance to the Legendary and Epic stage, why couldn’t they advance to the Mythical stage?

He went all the way to Small Buddha Temple . This was a restricted zone that prevented outsiders from approaching . However, Zhou Wen had An Sheng’s pass, so he wasn’t barred from entering .

According to what Zhou Wen knew, there were two Mythical Companion Eggs in Small Buddha Temple . However, no one had managed to master the Small Perfection of Wisdom, so no one had been able to take them away .

An Tianzuo had set this place as a forbidden zone, preventing outsiders from getting close . It was also because he didn’t wish for any enemy faction to master the Small Perfection of Wisdom and obtain the benefits .

Zhou Wen walked up the stone steps in front of Small Buddha Temple and the Zero Taboo Life Soul immediately lit up .

Zhou Wen walked all the way to Small Buddha Temple . He originally planned on finding a place to sit down and game, but just as he entered Small Buddha Temple, he saw a person standing in the yard .

Although he could only see her back, Zhou Wen still recognized her .

Why is An Jing here? Zhou Wen frowned slightly when he saw her back .

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An Jing was standing in front of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra’s stone monument, reading the scriptures . When she sensed someone approaching, she turned her head and saw Zhou Wen . She also frowned slightly .

Ever since the coldness in An Jing’s body was melted by Zhou Wen, An Jing hadn’t suffered a relapse again . Her cultivation level had also advanced by leaps and bounds .

In terms of talent, as siblings, An Jing’s talent wasn’t inferior to An Tianzuo’s . However, her congenital ailment made her progress slow when she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art . Otherwise, her achievements would have far exceeded what it was now .

Now that she did not have relapses, An Jing began to seek a breakthrough to the Epic stage .

The Sun Strafe Art was extreme Yang . It was an Essence Energy Art that focused on combat . To figure out its profundity and condense a Life Soul, she had to constantly challenge herself and surpass herself .

This challenge wasn’t only limited to the cultivation of her body, but it also required the cultivation of her mind and will . She had been in Small Buddha Temple for many days to see the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra stone monument . It wasn’t to cultivate the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra but to use it to train herself .

This training method was very dangerous . If she didn’t control it well, it might cause irreparable damage to her body and mind . However, An Jing was confident that she could control herself .

Upon seeing Zhou Wen, An Jing felt mixed emotions . She was originally angry that Zhou Wen had taken away her qualifications . She had always believed that he was far inferior to her . She even felt that Ouyang Lan was biased, so she had thrashed him . Instead of saying that she was targeting Zhou Wen, it was better to say that she was displeased with Ouyang Lan .

However, what happened after that exceeded An Jing’s expectations . Zhou Wen’s repeated achievements made her look at him in a different light . In just a year, he had advanced from the Mortal stage to the Epic stage, surpassing her in terms of level . He had even accidentally removed her ailment .

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Although An Jing didn’t pay much attention to the Sunset Army, she was still a member of the An family . She would still get wind of Zhou Wen’s matters, so she couldn’t help but secretly pay attention to him .

However, many of the rumors regarding Zhou Wen left An Jing in disbelief . She couldn’t believe that Zhou Wen had done those shocking things . She felt as though she had been left behind by him .

If it were anyone else, they might have blamed themselves . They would blame it on the qualifications that originally belonged to her, only to have them taken away by Zhou Wen .

However, An Jing was clearly not such a person . Therefore, she worked harder to become stronger . She believed that even without the qualification, she was still better than Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen and An Jing had nothing to say . Since An Jing was here, he decided to enter the temple hall . That way they wouldn’t affect each other .

As Zhou Wen already had Truth Listener on him, he didn’t trigger the power of the three-faced Buddha when he entered the temple hall again .

After finding a place to sit, Zhou Wen took out his phone to game .

Although he could get the blood-colored avatar to come to Small Buddha Temple to double the cultivation effects, Zhou Wen didn’t think it was necessary . He still had to grind dungeons and farm the rare dimensional creatures daily .

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