Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Besieging the Buddha Heart Lotus

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen were amongst the first group of people who had discovered the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . Zhou Wen had been thinking up a strategy to slay it in-game . Likewise, Li Xuan hadn’t been slacking off either . He had also tried all kinds of means to obtain Legendary Companion Beasts capable of flight, hoping to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus .

However, Legendary Companion Beasts capable of flight were rare . Those with considerable strength weren’t easily acquired . Furthermore, Li Xuan was only at the Mortal stage, so the Legendary Companion Beasts he incubated needed more time and effort than those at the Legendary stage .

At this point in time, Li Xuan had only incubated a Legendary Sky Conch .

Xu Miantu was also at the Mortal stage . He didn’t have the Invincible Connate Divine Art, so he wasn’t capable of incubating a Legendary Companion Beast . However, he had always been Li Xuan’s right-hand man . He had also contributed when Jiang Hao betrayed Li Xuan .

Therefore, Li Xuan had gotten a Mortal Dragon-Scaled Turtle Companion Egg and given it to him . Although it was only at the Mortal stage, it lived in Black Dragon Pool, so it had extremely high resistance against corrosive liquids .

Li Xuan had prepared a Dragon-Scaled Turtle to kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, so it was perfect to have Xu Miantu control it .

Zhou Wen knew of this, so after taking into account all the Companion Beasts they had, he had the confidence that the three of them combined could kill it .

“To kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, apart from letting our Companion Beasts engage in battle, we will need to enter the lotus pond as well . Only then will we have a hundred percent chance of killing it . Are you certain that you want to enter?” Zhou Wen looked at Xu Miantu and Li Xuan, confirming with them with great solemnity .

“Buddha needs incense, and a man needs self-respect . I’m bent on killing that blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus,” Xu Miantu said loudly .

“Zhou Wen, how confident are you?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen with a serious look .

“Follow my instructions, 100% . However, there mustn’t be any mistakes in our cooperation or it will be very dangerous . It’s especially so for Miantu who has to control the Dragon-Scaled Turtle . You mustn’t make any mistakes or both you and I will be in grave danger,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at Xu Miantu .

“Don’t worry . I’ll make sure nothing happens to you even if I were to die,” Xu Miantu said as he slapped his chest .

“Alright . Let’s do it,” Li Xuan locked eyes with Zhou Wen and said with a nod .

“Then let’s begin . Listen to my every command . Miantu, release your Dragon-Scaled Turtle…” Zhou Wen softly informed the other two of his plan .

The trio made their own preparations . Xu Miantu released the Dragon-Scaled Turtle and a turtle the size of a tiny boat appeared on the lotus pond . Not only did it have a turtle shell, but it also had black scales on its shell, making it look very odd .

The average Companion Beast would immediately be reduced to bone upon contact with the lotus pond’s water . Yet, this Dragon-Scaled Turtle was completely fine . It floated in the lotus pond like a tiny black boat .

Xu Miantu and Li Xuan jumped onto the turtle’s back . Zhou Wen was about to jump onto it when he suddenly heard a cold, clear voice . “Good intentions might not result in good outcomes . At times, good intentions might even kill . ”

Zhou Wen turned his head and looked over to see An Jing sitting on her white horse with a cold expression . She had been the one who had said that sentence .

Zhou Wen shot a look at her and smiled before jumping on the turtle’s back .

The Dragon-Scaled Turtle waded through the lake and the green lotus leaves, rapidly approaching the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus . When it was nearly twenty meters from the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, Zhou Wen got Xu Miantu to stop the Dragon-Scaled Turtle .

“Miantu, stay here to wait for us . Make sure to constantly take note of Li Xuan’s landing points . Follow the plan . Make sure nothing goes wrong,” Zhou Wen told Xu Miantu again .

“Brother Wen, don’t worry . As long as I’m not dead, I guarantee you that nothing bad will happen to the two of you,” Xu Miantu guaranteed with a slap of his chest .

“Okay . ” Zhou Wen nodded and looked at Li Xuan . “Act according to plan . ”

After uttering a confirmation, Li Xuan summoned his Legendary Companion Beast, the Sky Conch .

The Sky Conch resembled a conch that was found in the sea, but it had a pair of wings . Its body was about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle . It was extremely stable while flying in midair . Although it flew very slowly, it was good at being able to glide in the sky for long periods of time without needing to land on the ground to continue its flight .

“Legendary Sky Conch? How is it possible? Isn’t Li Xuan at the Mortal stage? How is it possible for him to incubate a Sky Conch?” One of the students on the bank immediately recognized the Sky Conch and couldn’t help but exclaim .

“Aren’t you making too much of a fuss?” Li Xuan chuckled as he summoned Black Knight and Jade-Eyed White Tiger .

Black Knight transformed into an armor that encased Li Xuan’s body . As for the Jade-Eyed White Tiger, it turned into a Tiger Soul Saber . Its cold glimmers stirred one’s soul . Embedded in the saber’s handle was a gem resembling a tiger’s eye .

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“Black Knight and Jade-Eyed White Tiger . They are both Legendary Companion Beasts… Heavens… Isn’t Li Xuan at the Mortal stage? What’s going on? Is this fellow really that prodigal son of the Li family?” The students widened their eyes as they looked at him in disbelief .

Li Xuan felt a little pleased with himself . Wearing the black armor and holding the Tiger Soul Saber while riding a Sky Conch, he flew towards the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with tremendous pomp .

Zhou Wen seemed to pale in comparison . He summoned the Mutated Skeleton Ant and stood on its back without any weapons or armor . The Mutated Skeleton Ant waded across the water surface to another side of the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus .

“Miantu, pay attention to Li Xuan more . Make sure he doesn’t fall into the water,” Zhou Wen looked at Xu Miantu urging him again .

“Don’t worry, Brother Wen,” Xu Miantu said with a slap on his chest .

Zhou Wen didn’t speak further . The Mutated Skeleton Ant and Sky Conch closed in on the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus from both sides . With Li Xuan’s speed faster than Zhou Wen’s, the latter had apparently deliberately stayed a little behind .

Boom! Boom!

More than ten blood-colored lotus seeds shot at Li Xuan, instantly blanketing him and the Sky Conch, sealing off all routes of retreat .

With a loud roar, Li Xuan slashed the Tiger Soul Saber at the blood-colored lotus seeds . The saber was so fast that the seeds didn’t explode when they were halved .

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The seed only exploded when both halves had flown out further than a meter .

“Is that really the Li family’s foppish Third Young Master Li Xuan?” Yang Lie watched in astonishment as Li Xuan showed his prowess . He sliced through all the blood-colored lotus seeds and charged at the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus .

And while Li Xuan was handling the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus’s attacks, Zhou Wen took the chance to order the Mutated Skeleton Ant to rush towards the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus at full speed .

When he was less than three meters from the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, Zhou Wen ordered the Mutated Skeleton Ant to jump . And it was at this moment that the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus spread open its petals in a bid to devour the Mutated Skeleton Ant . If the latter had been one bit slower, Zhou Wen and the Mutated Skeleton Ant would have been devoured .

“Right now!” Zhou Wen roared .

Li Xuan didn’t hesitate to jump from the Sky Conch, slashing down at the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus with two hands clasping the saber .

A blinding-white saber beam blasted out of the Tiger Soul Saber, instantly cleaving the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus’s petals . The petals shot out a red luster that attempted to resist the Tiger Soul Saber’s strike .

However, the saber beam was just too sharp . Combined with Li Xuan’s saber-type Primordial Energy Skill, the Tiger Soul Saber sliced through the petals .

The petal was cleaved open, revealing the black lotus receptacle . Crouching on it was a pitch-black toad covered in black venomous warts . It opened its mouth and spat a mouthful of venom at Li Xuan .