Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: 590

Chapter 590 Divine Frui

Wang Mingyuan held the fruit in his right hand and rubbed his thumb on it a few times . Wherever he rubbed, divine light would flow from the fruit .

In the next second, Wang Mingyuan flipped his palm and the fruit fell onto the grass before rolling to the side .

Wang Mingyuan remained unmoved . He continued sitting under the tree with his eyes closed as though he was in meditation .

And at the spot where the fruit fell, a green worm crawled over the grass and slowly crawled onto the fruit before beginning to eat it .

The worm was very small and looked no different from a caterpillar . Its actions were very clumsy as it crawled onto the fruit with great difficulty and slowly ate it .

The fruit was only the size of a palm, and the worm was even smaller . It was inconspicuous lying on top, but very quickly, the green worm that had only eaten a tiny bit of the fruit started to swell up like a balloon .

When its body grew to the point where it could swallow the fruit, it swallowed it in one mouthful before its body swelled up crazily .

The caterpillar turned into a terrifying behemoth in the blink of an eye . Its body became dozens of meters long .

And this change didn’t stop . The worm that had turned into a giant worm emitted a terrifying divine glow . The divine glow burned like flames which enveloped the giant worm’s body and constantly emitted light .

When the glow reached its limit, the light that it emitted almost made one unable to open their eyes . When the light gradually converged, everyone was surprised to discover that the giant worm had already transformed into a beautiful butterfly .

What was even more shocking was that in the middle of the butterfly wings, there was something akin to a human female’s body . It was wearing green, glass-like armor and had a pair of antennae on its head . Its entire body emitted an unparalleled brilliance, like a descending goddess of light that had butterfly wings .

All the humans were dumbfounded . They watched, stunned, as the worm turned into such a terrifying creature . The gaze they used to look at the fruits on the tree turned fervent .

Many people were considering how such a weak worm could become so terrifying and powerful after consuming the fruit . What if they were the ones eating the fruit?

The worm that had turned into the butterfly girl stared greedily at the divine tree’s fruits . Her butterfly wings flapped and the patterns on the wings began to spread out .

It was brighter closer to the center . When the circular pattern lit up, it was like two suns embedded on her butterfly wings .


Two terrifying beams shot out from the center of the butterfly wings, piercing through the void and striking at the divine tree . Such terrifying might made it feel as if it could even penetrate mountains, much less a tree .

However, the two terrifying beams failed to touch the divine tree . Wang Mingyuan, who was sitting cross-legged under the tree with his eyes closed, didn’t move . His body emitted a mysterious glow that shielded the tree from the butterfly girl’s two beams .

The terrifying power of the beam couldn’t even penetrate the glow emitted by Wang Mingyuan . The butterfly girl’s wings shimmered as she gritted her teeth and continued shooting beams, but it was all in vain .

Wang Mingyuan extended his palm as though he was casually extending his finger . However, the light on the butterfly girl’s wings instantly vanished as her body involuntarily flew towards Wang Mingyuan .

The closer she got to Wang Mingyuan, the smaller her body became . In a blink of an eye, she landed in his palm like an ordinary butterfly . No matter how she flapped her wings and struggled, she was unable to fly out of his palm .

A strange light rose from Wang Mingyuan’s palm . The light flowed faster and faster, like streams of light circling the butterfly girl . Finally, it completely enveloped the butterfly girl’s body in the spinning light . By the time the light dissipated, Wang Mingyuan’s palm was empty .


The scene on the cube changed . The images of Wang Mingyuan and the divine tree vanished, turning back into the cube itself . The butterfly girl stood on the cube, and beside her appeared her name: “Radiant Butterfly Queen . ”

Perhaps it was because the ranking had already been filled with 100 names, the name of the Radiant Butterfly Queen did not appear on the rankings .

However, everyone soon discovered that the name of the Dark Lord, who was ranked ninth, lit up . Not long after, the Dark Lord’s figure appeared on the cube, confronting the Radiant Butterfly Queen .

When the Radiant Butterfly Queen saw the Dark Lord, the light on her wings lit up again without any hesitation . Circles of light lit up before condensing at the center of the circle . Two beams shot out like lasers, so fast that no one could dodge .

The Dark Lord was a black-armored skeleton with black flames burning over its body . The sword representing darkness broke out of its sheath, and the sky behind it turned dark due to the unsheathed Sword of Darkness . As the Sword of Darkness slashed at the Radiant Butterfly Queen, the darkness devoured the light ahead .

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Two beams of light shot into the darkness . The Sword of Darkness collided with the power of light . Amidst the clash, the Dark Lord let out a tragic cry . His body and the Sword of Darkness were quickly purified by the power of light, disappearing completely a moment later .

The battle scene disappeared . On the cube screens all over the world, a ranking appeared . The name of the Dark Lord, who was previously ranked ninth, vanished . The name of the Radiant Butterfly Queen appeared at the ninth place, replacing him .

The people watching the battle were alarmed . Previously, when they saw Wang Mingyuan suppress the Radiant Butterfly Queen with a flip of his hand, they thought nothing of her .

However, to their surprise, she could easily defeat the Dark Lord, who was ranked ninth . Although one could tell that she had an attribute advantage over the Dark Lord, it still meant that Radiant Butterfly Queen was ranked in the top ten .

The scene on the cube changed and Wang Mingyuan appeared on the screen again . He continued sitting cross-legged under the divine tree with his eyes closed .

When they saw him again, many people’s expressions changed . The divine tree and fruits behind him became the focus of human attention .

It was just a worm . After eating one fruit, it had become a powerful existence like the Radiant Butterfly Queen, and there were many fruits on the tree .

“The day of ripening of the next fruit will be three months from now . When that happens, the owner of the Companion Beast that ranks first will have the right to pluck a fruit . ”

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Wang Mingyuan’s voice traveled through the cube to every corner of the world . It also generated many complicated thoughts and ideas in the minds of all humans .

After this sentence, the cube’s screen dimmed, turning pitch black .

However, their enthusiasm wasn’t extinguished because of the screen shutdown . It became even more fervent . The media constantly released the video they had recorded . In the middle of the night, many people were discussing the matter of the divine tree and fruits, as well as who had the right to pluck the ripened divine fruit in three months’ time .

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