Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 593

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Chapter 593: 593

Zero Taboo was originally a crystal, but it had transformed into the shape of an infant . It sat cross-legged in Zhou Wen’s mind space like a crystalline jade statue .

Furthermore, the infant’s appearance was very similar to Zhou Wen’s . Zhou Wen vaguely remembered that there was a picture of him when he was young back at his old place . It looked very similar to the baby in the mind space .

Zhou Wen was in Small Buddha Temple, but he didn’t sense the taboo power of Small Buddha Temple . The infant jade statue didn’t emit any light either . Its eyes were closed as though it had fallen asleep .

Zhou Wen opened his eyes and checked the blood-colored avatar’s information on the phone . He saw that the name and annotation had changed in the Life Soul column .

Gods Retreat (Evolved Body): Where the Life Soul is, the Gods flee .

This introduction is more impressive than before, but I wonder what its true effects are? Zhou Wen felt that the annotation was a little too crazy .

It was clearly meaning that wherever the Life Soul went, even gods had to avoid it . How could an Evolved Body Life Soul be capable of this?

Regardless, he could indeed sense the growth of his Life Soul . This was because the taboo of Small Buddha Temple was completely ineffective against the jade infant named “Gods Retreat . ”

Zhou Wen knew that staying here was probably useless . He had to search for a forbidden ground that was even stronger than Small Buddha Temple . He wanted to see if he could use Gods Retreat to continue raising his strength .

I wonder what the Perfect Body will be after Zero Taboo and Gods Retreat? Zhou Wen was more curious about the Life Soul condensed by the Dao Body .

Unlike other Life Souls, every evolution of the Dao Body Life Soul seemed to involve a huge change .

Where else has taboo powers that are stronger than Small Buddha Temple? Immortal Seeking Mountain? It’s too far . Besides, I don’t know the way to Immortal Seeking Mountain… Zhou Wen left Small Buddha Temple and thought about where he could continue cultivating the entire way .

After some thought, he felt that the best place to go was probably White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak . There was an extremely powerful taboo power there that might allow Gods Retreat to improve .

Zhou Wen had already downloaded the White Cloud Mountain dungeon on his phone, but its name was Demon Suppression Mountain .

After launching the Demon Suppression Mountain dungeon, the blood-colored avatar appeared outside the Jade Emperor Peak’s entrance . Zhou Wen still remembered that the last time he stepped into the mountain, Zero Taboo nearly exploded in less than ten seconds .

I wonder how long I can now last? Zhou Wen activated the Gods Retreat Life Soul and controlled the blood-colored avatar to enter the Jade Emperor Peak’s entrance .

The moment he passed the entrance, the Gods Retreat Life Soul opened his eyes . The crystalline body emitted a strange glow .

Then, Zhou Wen saw a strange force surge towards the baby jade statue . It was not like when he had Zero Taboo . The Life Soul sucked the mysterious taboo power into his body and made it part of him .

The taboo power of Jade Emperor Peak failed to injure the jade infant statue . Instead, it made the glow over him grow stronger as though it was protected by divine light .

What a powerful Life Soul . If that’s the case, wouldn’t I be able to come and go freely on Jade Emperor Peak? I wouldn’t have to worry about the length of time? Zhou Wen made the blood-colored avatar walk up the stone steps, hoping to figure out what secrets White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak held .

After walking up the stone steps, it didn’t take him long to see a huge hall . On both sides of the hall was a stone beast statue . It looked rather strange .

The two stone statues were crouching . They looked like stone tigers, but there were curved horns on their heads . Fiery cloud patterns were engraved on their bodies .

What was even more strange was that there was a word engraved on the foreheads of the two stone tigers . On the left side of the door was the word Suppression . On the right side of the stone tiger was the word “Demon . ”

Just as Zhou Wen approached the temple, he saw the words Demon Suppression on the two stone tigers’ foreheads light up .

As the words ‘Demon Suppression’ lit up, Zhou Wen realized that the strange powers had gushed into Gods Retreat’s body like a heavenly river . The jade infant’s face revealed a look of pain, and its body also began to show signs of abnormality, as though there were faint cracks appearing .

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Zhou Wen hurriedly controlled the blood-colored avatar to leave Jade Emperor Peak . Although Gods Retreat didn’t have the ability to make all gods retreat, his abilities were indeed much stronger than Zero Taboo . Furthermore, he could absorb the taboo power .

However, the power of the words Demon Suppression was too powerful, preventing the jade infant from digesting it .

Although I can’t enter the temple, I’ve found a way to evolve the jade infant . I’ll just cultivate on Jade Emperor Peak in the future . It’s only a matter of time before I advance to a Perfect Body . Zhou Wen was considering if he should personally make a trip to White Cloud Mountain . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to grind other dungeons if he stayed on White Cloud Mountain in-game .

I should make a trip to White Cloud Mountain . I might even have a chance to see the immortal palace phenomenon . Zhou Wen thought for a long time before deciding to make a trip to White Cloud Mountain in reality .

He told An Sheng, Li Xuan, and his friends about his trip to White Cloud Mountain . An Sheng told Zhou Wen to be careful . Other than that, there was nothing else .

After Li Xuan heard about White Cloud Mountain, he indicated an interest in going with Zhou Wen . He had recently reached a bottleneck and hadn’t been able to continue his breakthrough . He was thinking of heading out for a spin to change his train of thought .

That afternoon, the two of them went to White Cloud Mountain . As it was in Luoyang, the duo rode their Companion Beasts and soon arrived at White Cloud Mountain .

“Put this on . You can’t take it off no matter what . Otherwise, don’t blame me when you see the immortal palace phenomenon . ” Zhou Wen threw a balaclava at Li Xuan .

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“Why aren’t you wearing one?” Li Xuan asked suspiciously when he saw Zhou Wen prepare a balaclava .

“Let alone the immortal palace phenomenon, even if gods really descend, I wouldn’t need to close my eyes and hide,” Zhou Wen said half-jokingly .

“You’re awesome, aren’t you!” Li Xuan gloomily put on the balaclava . Zhou Wen led the way as the two of them climbed up White Cloud Mountain .

With the Gods Retreat Life Soul, Zhou Wen was still looking forward to seeing the immortal palace phenomenon again . Previously, due to his lacking strength, he hadn’t been able to clearly see what the fairy, who tore out of the entrance, looked like . If she were to come out again, he could see her clearly .

Unfortunately, no immortal palace phenomenon appeared along the way . Even when the two of them arrived at the entrance of Jade Emperor Peak, they did not see a single dimensional creature, much less any phenomena .

“Old Zhou, why aren’t you walking?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen since he couldn’t see a thing .

“Jade Emperor Peak is in front . After passing through the entrance, there’s a terrifying taboo power inside . Even Mythical creatures will die in a short period of time if they enter . I cultivate an Essence Energy Art that can withstand that forbidden power . Furthermore, I need to cultivate inside . Don’t come in,” Zhou Wen said to Li Xuan .

“You’ve mentioned it before . I came here for Jade Emperor Peak’s taboo powers . You can enter by yourself . Don’t mind me,” Li Xuan said as he summoned his Life Soul . The black carapace wrapped around his body as a black evil aura rose from the armor . It looked evil and powerful, completely different from Li Xuan’s usual demeanor .

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