Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: 594

“Don’t do anything rash . The taboo power here is very powerful . It will really kill you,” Zhou Wen said .

“I’m just afraid that it’s not strong enough,” Li Xuan said as he stepped onto the stone steps on Jade Emperor Peak .

Just as he walked in, the carapace on his body crackled . Large amounts of cracks appeared on it, and blood oozed out .

In the next second, Li Xuan leaped out . By the time he landed, most of his carapace had shattered . Only a few remaining pieces were hanging from his body . His body was covered in blood and wounds everywhere, as though he had just been scooped out of a pool of blood .

“Are you alright?” Zhou Wen hurriedly went over to check Li Xuan’s injuries . It was a ghastly sight . There were bone-deep wounds everywhere .

“It’s fine . It’s really strong . This is it . This will be the best training ground for me . ” Li Xuan struggled to his feet . The injuries on his body were healing at a discernible pace . Even the shattered carapace was rapidly growing amidst black-gray flames .

In moments, Li Xuan’s injuries and armor had completely recovered, as though he had never been injured .

“Don’t worry about me . Just do what you need to do,” Li Xuan said as he charged into Jade Emperor Peak . In the next second, Zhou Wen saw him thrown out again, covered in blood .

Seeing that he was fine, Zhou Wen walked into the Jade Emperor Peak himself . With the Gods Retreat absorbing the taboo power and protecting his body, he naturally wouldn’t be as miserable as Li Xuan .

Not daring to touch the two Demon Suppression beasts, Zhou Wen sat on the stone steps and gamed . He allowed the jade infant to absorb the taboo powers on the Jade Emperor Peak to slowly become stronger .

“Ah… Bam… Ah… Bam…” On Jade Emperor Peak, screams and sounds of falling could be heard from time to time . Even Zhou Wen was surprised by Li Xuan’s perseverance .

Although his recovery abilities were extremely strong and injuries weren’t a big deal to him, such injuries would definitely put Li Xuan in extreme pain . To endure such pain time and time again and even seek out injuries required immense perseverance . This form of self-torture to grow stronger wasn’t something anyone could withstand .

However, the effects of Li Xuan’s actions were obvious . Every time his body and carapace were repaired, he would last a little longer on Jade Emperor Peak . It was obvious that he was becoming stronger .

Seeing that Li Xuan was fine, Zhou Wen began grinding .

This time, he went straight to the Qiongqi temple . He had an idea . Perhaps he could kill Qiongqi without using the Bright Torch Vision World, but he didn’t know if it would work .

After arriving outside the Qiongqi temple, Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush to enter . Instead, he summoned Torch Dragon, Golden Battle God Halberd, and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

Following that, he summoned Explosive Fiend Man and cast Time-Blast on Torch Dragon, Golden Battle God Halberd, and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

Explosive Fiend Man walked in front of Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and extended his palm to press on its stomach .

Zhou Wen watched from the side as the armor on Explosive Fiend Man’s body lit up . It was as though a red stream of light was flowing through a connected tube, eventually flowing into Explosive Fiend Man’s palm .

A red light pattern immediately appeared on the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s belly . It had lines like a circuit board that spread across its body .

The light patterns spread very slowly . Two hours later, the red light patterns on the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon occupied one of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s legs .

Explosive Fiend Man is only at the Mortal stage . His Essence Energy is too limited, so he can’t quickly release a Time-Blast . I can only take things slowly . In a real battle, it would be impossible to use the Explosive Fiend Man to fight . Zhou Wen didn’t have a good solution either . All he could do was patiently wait .

After four days, Zhou Wen really couldn’t wait any longer . Thankfully, most of the spots on the Golden Battle God Halberd and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s bodies were filled with Time-Blast’s red patterns . Zhou Wen didn’t plan on waiting any longer . He planned on giving it a try with this lineup .

Pushing open the temple door, Zhou Wen ordered Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd to charge in . At the same time, he summoned Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General to restrain Qiongqi .

When Qiongqi saw Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd rush in, it immediately charged forward ferociously . Just as its claws were about to touch Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Six-Winged and Golden Battle God Halberd emitted a red glow .


The entire Qiongqi temple shook as dust fell everywhere . Zhou Wen and company had hidden to the side . After the explosion ended, he hurriedly looked into the temple .

The temple was in a mess . Corpse fragments were everywhere . There wasn’t even an intact bone left of Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . The Golden Battle God Halberd had also been reduced to pieces .

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However, it could be seen that their bodies weren’t fully exploded and the energy usage was very low . This might be related to the low level of Explosive Fiend Man .

As for Qiongqi, its head and chest were badly mangled . Its legs had snapped . Although it wasn’t dead, it had been severely injured .

Zhou Wen hurriedly got Torch Dragon to charge in and fight the seriously injured Qiongqi .

Torch Dragon originally could not kill Qiongqi without using the Bright Torch Vision World, but now that Qiongqi was heavily injured and restrained by the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General, Torch Dragon immediately gained the upper hand .

After a bitter battle lasting more than an hour, Torch Dragon finally killed Qiongqi in the temple . It was mainly because Qiongqi’s speed was too fast . Even with Qiongqi having its leg injured, Torch Dragon still spent a lot of effort to force Qiongqi into a dead-end before finally killing it .

Ding! As Qiongqi fell, a crisp sound entered Zhou Wen’s ears as a dimensional crystal dropped .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed . Most dimensional crystals were useless to him now . Even if it was a Mythical Essence Energy Skill Crystal, he couldn’t absorb it due to his lacking stats . He couldn’t bring it out of the game and could only let it disappear during his respawning .

However, when Zhou Wen took a closer look at the crystal, he was somewhat surprised . Beneath the gray crystal was the word “Evil stat 34 . ”

Evil stat? This was the first time Zhou Wen had heard of such an attribute . He had never seen it before .

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However, since it was a rare stat, it would definitely be useful in the future . It should be useful when learning Essence Energy Skills .

After picking up the Evil stat crystal and absorbing it, there was indeed an additional Evil stat among his rare stats . Furthermore, it was as high as 34 points .

Although this method can kill Qiongqi, Explosive Fiend Man’s level is too low . It’s really irritating using him . I have to raise his level . Zhou Wen had the urge to feed the Explosive Fiend Man the Longevity Fruit .

However, on second thought, he did not . After all, Explosive Fiend Man wasn’t picky with food . It could evolve by eating anything, but Demonic Neonate didn’t eat anything other than the Longevity Fruits . There were only so many Longevity Fruits, so there would be nothing left after they were finished . Zhou Wen still planned on reserving the Longevity Fruits for Demonic Neonate to eat .

While Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were cultivating on White Cloud Mountain, something huge happened . Finally, someone issued a Companion Beast ranking challenge .

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