Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 595

Published at 13th of November 2020 04:15:09 AM

Chapter 595: 595

The Companion Beast that was challenged wasn’t the number one Primordial Sword Immortal, but Frost Giant that had been pushed down to sixteen .

A Companion Beast named Deep Frost Behemoth appeared on the screen of the cubes . It looked like a giant octopus . It was ice-blue in color, and its position was on a platform above a huge cube . The cube’s surroundings were empty, making it look nothing like a city .

On the right side of the screen, a ranking appeared . Rank 16’s Frost Giant’s name kept flashing as an alarm rung .

Behind the Frost Giant’s name was a 72-hour countdown . People guessed that this was the time given to the owner of Frost Giant to consider accepting the challenge . If the countdown ended and the owner hadn’t accepted the challenge, it would probably be determined as a loss .

Everyone was discussing if Frost Giant would accept the challenge, but this question quickly had an answer . The alarm stopped and Frost Giant’s name was completely lit up . Then, the ranking vanished . Frost Giant also appeared on the cube where the Deep Frost Behemoth was . They stared at each other .

Frost Giant was covered in ice-blue skin . Its head, shoulder, waist, and other parts were covered in frost metal armor . It also had an iron ax in its hand .

Although Frost Giant was huge, it appeared a little shorter in front of the Deep Frost Behemoth .

With a roar, Frost Giant’s ax slashed at the Deep Frost Behemoth . After all, they were all Companion Beasts, so there wasn’t any need for unnecessary communication .

Frost powers tore out of the ax, forming a huge ice streak that spread to the Deep Frost Behemoth .

The tentacles of the Deep Frost Behemoth danced, producing frost as they shattered the ice streaks .

The two gigantic monsters clashed intensely on the cube’s platform . As they were both frost-type Companion Beasts and strength-based, the intense battle between the two terrifying Mythical Companion Beasts sent frost shards flying everywhere, like fireworks formed from frost .

The two Companion Beasts were evenly matched as they used various frost-elemental skills . However, both parties had high resistance against the cold . Their bodies were extremely tough, so they were only slightly injured . Neither of them could do a thing to the other .

The Deep Frost Behemoth finally couldn’t help but take the initiative to launch an attack . The huge tentacles on its body were raised as dark-blue suction cups lit up . Rays of freezing light shot out from them towards Frost Giant .

Frost Giant didn’t give in either . He raised his ax over his head and cleaved down . The ice-like power roared out like an ice river and collided with the Deep Frost Behemoth’s ice beams .

Cracking sounds constantly rang out as the entire platform began to freeze due to the two extremely terrifying cold forces . In just a moment, Frost Giant and Deep Frost Behemoth were wrapped in ice . The entire platform seemed to be covered by glaciers as everything became silent .

“Who won?” The spectators were puzzled .

Now, the two Mythical creatures were frozen in ice, making it difficult to determine the victor .

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Suddenly, cracks appeared on the ice . A moment later, the huge ice block shattered and Frost Giant broke out . He held the ax in his hand and roared as he slashed at the Deep Frost Behemoth .

Just as everyone reeled in excitement and thought that they were about to see the scene of a Mythical Companion Beast being killed, the Deep Frost Behemoth’s body suddenly transformed into a stream of light and vanished . It seemed to have teleported away from the cube platform .

The first Companion Beast challenge ended in failure . Deep Frost Behemoth failed to win over the ranking, but this battle made many people discover something .

It turned out that the challenge didn’t have to be fought to the end . One could even admit defeat and withdraw . This gave a variety of ideas to people .

Many Companion Beasts might not have the qualifications to clinch first place, but they could challenge their opposing faction’s Mythical Companion Beasts to figure out their strength and come up with a counter in the future .

This was especially so for the opposing factions in the Federation and overseas factions . There was very little information about overseas, so the Federation’s knowledge of their Companion Beasts was limited . Perhaps they could take this opportunity to understand the abilities of the Companion Beasts overseas .

Challenges on various Companion Beasts increased after the first battle . The battles of top-notch Companion Beasts were like a visual feast for ordinary people . It allowed many people who might never come into contact with Mythical Companion Beasts in their lifetime to witness their strength and horror .

The challenge wasn’t limited to Companion Beasts that weren’t ranked . The Companion Beasts on the ranking board could also challenge each other, but they could only challenge those ranked higher than them .

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To initiate a challenge, one only needed to find a cube and inject Essence Energy from the top . This was how they got onto the rankings . The Companion Beast would then be teleported to a black cube in the void .

The black cube was extremely large . Fighting on it didn’t affect anyone or any city . After the battle ended, Companion Beasts would be teleported back to their respective cubes .

During the battle, the owner could also choose to withdraw their Companion Beast . Withdrawing was equivalent to admitting defeat .

The cube’s initial ranking was determined by the Companion Beasts’ stats, skills, Life Providence, Life Soul, and Wheel of Destiny, but it wasn’t completely accurate, nor did it represent actual combat abilities .

Ever since the beginning of the challenge, there had been quite a number of Companion Beasts, which were ranked at the bottom, defeating those ranked at the top .

The overall combat strength ranking did not mean actual combat strength .

However, the first few challenges were basically from low-ranking Companion Beasts . The top ten Companion Beasts were never challenged .

However, it only took a few days before this changed . A Companion Beast that had never been on the rankings and had never been heard of actually challenged first place—Primordial Sword Immortal .

This battle attracted the attention of the entire Federation and people from overseas . To be ranked first, even if it was only determined by the cubes, the strength of Primordial Sword Immortal was not to be underestimated .

“From the looks of it, someone finally can’t hold back . They want to test Primordial Sword Immortal . Do you think that Dark Demon Snake is from the Federation or from overseas?” An Tianzuo looked at the video and asked An Sheng .

“Both are possible, but I think the possibility of it coming from overseas is higher,” An Sheng replied .

“Why?” An Tianzuo asked An Sheng with interest .

“Although we haven’t found out who the owner of Primordial Sword Immortal is yet, based on its appearance and other aspects, the possibility of it being a Companion Beast in the Federation is very high . Logically speaking, the overseas faction should be more eager to understand its abilities,” An Sheng replied .

“That makes sense . Let’s see how much strength that Dark Demon Snake can force out of Primordial Sword Immortal . ” An Tianzuo’s gaze landed on the screen again .

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