Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 596

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Chapter 596: 596

All the factions that were interested in the divine fruits were also paying close attention to this battle . In order to obtain the right to pluck a divine fruit, one had to defeat Primordial Sword Immortal .

However, no one knew what kind of abilities Primordial Sword Immortal had for it to be given such an evaluation by the cube . It had always been ranked first; no Companion Beast could pose a threat to it .

Even the powerful Mythical Companion Beast like Death of the Underworld could only rank beneath it .

The Federation knew more about Death of the Underworld . It was considered one of the top Companion Beasts among the six families . Its strength was just terrifying .

Dark Demon Snake was a huge snake . At this moment, it was coiled on the cube’s platform, waiting for Primordial Sword Immortal to accept the challenge .

Thankfully, Primordial Sword Immortal accepted the challenge without letting the spectators wait too long . With a flash, a sheathed stone ancient sword appeared on the platform .

Primordial Sword Immortal was actually just a stone sword . There wasn’t any immortal, so it was a question whether to call it a sword immortal or an immortal sword .

The stone sword was grayish-white in color . The scabbard and hilt were carved from ancient gray stone . Only the guard was embedded with a ruby .

As no one had seen it unsheathed, no one knew what the sword looked like on the inside .

Dark Demon Snake didn’t hesitate when it saw the Primordial Sword Immortal appear . It used its strongest force .

Dark Demon Snake’s master clearly knew that it was no match for Primordial Sword Immortal . They only wanted to force out the strength of Primordial Sword Immortal as much as possible .

Dark Demon Snake opened its mouth and spat out a turbulent Dark Demon Tide . Like a tidal wave, it drowned the cube’s platform . Once one was stuck in it, they would be demonized by it .

Primordial Sword Immortal remained suspended silently in midair . Just as it was about to be drowned by the Dark Demon Tide, the ruby at the guard suddenly lit up .

A red sword beam shot out from the ruby and instantly penetrated Dark Demon Snake’s head . It killed it without giving it a chance of surrendering .

The spectators looked at each other . Although they knew that Primordial Sword Immortal would definitely win, they never expected it to win so easily . The sword wasn’t even unsheathed .

“Who is the owner of Primordial Sword Immortal? We have to find out no matter what . ” Senator Cape stared at Primordial Sword Immortal on the screen and issued the strict order .

The other families and even those overseas gave the same order .

On the rankings, Primordial Sword Immortal was indeed very strong . Even though people had yet to see the true strength of Primordial Sword Immortal, just that strike alone was enough to make one feel fear .

The six families did not have absolute confidence in defeating Primordial Sword Immortal on the platform . Even if they could defeat it, they would have to pay a huge price .

However, things were different if they could find the owner of Primordial Sword Immortal . No matter how powerful a Companion Beast was, its owner was at most at the Epic stage . Dealing with an Epic human was naturally much easier than dealing with the terrifying Primordial Sword Immortal .

The rules in the arena were fixed, but in reality, there were many ways to clinch victory . There was no need to defeat Primordial Sword Immortal .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were on White Cloud Mountain, so they had no idea what had happened . Over the past few days, they had been constantly training themselves .

The jade infant had absorbed a lot of taboo power and had started undergoing some changes . The treasure glow on its body intensified, but within two days of absorbing the taboo power, not much more happened . It looked like the taboo power here was useless against the jade infant .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to use the Demon Suppression statues to stimulate the jade infant for continual evolution .

This actually worked . However, this way, Zhou Wen joined Li Xuan in his predicament . Li Xuan suffered injuries every time he entered Jade Emperor Peak .

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Zhou Wen approached the Demon Suppression statues once and the jade infant nearly exploded . It needed half a day of rest before it could completely digest the powerful taboo power that it had absorbed .

Zhou Wen took the opportunity to continue grinding while the jade infant digested the forbidden power . The time needed for Explosive Fiend Man to cast Time-Blast was just too long . With the time needed, Zhou Wen might as well farm Medusa a few more times . After grinding for so long, he still failed to get a Medusa Companion Egg . He did grind quite a number of Essence Energy Skill Crystals, but his stats were insufficient, so he couldn’t absorb them . In the end, he had to lose them with each respawn .

Ding! When Zhou Wen was farming the Golden Battle God Halberd again, another Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg dropped . Its stats and skills were very similar to the first Golden Battle God Halberd .

With the second Golden Battle God Halberd, Zhou Wen held one while the other outside of the game auto-attacked . Killing Mythical creatures became much easier and faster .

However, he felt that having two Golden Battle God Halberds made one of them a little redundant .

If only I could fuse it . Zhou Wen looked at it and realized that the Golden Battle God Halberd could indeed be fused . However, its compatibility with ordinary Epic Companion Beasts wasn’t very high, so he temporarily didn’t have a good candidate . He had to dispel this thought .

After grinding the rare dimensional creatures, Zhou Wen went to Deer Terrace Pavilion . With the four Mythical Companion Beasts, he could storm his way onto Deer Terrace Pavilion even without using Bright Torch Vision World .

Just as he was about to kill the six Mythical fox demons, he suddenly felt a glow appear in front of him . He looked up and saw the scene of Jade Immortal Palace appear above the sea of clouds .

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“The immortal palace phenomenon! Li Xuan, quickly close your eyes,” Zhou Wen hurriedly reminded Li Xuan .

As they hadn’t seen any immortal palace phenomena over the past few days, Li Xuan usually didn’t wear the balaclava .

Thankfully, Li Xuan knew that the immortal palace phenomenon was dangerous, so he usually didn’t look into the sky . He only looked in the direction of the Jade Emperor Peak . At that moment, he was recovering from his injuries, so he had his eyes closed .

When Li Xuan heard that, he hurriedly took out the balaclava and put it on his head to prevent himself from accidentally seeing the immortal palace phenomenon .

Zhou Wen naturally wasn’t afraid of the phenomenon . He stared at the pavilions and buildings in the clouds; there were many fairies circling them . However, the immortal palace he saw this time seemed different from what he had seen the last time . He didn’t see the palace from before, nor did he see the fairy who had broken out of the entrance .

Just as Zhou Wen was feeling disappointed, he suddenly saw a strange scene appear in the immortal palace’s phenomenon . He saw an azure and a purple beam pass through the immortal palace’s phenomenon like two rainbows, constantly circling and dancing .

Zhou Wen carefully looked at the two beams of light, but he couldn’t see them clearly . All he could see was the streams of light dancing in the air . At the same time, two indescribable pressures made his heart tremble . He felt as though his body was about to be penetrated by the two beams of light at any moment .

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