Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 597

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Chapter 597: 597

Two streams of light—one azure and one purple—danced amidst the immortal palace . Even the fairies and immortal children avoided them, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to dodge in time . Instantly, chaos broke out . Even the jade buildings that were touched by the two streams of light cracked .

Zhou Wen couldn’t see what was inside the two streams of light, but just by looking at their auras, he felt an indomitable aura . It was as though everything in the world would be mercilessly sliced apart if they stood in front of these two beams .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen’s willpower was extremely firm . Otherwise, just the aura of the purple and azure light would have left him shuddering .

Just as he was wondering what the two beams of light were, he suddenly saw them separate . The azure light landed on the top of a jade pavilion and the purple light landed on a small building .

Only then did Zhou Wen see that the azure light was an azure bird . The purple light was a purple bird . The two birds looked somewhat similar . They had long feathers and phoenix tails . Their bodies glowed with immortal light and they looked extremely beautiful .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what birds they were, but the moment they spread their wings and took off, Zhou Wen saw their flying stance and was immediately amazed .

This only lasted for an instant . Zhou Wen could only see their taking-off postures . After they took off, he couldn’t see their figures again . All he could see were two streams of light—one azure, one purple—that danced around the immortal palace .

After watching for a moment, the immortal palace phenomenon vanished . However, the flying stance of the azure and purple birds was imprinted in Zhou Wen’s mind, unable to be dispelled .

“Old Zhou, what’s in that phenomenon? Tell me about it . ” Unable to see it, Li Xuan was burning with curiosity as he asked Zhou Wen .

“There’s an immortal palace in the phenomenon . There are pavilions and buildings . Fairies and immortal children dance among them . There are two birds—one azure, and one purple bird…” Zhou Wen roughly described it .

After the phenomenon, Zhou Wen kept pondering over the flying stance of the two birds . He had a nagging feeling that the stance was very different from the fairy’s flying stance . It was two completely different styles .

I wonder if I can fuse the flying stances of the two birds into my movement technique . Unfortunately, I only saw their flying postures . There’s too little information I can use for reference . As he was pondering, he felt an intense idea come to mind .

Zhou Wen was delighted when he analyzed it . He hurriedly looked at the chaos space and saw that Tyrant Behemoth had finally finished evolving . It had already broken out of its shell .

A terrifying beast that resembled a mountain stood in the chaos space . Its body was like black iron . It had two horns on its head and its tail was like a gigantic whip . Its claws were like metal hooks .

A motorcycle that Zhou Wen placed in the chaos space was as tiny as an ant in front of the behemoth . Zhou Wen couldn’t even estimate how big it was .

Zhou Wen was naturally happy that Tyrant Behemoth had advanced to the Mythical stage, but this size put him in a difficult spot . Where could he put such a huge Companion Beast?

It was fine in the chaos space, but if it came out, Jade Emperor Peak probably couldn’t contain its body .

As Zhou Wen was in the middle of this dilemma, he saw Tyrant Behemoth slowly shrink . In just a moment, it changed from a mountain-like beast to about three meters tall .

Can it actually shrink? Zhou Wen was overjoyed . He summoned Tyrant Behemoth back to him and entered the game to check its information .

Tyrant Behemoth: Mythical (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Extreme Strength

Life Soul: Violent Crown

Wheel of Destiny: Absolute Strength

Strength: 81

Speed: 81

Constitution: 81

Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Mountain Consuming

Companion Form: Boxing Glove

Tyrant Behemoth’s stats were very good . Just like Torch Dragon, every stat reached 81 points . Everything else was the same as before it evolved .

However, after advancing to the Mythical stage, he gained the Wheel of Destiny—Absolute Strength . Zhou Wen had only learned that for every action, there was an equal and opposite reaction . He didn’t know what Absolute Strength was, but he carefully checked its description .

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Absolute Strength: A miracle that crushes everything with strength .

Strength can crush everything . How far can it go? Zhou Wen launched a game dungeon and it happened to be in front of Deer Terrace Pavilion . He summoned Tyrant Behemoth to see how strong its Wheel of Destiny was .

The blood-colored avatar hid outside with Six-Winged, Torch Dragon, and the two Golden Battle God Halberds by its side . However, it didn’t let them enter the ancient building and only allowed Tyrant Behemoth to charge in .

Tyrant Behemoth entered the ancient building and immediately alarmed the six fox immortals . One of them shot out a rainbow beam that slashed at Tyrant Behemoth .

Tyrant Behemoth didn’t take action . It opened its mouth and bit down, sucking the light into its stomach as though it was drinking cold water .

Holy sh*t, this Mythical Mountain Consuming Skill is quite powerful . It can even devour a Mythical Essence Energy Skill . Zhou Wen was delighted .

The six fox immortals attacked Tyrant Behemoth one after another . Tyrant Behemoth opened its mouth and swallowed all sorts of Essence Energy Skills . It was insolent, violent, and unreasonable .

The six fox immortals weren’t stupid . They attacked Tyrant Behemoth from different directions, but all Tyrant Behemoth did was open its mouth and they were immediately left helpless .

All sorts of colorful light struck Tyrant Behemoth’s body . Tyrant Behemoth roared and a crown appeared on its head . Its physique immediately increased drastically as it forcefully used its body to tank the rainbow light . The fox immortals’ attacks could only leave a shallow wound on its body .

However, the fox immortals specialized in movement techniques and illusions . Tyrant Behemoth’s speed and strength were much stronger than theirs, but it failed to hit them . Often, a fierce claw strike only struck their phantoms .

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In its rage, Behemoth finally used its Wheel of Destiny . A black light emitted from Tyrant Behemoth’s body as though all light had been absorbed by it .


The floor beneath Behemoth’s feet collapsed, but it wasn’t just the floor . Even space seemed to be crushed by its strength, creating a spatial vortex .

Everything around it flew towards Behemoth . It was like a black hole, sucking everything around it .

The six fox immortals were no exception . They struggled to escape, but the powerful suction force made it difficult for them to move .

Tyrant Behemoth charged forward and smashed the six fox immortals into pieces with one punch after another . The six fox immortals counterattacked with all their might, but their attacks left zero effect when landing on Tyrant Behemoth’s body . It was akin to scratching an itch . When Tyrant Behemoth landed a punch on them, it directly shattered their bodies . Their strengths were on completely different levels .

How mighty! It’s thrashing them despite it being one against six . Zhou Wen was overjoyed . With Tyrant Behemoth, he didn’t need to go through so much trouble to kill Qiongqi .

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