Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 598

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Chapter 598: 598

Zhou Wen was thinking of getting Tyrant Behemoth to ascend to the second and third floor to kill the Nine-Headed Pheasant Spirit and Jade Lute Spirit .

With Absolute Strength, Tyrant Behemoth remained completely immune to their attacks . All sorts of aural attacks landed on Tyrant Behemoth’s body, but they didn’t hurt at all . However, they could only use their movement techniques and speed to circle around Tyrant Behemoth . Otherwise, they would have died from a single punch from it .

What was terrifying was that Absolute Strength caused space to collapse . It produced a suction force that resembled gravity, hindering their movement and speed . They didn’t last long before they were killed by Tyrant Behemoth .

Tyrant Behemoth alone had stormed through three levels of the ancient building . Before that, only Torch Dragon could do it .

Zhou Wen was excited . He was just about to take Tyrant Behemoth to Zhuolu’s underground temples to see if it could kill Qiongqi when he realized that Tyrant Behemoth’s Absolute Strength couldn’t be used again .

What the hell… Does absolute Strength still have a time limit? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed .

However, on second thought, it made sense . This was equivalent to an invincible state . It was impossible for there to be no restrictions . Otherwise, wouldn’t Tyrant Behemoth really be invincible?

As Zhou Wen grinded dungeons, he waited for Tyrant Behemoth’s Absolute Strength to finish the cooldown . He waited 24 hours before he could use it again .

Charging for twenty-four hours for half an hour of usage . It is a little short, but the pro is that it’s for invincibility . Zhou Wen was satisfied . Half an hour’s invincibility should be enough for him to do many things .

Zhou Wen led Tyrant Behemoth and the other Mythical Companion Beasts into the Zhuolu underground temple with great aplomb . When he arrived at the Aoyin stone statue, for no reason, a sudden thought came to him . He planned on getting Tyrant Behemoth to kill Torch Dragon .

Which one is stronger? Absolute Strength or Bright Torch Vision World? Zhou Wen got Tyrant Behemoth to use Absolute Strength before charging into the Torch Dragon temple .

However, without any room for suspense, Tyrant Behemoth was directly reflected by the vision world . Its Absolute Strength failed to protect its body .

Tyrant Behemoth’s strength can even crush space . Can’t it distort Torch Dragon’s gaze? Zhou Wen had no choice but to use his old method to deal with Torch Dragon . It wasn’t easy for him to kill the Torch Dragon youngling, but nothing dropped .

Primordial Sword Immortal remained at the top of the rankings with no one questioning its placing . Ever since the Dark Demon Snake was killed, another two Mythical Companion Beasts had challenged it, but the outcome was the same . They were unable to force the stone sword out of its scabbard . The sword beam from the ruby was something they couldn’t withstand .

However, the Companion Beasts that challenged Primordial Sword Immortal survived . They weren’t killed like the Dark Demon Snake . Their owners were already prepared .

It was naturally a good thing that they could survive, but to not have the qualifications to make Primordial Sword Immortal unsheath itself made many people who wanted to vie for first place, secretly frown .

Unless one sent a top Mythical creature to fight it, it was very difficult to figure out Primordial Sword Immortal’s plethora of abilities .

However, up till now, no one was willing to reveal their top combat strength and fight to the death with Primordial Sword Immortal . Everyone was just watching .

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During this period of time, a Companion Beast challenged the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, but because Zhou Wen was on White Cloud Mountain, he didn’t have the chance to receive the news about him being challenged . Therefore, after 72 hours, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon automatically admitted defeat and gave up its original position .

An Sheng had also sent a message to Zhou Wen, but because there was no signal on White Cloud Mountain, Zhou Wen didn’t receive it .

“Haha… I’ve finally succeeded…” A couple of weeks later, on White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak, Li Xuan laughed out loud in excitement .

His body stood on the stone steps as the carapace on his body shattered and healed itself . The self-healing speed was even faster than the shattering . The taboo power on Jade Emperor Peak failed to kill Li Xuan .

“Old Li, your self-healing powers are impressive! It’s an undying body,” Zhou Wen exclaimed . He was indeed envious of Li Xuan’s self-healing abilities .

Although Small Perfection of Wisdom also had Constitution enhancement, it was very different from the typical Constitution enhancement . In terms of self-healing, it was far inferior to Li Xuan .

“It’s indeed good, but it freaking hurts!” Li Xuan retreated out of the Jade Emperor Peak and said with gritted teeth .

The wounds could heal, but the pain from the injuries remained .

“Old Zhou, I have to head back now . Do you want to go back together?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen .

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“I still need to cultivate here for a period of time . You go back . By the way, remember to prepare the things I asked you to buy for me . I’ll be needing them when I return in a few days . ” Zhou Wen still remembered the items The Thearch wanted . They weren’t anything valuable, so there was no need to fall out with her over this .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen was very interested in The Thearch’s Pet Skill Insights Agent .

Typically, Companion Beasts that dropped wouldn’t have all their skills, especially Mythical pets . Most Mythical creatures had plenty of skills, but Companion Eggs that dropped typically only had four skills . If the Pet Skill Insights Agent was useful, it might allow Mythical Companion Beasts to have all their skills .

Just like the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, it lacked several skills . If it could comprehend those skills, its combat strength would increase a little .

“I got the purchasing department to buy it . It’s almost done . I’ll go back and take a look . If there’s anything missing, I’ll get them to quickly purchase it . I’ll head back first . ” Li Xuan couldn’t wait to return home .

Zhou Wen sent him off White Cloud Mountain before returning to Jade Emperor Peak . However, just as he came in front of the door to Jade Emperor Peak, he looked up and trembled .

At the end of the Jade Emperor Peak’s stone steps stood a white-robed, white-haired man . He stood in front of the Demon Suppression statues and looked at Zhou Wen with a smile .

“Teacher!” Zhou Wen called out, but he didn’t know what to say .

“I’ve implicated many of you, yet you are still willing to call me teacher . It makes me feel ashamed,” Wang Mingyuan sighed .

“You taught me before . It’s only right for me to call you teacher . ” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Mingyuan and continued, “Teacher, can I ask you why you are using the divine fruit to initiate the ranking battles?”

“If I tell you that I only wish to give the fruit to someone, would you believe me?” Wang Mingyuan said with a faint smile .

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word, but Wang Mingyuan laughed . “You’re still the same as before . You haven’t changed at all . You’re so stubborn and don’t know how to hide your feelings . ”

“Teacher, you aren’t here just to tell me this, right?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I came here to retrieve something, but I never expected to meet you . Since we are fated to meet again and you are still willing to call me teacher, I’ll tell you a secret . ” Wang Mingyuan pointed at his feet and said, “There’s a demon at the bottom of the mountain . It can help you break through to the Mythical stage . ”

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