Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: 599

“What demon?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“It’s just a title . You can also call him Guardian,” Wang Mingyuan answered .

“Do you want me to advance to the Mythical stage like you using Spirit Casting on a Guardian?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Mingyuan . He actually wanted to know if Wang Mingyuan had advanced to the Mythical stage using Spirit Casting or not .

“Did Ziya give you the Spirit Casting Skill?” Wang Mingyuan frowned slightly .

“Yes . ” Zhou Wen nodded .

Wang Mingyuan sighed and said, “The body of humans is innately lacking . If you wish to advance to the Mythical stage, you must have a way to make up for it . Now, there are two viable paths . First, it’s to form a contract with a Guardian to advance to the Mythical stage with the body of a Guardian . This path looks simple, but in fact, it has extremely high requirements . It’s very difficult to get a Guardian’s acknowledgment if one doesn’t have a compatible physique and talent . Even if one obtains the recognition, they will be abandoned if they fail to meet the Guardian’s requirements in their future growth and in combat . By choosing this path, it’s equivalent to boarding a train that can’t be stopped . There’s no chance of retreating . Once it fails, one will be left with nothing as they fall to the lowest point possible . ”

After a pause, Wang Mingyuan continued, “The second path is Spirit Casting . By borrowing the bodies of powerful creatures to make up for your shortcomings, one can choose Mythical creatures or Guardians as targets for Spirit Casting . Both have their pros and cons, but using a Guardian will make one remain more human . After Spirit Casting, your body will still maintain most of its human form, but that’s all . ”

What Wang Mingyuan said was similar to Zhou Wen’s previous guess . He couldn’t help but ask, “Can’t humans really rely on their bodies to advance to the Mythical stage?”

“Difficult . ” Wang Mingyuan looked at the churning sea of clouds beyond the mountain and said, “Everything has its limits . Just like many human sports before the dimensional storms, such as a one-hundred-meter sprint . It’s relatively easy to raise the results at the beginning, but when the results reached about ten seconds, the chances of a breakthrough were minimal . This is because ten seconds was the limit of humans . What humans are facing now is the same problem . If the limits of human bodies are 10, then the requirement to advance to the Mythical stage is 100 . No matter how hard humanity works, it’s impossible to reach 100 . This is a limit we were born with . It’s difficult to resolve it without external help . ”

With that said, without waiting for Zhou Wen to say a word, Wang Mingyuan said, “I should go . The demon at the foot of the mountain is a Guardian . If you wish to contract it, you can use this method . Even if your physique and talent aren’t compatible with him, he will still contract with you . Furthermore, he won’t easily betray you . ”

Wang Mingyuan reached out and flicked a piece of paper at Zhou Wen . When Zhou Wen caught it and looked at Wang Mingyuan again, he saw him turn around and walk into a huge spatial door .

After Wang Mingyuan walked in, the spatial door closed with a bang . Jade Emperor Peak returned to normal . There was nothing besides the two Demon Suppression statues as though no one had ever been there .

Zhou Wen stared blankly for a moment before retracting his gaze to look at the note in his hand .

The content on it was somewhat unbelievable . Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t believe it if it had come from someone else . However, the person who wrote this was Wang Mingyuan, so it was naturally a whole different matter .

Should I give it a try? Zhou Wen looked at the slip of paper with a strange expression . This was because the method on the slip was rather unbelievable .

Gods Retreat has yet to advance to a Perfect Body, so I can’t enter Demon Suppression Hall . If I wish to enter, I can only try using the method on this . Zhou Wen decided to give it a try at night . Even if he failed, he wouldn’t suffer any losses .

There was still a long time before sunset . Zhou Wen sat on the stone steps and thought of what Wang Mingyuan had said to him .

Is there really no way to advance to the Mythical stage with the human body? If I’m really at an impasse, which path should I choose? Spirit Casting or contracting? Zhou Wen ultimately felt that he didn’t want to choose either path .

I’ll decide after advancing Slaughterer to a Perfect Body . It’s still too early to consider such things now . Zhou Wen thought of the divine fruit again .

Wang Mingyuan said that he only wanted to give the divine fruit away . Although it wasn’t necessarily credible, Wang Mingyuan didn’t need to go through so much trouble to lie to him if he wanted to harm him .

Since Wang Mingyuan said that there are only two ways to advance to the Mythical stage, that meant that the divine fruit isn’t able to advance humans to the Mythical stage . In that case, the divine fruit is only effective against Companion Beasts and dimensional creatures . Zhou Wen felt that he could give it a try to see if he could vie for the divine fruit .

If he could really obtain the divine fruit, he could feed it to either Banana Fairy or Explosive Fiend Man—especially Explosive Fiend Man . Once he advanced to the Mythical stage, he would be of great help to Zhou Wen .

Even if that divine fruit is a trap, Teacher probably won’t cheat me on account of our teacher-student relationship, right? After some thought, Zhou Wen felt that vying for the divine fruit had more pros than cons .

The crux of the matter was whether he could obtain first place as well as decide which Companion Beast to vie for first place .

I wonder if Tyrant can handle Primordial Sword Immortal .

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Time passed as Zhou Wen pondered . The sun quickly set and the sky darkened .

I’ll give it a try and see if Teacher’s method really works . Zhou Wen looked at the sky that had completely darkened and a crescent moon emitted a faint light .

Looking at the two Demon Suppression statues in front of the Demon Suppression Hall, Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and turned his back to them . Then, he pressed his hands on the stone steps and held himself up vertically .

With his hands as his feet, Zhou Wen moved towards the door of Demon Suppression Hall .

Zhou Wen felt a little uneasy as he looked at the two Demon Suppression statues . He didn’t feel confident at all .

Gods Retreat was powerful, yet it couldn’t even cross the Demon Suppression statues to enter the hall . Yet, Wang Mingyuan said that he could enter just by walking upside down . This was unbelievable .

If Wang Mingyuan hadn’t been the one informing him of this method, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have even tried it . It sounded like a joke .

Although Zhou Wen was making an attempt, he still found it unbelievable that he could enter the Demon Suppression Hall so easily .

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When he was close to activating the Demon Suppression statues, the two words—Demon Suppression—on their respective foreheads lit up again .

Will it really work? Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat .

However, to his surprise, although the word Demon Suppression on the two statues lit up, Zhou Wen didn’t feel the pressure on the jade infant increase .

Is it really feasible? Zhou Wen continued moving upwards . Indeed, he didn’t feel the pressure from the Demon Suppression words . Just like that, he reached the end of the stone steps and arrived at the entrance of the Demon Suppression Hall .

Zhou Wen still remembered the method on the slip of paper . He didn’t use his feet to kick the door, nor did he push it with his hands . Instead, he used his hands to prop himself up on the ground and slammed his head against the door of the Demon Suppression Hall .


With a dull thud, Zhou Wen felt his head spin as he saw stars .

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