Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 600

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Chapter 600: 600

What happened to definitely opening when hitting the door with all my might? Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and prevented himself from falling to the ground . Then, he heard a rumbling sound as the door slowly rose . It opened .

Zhou Wen suspected that there was no need for him to slam the door with all his strength as Wang Mingyuan had said . However, Zhou Wen didn’t have any evidence .

After the door rose, Zhou Wen saw the scene in the temple . There weren’t any statues of consecrated deities or predellas . There were many stone monuments scattered in the hall .

There were many strange lines and patterns engraved on each stone monument . He did not know what they meant .

Zhou Wen stood outside the door and counted . Indeed, it was arranged exactly as drawn on the slip of paper .

As he alternated his hands to move forward, Zhou Wen followed the path Wang Mingyuan had described and entered the stone monument’s formation . When he passed some stone monuments, he propped himself up with one hand and pressed the stone monument with the other .

After circling the stone monument array for a while, he finally finished all necessary actions . The stone monument spun, revealing a stone staircase that led underground .

Zhou Wen hurriedly entered the stone steps and finally heaved a sigh of relief . He placed his feet on the ground and returned to his normal state .

He sized up the stone staircase and saw that the stone walls on both sides were engraved with symbols that Zhou Wen knew nothing of . Most of them were simple lines and points that were arranged in a certain way .

He walked down the stone steps all the way . Before long, the stone steps turned a little . They continued downwards, like the stairs in a building .

He walked all the way down . After walking for more than a hundred storeys worth of steps, he still couldn’t see the end . The patterns on the stone wall remained, but he didn’t know what they were for .

When Zhou Wen thought that there was no end, he saw that the stone steps below were somewhat different .

The stone steps below turned into jade and emitted a cold aura .

After stepping onto the jade stairs, he continued walking down . Not long after, he reached the end . Beneath him was a room made of jade . Floating in the middle of the room was a black cocoon .

There were many cracks on the cocoon’s body as black gas seeped out from the cracks . However, the black gas failed to emit as it was absorbed by the white circles on the black cocoon’s body .

There were a total of seven circles on the black cocoon . They looked like they were made of jade and had mysterious incantations engraved on them .

When Zhou Wen looked at the black cocoon, he suddenly realized that a black eye was staring at him through a crack .

“Human, do you want me to become your contractor?” When Zhou Wen saw the eye, he heard an ethereal voice coming from the black cocoon .

“No,” Zhou Wen answered without any hesitation .

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He could naturally tell that there was something wrong with the Guardian inside the black cocoon .

There was no Mythical creature guarding him here, and the black cocoon was clearly imprisoned . This was completely different from the Guardians that Zhou Wen had seen before .

“Human, don’t you wish to obtain powerful strength? As long as you form a contract with me, you can obtain immense power and advance to the Mythical stage . ” The voice from the black cocoon sounded again .

“If you were really that strong, you wouldn’t have been imprisoned here . ” Zhou Wen said, but he thought to himself, Who has the ability to imprison a Guardian here? Is it a human? I’m afraid humans don’t have such powerful abilities .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, the black cocoon’s Guardian seemed to turn irascible . Large amounts of black demonic aura surged out of the cracks . Due to the massive amount of demonic aura that they absorbed, even the jade hoops turned raven-black .

“Human, I’m the strongest Guardian . No one can imprison me . I was the one who imprisoned myself . ” The black cocoon’s voice sounded again .

“Then why did you imprison yourself?” Zhou Wen naturally didn’t believe him .

“You don’t need to know the reason . All you need to know is that after signing a contract with me, you will become the most powerful human, and you will become the most powerful existence in the future . That’s enough . The power I will give you is something you humans can never imagine, even in your dreams,” the voice said again .

“I heard that signing a contract with a Guardian requires a special physique and talent . Are you sure that my physique and talent are what you need?” Zhou Wen asked again .

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“You being able to come here proves that you have the qualifications to sign a contract with me,” said the Guardian in the cocoon .

“Sounds good, but isn’t it because you are just looking for any random human to contract with so you can escape?” Zhou Wen curled his lips .

“Human, it looks like you don’t understand how great an opportunity you will miss . ” The Guardian continued, “Don’t tell me you don’t wish for strength? Don’t you wish to become the greatest hero of humanity? In the future, there will definitely be a terrifying battle in the human world . When that happens, no one will be spared . Those below the Mythical stage don’t even have the right to struggle for survival . Sign a contract with me and you will still have a chance of survival . Otherwise, you can only wait for death . This is your chance to live . ”

“You don’t have to scare me . I don’t believe anything you say . ” Zhou Wen looked at the black cocoon and asked, “After talking for so long, I still don’t know your name?”

“Grim Demon,” said the voice from the black cocoon .

“Dim Demon?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . The name sounded a little odd . Was he dim?

Grim Demon clearly heard Zhou Wen’s pronunciation error . Demonic aura spewed out from the black cocoon as though it was furious . “A fiend born to kill, I’m the grim reaper incarnate, Grim Demon . ”

“So it’s Grim Demon . This name… is domineering…” Zhou Wen said, but due to his preconceived impression, he couldn’t forget the name “Dim Demon . ”

“Human, have you thought it through? As long as you contract with me, not only will you be able to survive in the terrifying battle, you will also have the chance to defeat all the species in the universe and become the strongest existence…” Grim Demon continued .

“I’ve seen many Guardians before, but they weren’t anything impressive either . They weren’t as powerful as you say . ” Zhou Wen wore a questioning look .

“Guardians differ in strength too . Which Guardians have you seen?” Grim Demon didn’t believe Zhou Wen .

“I’ve seen a seraphim with six wings . He can open the Door to Heaven . It looks rather impressive,” Zhou Wen said .

“That birdman, I can tear it apart with one hand . It’s not worth mentioning at all . After signing the contract with me, it will be easy for you to defeat him,” Grim Demon said disdainfully .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, Just keep bragging . After all, bragging isn’t against the law . But I can’t verify it either .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t say it out loud . He continued, “I’ve also seen a Guardian named Fairy Burial . She looked pretty impressive . ”

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