Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 601

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Chapter 601: 601

Grim Demon clearly paused for a moment before saying, “Fairy Burial does have some ability, but she’s not my match either . ”

“I’ve also seen a Guardian before…” Zhou Wen described the Guardian of Ant City .

Grim Demon said coldly, “I’ve never heard of such a Guardian . It probably isn’t that strong . I’ll also be able to easily kill it . ”

“You said you were powerful, but there’s no way to prove it . How do you want me to believe you?” Zhou Wen didn’t believe in the bragging of Grim Demon . He then asked, “How is the strength of Guardians demarcated?”

“You will find out after contracting me . ” Grim Demon didn’t answer Zhou Wen’s question .

“Forget it . The other Guardians have Mythical creatures protecting them . Only you are imprisoned here . It’s obvious that you aren’t that great . You might very well be the weakest Guardian . I think I’ll find another Guardian,” Zhou Wen said, preparing to turn around and leave .

Grim Demon nearly died from exasperation because of Zhou Wen . He gritted his teeth and said, “Human, after I leave, I can naturally prove to you that I’m powerful . ”

“Forget it . I heard that a person can only contract one Guardian . I still wish to leave my contract opportunity to a stronger Guardian . Even if it’s not a top-notch Guardian, it needs to be at least average . You don’t meet my requirements . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

Zhou Wen didn’t want to contract a Guardian at all . He only entered to take a look .

The method Wang Mingyuan had given him was to force Grim Demon to sign a special contract . Then, Grim Demon couldn’t easily betray him like the other Guardians .

However, Zhou Wen felt that such a contract wasn’t too safe . Although the special contract prevented the Guardian from defecting, the Guardian could still regain his freedom if his master died .

If Grim Demon really had the intention to betray him, he could plot his death before obtaining freedom .

The demonic aura in the black cocoon surged like a tidal wave . The seven jade hoops were unable to completely block the demonic aura . The mysterious incantations and patterns on the jade room’s walls lit up .

All sorts of patterns lit up on the stone walls of the tunnel . They suppressed the terrifying demonic aura, illuminating the entire mountain belly .

Grim Demon was truly infuriated . He wished he could tear this human to pieces .

He had never suffered such humiliation . If he wasn’t trapped here, even if Zhou Wen knelt down to beg him for a contract, he would have to consider Zhou Wen’s aptitude and talent before making an informed decision .

Now that he was lowering himself and taking the initiative to form a contract with Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen was still so picky . He even said something that he needed one that was at least average . This nearly made Grim Demon go mad .

If he hadn’t been suppressed by Demon Suppression Mountain and unable to use his powers to harm Zhou Wen, he would choose to kill Zhou Wen first to appease his anger even if he had to wait another few decades or a century .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be alarmed when he saw how powerful Grim Demon was when in a rage . This fellow isn’t completely bragging . He might really be able to fight Fairy Burial .

“Don’t be angry . If it wasn’t because you were too weak, why would you be imprisoned here by humans?” Zhou Wen wanted to see if he could obtain some secrets .

These Guardians seemed to come from different species . It was unknown why the species of dimensional zones had created them and allowed them to contract with humans .

“You don’t need to know . If you don’t wish to sign a contract, scram . Don’t disturb my slumber,” Grim Demon said coldly .

“Wait, I just said that you were imprisoned here by humans . You didn’t refute me . Could it be that you were really imprisoned here by us humans?” Zhou Wen suddenly realized a problem . When he spoke just now, he had said it subconsciously .

However, from Grim Demon’s point of view, he looked down on humans . He should have retorted when he heard Zhou Wen’s words .

Zhou Wen waited for a while, but Grim Demon didn’t say a word . There was no reaction from the black cocoon .

It can’t be . Was this fellow really imprisoned here by humans? Look at how dim and silly he is . Could it be that he was trapped here because of a human scheme? The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more he felt that it was right .

However, after saying a few more words, Grim Demon didn’t react at all . From the looks of it, he planned on ignoring him .

Zhou Wen’s hope of learning more insider stories was shattered . Seeing that there was nothing else here, all he could do was retreat and return to Jade Emperor Peak .

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Unfortunately, I have too many secrets about me . Otherwise, it would be a good choice to contract with Grim Demon . That fellow’s strength is indeed extraordinary .

With so many secrets about him, he definitely couldn’t let a Guardian with self-awareness and independent behavior follow him .

Zhou Wen used the Demon Suppression power on Jade Emperor Peak to raise Gods Retreat . Occasionally, when he was free, he would run down to take a look at Grim Demon and attempt to chat with him, hoping to obtain more information .

Unfortunately, after Grim Demon realized that he wasn’t willing to contract, he ignored him . Occasionally, he would say a few words, but there were no secrets to speak of .

During this period, Zhou Wen also discovered something . Indeed, there was no need for him to slam the door with all his might . All he needed to do was gently hit it to have it open .

Is it fun to trick me? Zhou Wen gritted his teeth, but there was nothing he could do .

Now, Zhou Wen finally understood that neither Wang Mingyuan nor his disciples were decent and serious people . He definitely couldn’t believe their words completely .

Zhou Wen also tried entering the Demon Suppression Hall in-game . Wang Mingyuan’s method was equally effective in-game . There was a black cocoon and Grim Demon down below in-game .

However, Grim Demon didn’t speak in-game, so there was no way to communicate .

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“Grim Demon, have you heard of a Guardian with the word ‘Thearch’ in its name?” Zhou Wen had always suspected that The Thearch might also be a Guardian .

Typical Mythical creatures didn’t seem as intelligent as The Thearch .

“There are naturally Guardians with Thearch in their names, but compared to me, they are far inferior,” Grim Demon said coldly .

Zhou Wen had come many times . Being bored, Grim Demon would chat with Zhou Wen indifferently at times .

“Then are there any women among these Guardians with Thearch in their names?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“Of course . However, even the strongest Netherworld Female Thearch isn’t my match,” Grim Demon said .

Zhou Wen was already used to the bragging nature of Grim Demon . He wasn’t affected at all as he continued probing, “I’ve been to Chess Mountain before and met a Guardian who calls herself The Thearch . Do you know who she is?”

“What kind of place is Chess Mountain?” Grim Demon frowned .

“It’s probably where ancient Chaoge is . There’s a Deer Terrace Pavilion there…” Zhou Wen revealed some information about Chess Mountain .

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