Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 602

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Chapter 602: 602

Grim Demon didn’t react when he heard that . When he heard Zhou Wen mention the Power of Wishes, he said, “I don’t know . I’ve never heard of it . ”

Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed . He originally imagined that he would be able to obtain some information regarding The Thearch from him, but he failed to obtain anything .

Zhou Wen attempted to use the jade infant to resist the power of the Demon Suppression statues every day . As he absorbed a large amount of Demon Suppression forces, the treasure glow on the jade infant’s body intensified . Later on, Zhou Wen could hardly see the jade infant in the treasure glow .

Now, the jade infant was almost able to resist the Demon Suppression statues . With the jade infant’s strength, Zhou Wen could rush to the entrance of the Demon Suppression Hall .

However, even so, the jade infant still failed to advance to the legendary Perfect Body .

And at this moment, the power of Demon Suppression was almost negligible to the jade infant . Zhou Wen felt that there was no point in staying any longer . He planned on leaving White Cloud Mountain and returning to school .

Before Zhou Wen left White Cloud Mountain, he went to inform Grim Demon, “Grim Demon, I’m leaving . Let’s meet again if fate allows it . ”

“Are you really not considering signing a contract with me?” There was silence within the black cocoon before the voice of a Grim Demon sounded .

“I don’t have the intention of contracting a Guardian for the time being, but I might be able to help you find someone to become your contractor . ” Zhou Wen felt that it was better to find a friend who was willing to contract since he wasn’t willing to do so . It was better than letting an enemy contract Grim Demon .

Although White Cloud Mountain was mysterious and ordinary people couldn’t enter, with the passage of time, the secrets of the various dimensional zones would slowly be resolved . It was difficult to guarantee that no one would enter .

“Do you think I will contract anyone?” Grim Demon said coldly .

“Don’t worry . I’ll definitely help you find an outstanding human . ” Zhou Wen felt that he could return and ask An Sheng or Li Xuan if they wanted to contract the Guardian .

“I’ll take a step back and form an eternal contract with you,” Grim Demon said after a moment of silence . At the same time, he explained what an eternal contract was .

Zhou Wen already knew what an eternal contract was . The contract Wang Mingyuan had wanted him to force Grim Demon to sign was an eternal contract . After signing such a contract, unless Zhou Wen died, Grim Demon wouldn’t be able to obtain freedom .

“I’m really sorry . I just don’t plan on contracting a Guardian at the moment . ” Zhou Wen couldn’t accept the circumstances unless he tried advancing to the Mythical stage by himself .

Even though Grim Demon was an excellent choice, Zhou Wen still firmly declined .

“In that case, can you do me a favor before you leave?” Grim Demon said after some thought .

“What favor?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I have an Essence Energy Art here . Help me take it out and find a human who can learn it to be my contractor . As a reward, I can agree to do three things for you after I’m out . As long as it’s within my abilities, I will do anything,” said Grim Demon .

“Sure . ” Zhou Wen agreed . It didn’t affect him much .

“I’ll reveal my Essence Energy Art outside the cocoon . You have to remember every word . ” Accompanying Grim Demon’s voice, the demonic aura in the black cocoon surged and condensed into words .

Zhou Wen memorized the words one by one, but he was also wary . As he memorized them, he kept controlling his Essence Energy to prevent any accidents .

Grim Demon’s Essence Energy Art was just too long . It was like a sutra . Zhou Wen took two to three hours to memorize everything .

“Recite the Essence Energy Art once and I’ll check to see if you make any mistakes,” said Grim Demon .

“There’s no need . Show me the Essence Energy Art again . I’ll just compare,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright . ” Grim Demon didn’t persist and displayed his Essence Energy Art again .

Zhou Wen read for a while . It had been too long . When it was time to feed Demonic Neonate the Longevity Fruit, he summoned her and handed her one .

The Essence Energy Art on the black cocoon suddenly stopped scrolling . Zhou Wen asked curiously, “Why aren’t you continuing?”

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There was still no sound in the black cocoon . The demonic aura also seemed to freeze, motionless .

“Grim Demon, what are you doing?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown, but there was no answer .

Zhou Wen suddenly realized that something was amiss . The abnormal actions of Grim Demon seemed to have begun when he summoned Demonic Neonate .

He glanced at Demonic Neonate who was chewing on a Longevity Fruit and then at the motionless black cocoon . Zhou Wen pulled Demonic Neonate and nudged her towards the black cocoon .

Finally, the black cocoon reacted . Demonic aura spewed out from the black cocoon, but it didn’t spray at Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate . Instead, it seemed to lunge the black cocoon back to dodge them .

Unfortunately, it was trapped by the seven jade hoops and the entire mountain’s Demon Suppression array . It was unable to move .

“Don’t come over!” Grim Demon’s voice finally sounded again . However, there was a hint of horror in his voice .

Zhou Wen was alarmed . Although Demonic Neonate is powerful, her strength isn’t even comparable to the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Why is Grim Demon so afraid of her?

“Grim Demon, don’t you claim to be the strongest guardian? Why are you so afraid now?” Zhou Wen mocked .

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With Grim Demon’s temper, he would definitely retort angrily with the way Zhou Wen mocked him .

However, this time, he didn’t retort . He fell silent again .

Indeed, there’s something odd . Is Grim Demon actually afraid of Demonic Neonate? Is there something on Demonic Neonate that’s worth being afraid of? Zhou Wen carefully sized up Demonic Neonate .

He didn’t allow Demonic Neonate to continue approaching the black cocoon . If Grim Demon was just pretending to be afraid, but in fact, had ulterior motives towards Demonic Neonate, wouldn’t Zhou Wen be harming her if he pushed her over?

Demonic Neonate’s strength in every aspect isn’t enough to threaten Grim Demon . If there’s really something that can make him afraid, I’m afraid it’s only her Life Providence, Life Soul, or Wheel of Destiny . Life Providence and Life Soul Wheel seem to have nothing to do with demons . Could it be that Grim Demon fears the Supreme True Demon Life Soul? Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind .

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was . However, Zhou Wen had no intention of letting Demonic Neonate take the risk . He turned around and left with Demonic Neonate . He planned on letting Demonic Neonate approach the black cocoon in-game after returning .

As Zhou Wen’s Mythical Companion Beasts had increased recently, he seldom used Demonic Neonate in battle . He hadn’t tried getting her to attack the black cocoon .

“Wait . ” To his surprise, just as Zhou Wen was about to leave the jade room, the Grim Demon’s voice sounded again to stop him .

Could it be that the Grim Demon really wants to trick Demonic Neonate into going over? Zhou Wen became even more wary as he unsummoned Demonic Neonate to prevent any accidents from happening .

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