Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 603

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Chapter 603: 603

“Please… Please agree to sign a master-slave contract with me…” Grim Demon’s words left Zhou Wen alarmed .

“What’s a master-slave contract?” Zhou Wen learned from Wang Mingyuan the two types of guardian contracts .

One was a Guardian contract . This contract was relatively fair . Both parties could terminate the contract at any time and had the right to give up on each other .

The second was the eternal contract that could only be terminated after one party died . Relatively speaking, it was relatively fair . However, Guardians had unlimited lifespans, so typically speaking, humans would die first before the contract could be terminated .

“I’m willing to sign a contract as a slave . Life and death depend on Master’s will…” Grim Demon explained the effects and methods of the master-slave contract in detail .

After Zhou Wen finished hearing the description, he felt that the contract was excellent . Grim Fiend’s life was at his will . Furthermore, if the master died, the Guardian would also die . It was perfect .

With the master-slave contract, Zhou Wen no longer needed to consider his previous worries . It was just too good .

“Since you are so sincere in your request, it wouldn’t be nice for me not to agree . Alright, I’ll agree to be your master,” Zhou Wen agreed readily .

“Who wants you to be my master? I want to invite… that lady… to be my master…” Grim Demon immediately said .

Zhou Wen’s expression froze as he immediately understood what Grim Demon meant . Grim Demon wanted to sign a master-slave contract with Demonic Neonate, not him .

“You want to sign a master-slave contract with my Companion Beast?” Zhou Wen asked the black cocoon .

“Yes,” Grim Demon replied with certainty .

Could it be that Demonic Neonate really had a huge background when she was alive? Or could it be because of the Supreme True Demon Life Soul she has? Zhou Wen summoned Demonic Neonate again and pointed at the black cocoon, asking her, “Do you know what that is?”

Demonic Neonate looked at the black cocoon and shook her head . Her tiny face was also filled with confusion .

“He wants to be your Guardian . Are you willing?” Zhou Wen asked again .

Demonic Neonate shook her head with a blank expression . It was unknown if she knew what a Guardian was .

“As you can see, she’s unwilling to accept you,” Zhou Wen said to the black cocoon .

There was no sound from the black cocoon . Zhou Wen led Demonic Neonate out of the Demon Suppression Hall, but he didn’t hear Grim Demon’s voice again .

What’s so different about Demonic Neonate? It actually made Grim Demon so reverent to the point of even being willing to sign a master-slave contract? Zhou Wen couldn’t guess .

Thankfully, he had the mysterious phone . He planned on bringing Demonic Neonate here in-game to see the black cocoon’s reaction .

Outside Jade Emperor Peak, Zhou Wen launched the Demon Suppression Mountain instance dungeon and led Demonic Neonate into the Demon Suppression Hall before arriving in front of the black cocoon .

The black cocoon in-game wasn’t as intelligent as the Grim Demon in real life . No one spoke . Zhou Wen attempted to get Demonic Neonate to approach the black cocoon .

Demonic Neonate held the ancient sword and slowly walked to the black cocoon . She extended a tiny hand and pressed it on the black cocoon .

The demonic aura in the black cocoon immediately erupted and sent Demonic Neonate flying . Thankfully, Demonic Neonate seemed to have a high resistance to the demonic aura and wasn’t injured .

That’s strange . Demonic Neonate’s strength isn’t enough to fight Grim Demon . It can’t even withstand the demonic aura he emits . Why does Grim Demon think so highly of her? He even said that he’s afraid of her? Zhou Wen couldn’t figure out the crux of the problem .

However, Demonic Neonate was somewhat odd . After coming into contact with the black cocoon and the demonic aura, she began to take the initiative to attack the black cocoon . She even opened her mouth as though she wanted to bite the black cocoon .

Although the demonic aura forced her back time and time again, the powerful demonic aura could not harm Demonic Neonate’s body . However, Demonic Neonate’s strength was still too weak, so she failed to break through the demonic aura’s defenses .

There’s indeed a problem . Zhou Wen held back Demonic Neonate and summoned her in reality . He stared into her eyes and asked, “Why do you want to attack the black cocoon?”

“Eat,” Demonic Neonate answered simply . She didn’t know many words . Zhou Wen had tried to teach her how to speak for a long period of time, but she still didn’t really speak .

It was already very rare for her to say a word .

“You want to eat that black cocoon?” Zhou Wen confirmed again .

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Demonic Neonate didn’t say anything this time and only nodded .

Zhou Wen immediately understood why Grim Demon restrained his demonic aura after Demonic Neonate appeared . He didn’t dare move because he was afraid of attracting Demonic Neonate’s attention .

“What benefits do you get from eating the black cocoon?” Zhou Wen asked again .

Demonic Neonate shook her head with a blank expression . Clearly, this was only her instinct . Even she herself didn’t know why she wanted to eat the black cocoon, or rather, what use Grim Demon had .

“Do you know what a contract means?” Zhou Wen asked her again .

Demonic Neonate nodded slightly . From the looks of it, she knew what the contract was about .

Zhou Wen’s expression changed constantly . There was indeed a chance in front of him, but he didn’t know what would happen if a Companion Beast had a Guardian .

Logically speaking, Demonic Neonate is my Companion Beast . If Grim Demon is her slave guardian, it should be easy to control him, right?

Zhou Wen asked Demonic Neonate again, “If I let you sign a master-slave contract with the creature inside the black cocoon, will it harm you?”

Demonic Neonate thought for a moment before shaking her head .

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“If the contract’s initiative is in your hands, you can consider signing a master-slave contract with the guardian inside the black cocoon . In that case, won’t his life be in your hands? If you want to eat him, you should be able to do so at any time, right? Just treat it as a food reserve, alright?” Zhou Wen only suggested, unsure if this method was feasible .

Upon hearing that, Demonic Neonate lowered her head as though she was deep in thought . After a while, she nodded and said, “Okay… Contract… Food reserve…”

Although Demonic Neonate didn’t speak clearly, Zhou Wen still understood the meaning behind her words . In his delight, he led Demonic Neonate into the Demon Suppression Hall once again .

As he walked, Zhou Wen persuaded, “Don’t be in a rush to eat him after signing the contract . There are still many fruits here . Just treat that as a food reserve . Eat him when the fruits are finished . ”

Demonic Neonate thought seriously for a moment before nodding . “Food reserve… No eating…”

“Very good . How smart . ” Zhou Wen patted Demonic Neonate’s head and praised her .

Soon, the two of them arrived at the spot where Grim Demon was suppressed . Zhou Wen went up and said to Grim Demon, “Grim Demon, it took me a long time to persuade her before she finally agreed to contract with you, but it has to be a master-slave contract . ”

“Of course,” Grim Demon answered quickly . From his tone, it was as though Zhou Wen was spouting nonsense . It was only natural for him to sign a master-slave contract with Demonic Neonate .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to tell Demonic Neonate how to use the master-slave contract and to warn her to be careful when contracting . If she felt something amiss, she should immediately stop the contractual process .

However, to his surprise, Demonic Neonate seemed to be more familiar with the contract than him . She walked straight to the black cocoon and pressed one hand on it .

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