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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 604

Published at 17th of November 2020 04:15:05 PM

Chapter 604: 604

Chapter 604 Food Reserve

The black cocoon automatically cracked, revealing a ghastly face formed from black smoke . Demonic Neonate pressed her tiny hand on the face .

The entire process felt like a guardian contract reversed . When the contractual process was completed, the black cocoon shattered . The seven white jade hoops that bound the black cocoon fell to the ground with tinkling sounds .

Grim Demon escaped and was like a devil formed from black gas that swept towards Demonic Neonate .

Demonic Neonate glared at him, and Grim Demon immediately stopped in midair, not daring to approach her .

Demonic Neonate held the ancient sword in her arms . As though unwilling, Grim Demon eventually flew towards the ancient sword and transformed into wisps of black gas that fused into it .

In the blink of an eye, the black gas formed by Grim Demon completely fused with the ancient sword, causing the ancient sword to undergo some strange changes . The original purple color became darker . At a glance, one would think it was black, but it was actually a dark-purple color .

There were even more runes on the scabbard, making it look even more mysterious and strange than before .

Zhou Wen watched, dumbfounded . He had never seen a Guardian acting so lowly and submissive . Not only had he signed a master-slave contract, but he didn’t even dare possess her . All he could do was attach himself to the ancient sword .

Demonic Neonate carried the ancient sword and returned to Zhou Wen’s side . “Food reserve… acquired . ”

“Alright, save it for now . ” Zhou Wen calmed down Demonic Neonate before entering the game to take a look . Indeed, the black cocoon in-game was gone . From the looks of it, all the Guardians had a uniqueness .

The seven white jade hoops on the ground were of unknown use, but Zhou Wen stored them in his chaos space .

After leaving White Cloud Mountain, Zhou Wen rode on a Chi and headed for school while grinding the game dungeons .

It happened to be Golden Battle God Halberd’s respawning time, so Zhou Wen wanted to give it a try . After Demonic Neonate had Grim Demon as a Guardian, how much had her strength increased?

A Guardian’s strength was a mystery to Zhou Wen .

Some of the guardians were very strong, just like the one in Ant City and a Guardian like Fairy Burial . They were very powerful .

However, the six-winged seraphim he had encountered previously seemed very weak on John .

Yet, after the six-winged seraphim left John, he seemed to become much stronger .

Zhou Wen guessed that after the guardians fused with humans, the amount of strength they could produce depended on how strong the human was .

He entered the Metalwork Temple where the Golden Battle God Halberd had just respawned . When it saw Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate, the tip of the trident immediately lit up .

If it was in the past, Demonic Neonate wouldn’t have dared to face the trident’s golden divine light due to her low level . She would have hidden in the dark and released her sword to deal sneak attacks .

However, this time, the ancient sword in Demonic Neonate’s arms broke out of its scabbard . Its surging black-purple demonic aura blocked the golden beam .

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The ancient sword’s body appeared above the Golden Battle God Halberd as if it had teleported, slicing the Golden Battle God Halberd into two .

Although Demonic Neonate’s strength hadn’t increased, her Demonic Sword was much stronger than before . It was able to slice through the Golden Battle God Halberd in one strike . Furthermore, she had won cleanly without any scruples .

Not bad… Not bad… Zhou Wen was delighted . The Demonic Sword’s offensive power had greatly increased, and it also had demonic aura effects . It made it much easier for him to kill Mythical creatures in the future .

After the fusion of the Demonic Sword and Guardian, I still have to slowly study how strong it is . Zhou Wen was in a good mood as he rushed back to school .

Although Zhou Wen was in a good mood, Grim Demon was not in a good mood . He originally imagined that Demonic Neonate would sincerely sign a contract with him . He found it acceptable being a slave Guardian .

However, after hearing Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate’s conversation, Grim Demon’s heart turned cold . How was he a slave? They were treating him as food reserves . Who knew when Demonic Neonate would eat him if she wasn’t happy?

Grim Demon hated Zhou Wen to the core because he knew that Demonic Neonate definitely wouldn’t have such complicated thoughts . It had to be Zhou Wen .

However, there was nothing he could do . All he could do was try his best to showcase himself and please Demonic Neonate . He hoped that he could obtain Demonic Neonate’s approval so that she wouldn’t eat him up for the sake of it .

And what made Grim Demon feel uneasy was that he often found himself appearing in strange dimensional zones . He had no idea how he had entered them .

What was even more terrifying was the fact that after he died in battle once, he imagined he was doomed . However, before long his consciousness returned to normal, it was as though the death had never happened .

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What’s going on? Grim Demon was alarmed and afraid . He was constantly on tenterhooks .

Zhou Wen experimented several times and realized that the Grim Demon’s ability wasn’t as powerful as he had claimed . However, it also allowed the Demonic Sword to reach the level of a top-notch Mythical .

In fact, Zhou Wen didn’t know that the ancient sword possessed by Grim Demon wasn’t strong itself and was only a supplementary tool . As the level of its master, Demonic Neonate, was too low, it limited Grim Demon’s abilities . Grim Demon’s strength wasn’t just limited to this . The result was purely because he was restricted .

After returning to the city, Zhou Wen heard everyone discussing the ranking war .

Most people were discussing which Companion Beast was stronger and which one was weaker . They talked about the rising of Companion Beast rankings yesterday and which Companion Beast was defeated .

Zhou Wen had never heard of many of the Companion Beasts they discussed .

However, the one which was discussed the most was Primordial Sword Immortal . Zhou Wen quickly learned that Primordial Sword Immortal remained at the top of the rankings . After several challenges, none of the Companion Beasts could shake its dominance .

Zhou Wen also had the intention to vie for first place . He wanted to get a divine fruit and feed it to his Companion Beast, but he wasn’t in a rush . There were still three months before the deadline . Zhou Wen still wanted to wait a little longer to see if there were any truly powerful Mythical Companion Beasts that could challenge Primordial Sword Immortal . He wanted to understand Primordial Sword Immortal’s abilities before deciding which Companion Beast to send to fight for first place .

When Zhou Wen returned to school, he realized that it was especially lively . It was actually a farewell party . Another class of students had graduated .

Time really flies . Unknowingly, I’ve already been at Sunset College for a year . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but sigh .

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These days, schools didn’t have the long winter and summer vacations like in the past . Vacations were at most around ten days . New students would matriculate, and Zhou Wen and company would be promoted to second years .

“Zhou Wen, I didn’t think I would be able to see you before I leave . I never expected you to rush back in time,” Wei Ge walked over and said to Zhou Wen with a smile .

“Senior, aren’t you staying on campus?” Zhou Wen asked Wei Ge in puzzlement .

Wei Ge smiled and said, “The school wants me to stay, but I rejected it . Before I leave, I have a wish . I wonder if you can help me fulfill it?”

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