Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 605

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Chapter 605: 605

“What wish? If it’s not too difficult, I can give it a try,” Zhou Wen said .

“It’s nothing difficult . I just want you to help me guess a riddle . Come on . ” Wei Ge turned around and led the way .

“Do we still need to go to a special place for guessing riddles?” Zhou Wen asked as he followed behind .

“It took me my entire life to think of such a riddle, so show it some respect . Let’s find a place with the correct atmosphere . It will appear a little ritualistic,” Wei Ge said with a smile .

The two of them arrived at the school’s old campus . Today was convocation . Sunset College didn’t have a commencement ceremony, but there was a convocation ceremony . Students were basically attending the convocation ceremony, leaving the old campus empty .

When they arrived at an empty land, Wei Ge stopped and turned to look at Zhou Wen . “Alright, let’s do it here . ”

“What’s your riddle?” Zhou Wen stared at Wei Ge and asked . He naturally understood that Wei Ge’s so-called riddle wasn’t a brain teaser .

“My riddle is actually very simple . Guess which one is real? Which one is fake?” As Wei Ge spoke, he raised his right hand and held a coin between his middle finger and index finger . With a flick, the coin flew towards Zhou Wen .

The coin’s speed was like a meteor, but it wasn’t surprising . Such speed still seemed too slow to Zhou Wen .

However, halfway through, the coin split into two, turning into two coins that flew to Zhou Wen’s sides .

The two coins looked identical . It was impossible to tell which one was real and which one was fake . Even the ripples of air being ripped apart were identical .

Zhou Wen stood still and allowed the two coins to fly past him . This was because he couldn’t tell which coin was real . There was no point in swatting them down .

After the two coins flew past him, they landed on the ground not far away . The coin on the left disappeared, leaving only the coin on the right .

“Senior, you condensed a Life Soul and advanced to the Epic stage?” Zhou Wen looked at Wei Ge in surprise .

Wei Ge nodded and said, “My Life Soul is called Hypocritical Facade . You saw its ability just now, so please help me distinguish which one is the real me . Can you help me tear off that facade?”

With that said, Wei Ge’s figure suddenly moved . He was clearly a single person, but the moment he moved, he split into two and attacked Zhou Wen from both sides .

The speed and strength of the two figures felt very real . It was impossible to tell which was Wei Ge’s real body and which was an illusion .

Zhou Wen moved his feet and dodged Wei Ge’s attack like a ghost . This was because he couldn’t tell which one was the real Wei Ge .

However, this time, the two Wei Ges didn’t vanish . Instead, they split into four . The two Wei Ges transformed into four Wei Ges and attacked Zhou Wen from different directions .

Zhou Wen dodged again . In the next strike, Wei Ge’s figure split into eight and attacked Zhou Wen from all directions, sealing off all his escape routes .

If it were anyone else, they would have no choice but to make a choice . However, Zhou Wen’s movement technique was just amazing, allowing him to pass through the eight Wei Ges .

“As expected of Zhou Wen . Receive my final strike . ” Wei Ge’s eyes burned . When the eight figures spoke, they emitted sound waves that made it impossible to tell where the real Wei Ge was .

In the next instant, the eight figures split apart again, transforming into sixteen figures that attacked Zhou Wen again . They sealed off every inch of space, preventing him from dodging .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t move because he had nowhere to go . Even with his movement technique, it was impossible for him to rush out of this blockade . It was time to make a decision .

Without looking at the sixteen Wei Ges, Zhou Wen closed his eyes and stood rooted to the ground .

The first figure’s fist struck Zhou Wen, but he didn’t move . The figure vanished without a trace . It was only an illusion . It happened a second, a third, and a fourth time . One figure after another struck Zhou Wen in different poses before disappearing one after another .

The fifteen figures vanished . When the last figure charged at Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen finally opened his eyes and moved . However, he didn’t look at the figure charging at him . Instead, he turned around .

The last figure slammed into Zhou Wen’s back before disappearing .

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However, another Wei Ge appeared opposite Zhou Wen .

“How did you discover me?” Wei Ge asked Zhou Wen .

“I didn’t discover you . Your illusion is real . I can’t tell if it’s real or fake,” Zhou Wen said .

“Then how did you know that the sixteen phantoms weren’t me?” Wei Ge frowned slightly . If Zhou Wen couldn’t tell the authenticity of the phantoms, how did he know that the sixteen phantoms weren’t his real body?

Zhou Wen smiled and said, “Because I believe in your character . ”

“What do you mean?” Wei Ge was slightly taken aback as he asked Zhou Wen .

“Because you are a person who likes to play chess . How can a person who likes to play chess treat themselves as a chess piece?” Zhou Wen said seriously .

Wei Ge looked at Zhou Wen in a daze . After a while, he laughed and leaned back, his tears almost flowing out .

“So that’s how it is . Life is like a game of chess . What right do I, Wei Ge, have to think that I can transcend a game? I’d forgotten . If I can’t enter the game, what right do I have to influence it?” Wei Ge wiped away his smile and looked at Zhou Wen solemnly . “I’m leaving . I’m going to the capital and starting from the smallest chess piece . If there’s a day when I can change the development of the game, I hope I have the chance to ask you again to guess my riddle . ”

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“Are you really not staying?” Zhou Wen asked .

Wei Ge didn’t answer . He turned around and left . As he walked, he said, “It’s a pleasure to play chess with other humans, but it will be a bitter battle playing chess with the heavens . In my lifetime, if I am lucky to barely defeat the heavens, it will be enough for me . ”

Zhou Wen stood there motionless as he watched Wei Ge leave .

As a chess piece, one can’t even control their fate . Can one really break out of this situation? Zhou Wen didn’t know the answer as he couldn’t help but feel vexed .

Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, Wang Lu, Zhang Yuzhi, and Wei Ge were all outstanding people of the present era, but they had no choice but to head to a future they didn’t know of under the influence of fate .

Sunset College’s convocation ceremony was more like a farewell before a warrior went to the battlefield . After leaving the school gates, the students would face the battlefield of life which had no regularity . No one could protect them . Their life and death were in their hands .

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