Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 606

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Chapter 606: 606

When Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he saw that there were many boxes in the living room . They were likely to be the things Li Xuan had sent over . Apart from him, only Li Xuan and An Sheng had the key to his place . An Sheng probably didn’t have the time to come over .

Bam! Bam!

Zhou Wen had just entered when he suddenly felt two heavy blows on the back of his head . He fell to the ground as his vision turned black .

Alarmed, he didn’t know who could sneak an attack on him without him noticing .

He forced himself to charge forward and make a counterattack .

However, when he turned around, he realized that it was the antelope standing behind him, looking at him angrily . The chick was standing on the door frame, looking at him unhappily .

Oh no… In the past, because Wang Lu was around, I didn’t need to pay attention to the two of them when I was out . They would run to Wang Lu by themselves . Now that she’s gone, they have nowhere to go! How could I have forgotten about this… Zhou Wen shivered when he saw the angry expressions on the antelope and chick . He hurriedly said with a smile, “Don’t be angry . I went out this time to especially gather delicacies for you . This is something I found for you…”

As Zhou Wen spoke, he searched his body, but he obviously hadn’t prepared anything for the antelope and chick . He failed to find anything despite searching all day .

With an idea in mind, Zhou Wen took out the beef jerky he had prepared from the Chaos Bead . This was part of his food reserves . Zhou Wen planned on eating them when he was trapped in certain places . They were all high-quality goods that were rather expensive . Now, he had no choice but to take them out .

Seeing the antelope and chick eat the bag of dried meat, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel his heart ache . He didn’t have many savings left .

Although he had plenty of Essence Crystals, they hadn’t been exchanged for money . Zhou Wen was still a pauper and the remaining money had been used to buy items for The Thearch .

Zhou Wen opened the boxes and carefully checked them . Indeed, it was the items he had asked Li Xuan to buy . The quantity was right .

He called Li Xuan and told him that he had returned and had received the items .

The two chatted for a while before Zhou Wen realized that the antelope and chick hadn’t starved during his absence . An Sheng had been delivering food to them .

Damned antelope . Since you aren’t hungry, why did you hit me? Zhou Wen glared at the antelope, but he didn’t dare say it out loud .

In the past, he had believed that the antelope was an Epic creature, but he was already considered one of the best at the Epic stage . The fact that the antelope could still secretly hoove him twice meant that this fellow definitely wasn’t as simple as an Epic creature .

This fellow is definitely at the Mythical stage, and it’s not any ordinary Mythical stage creature . Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have such high intelligence . What motives does he have for following me? Zhou Wen was puzzled .

When the antelope followed him, he was still weak . He really couldn’t figure out what it liked about him .

The battles on the Companion Beast rankings continued, but most of them were Mythical pets that challenged each other on the rankings . The rankings just shifted and there were very few new Companion Beasts on the list .

As Zhou Wen grinded dungeons, he studied his Life Soul and the First Order of Chaos . He lived a very fulfilling life .

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the freshmen to matriculate . Li Xuan pulled Zhou Wen and company along and set up a stall with the other clubs to recruit new members .

However, the other clubs’ recruitment stands were surrounded by many freshmen, but Zhou Wen and company didn’t even have a single student patronizing their stall . Even when students passed by, they quickly sped up after taking a look .

Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Gu Dian sat in a row behind a table . Li Xuan leaned lazily against the chair and dug his nose . Zhou Wen lowered his head as he gamed . Gu Dian wore a serious expression as he sat there, waiting for the freshmen to make inquiries . However, with his forbidding looks, the freshmen were afraid of him . They didn’t dare come over and fled in fright when Gu Dian took a glance at them .

Therefore, Zhou Wen and company’s bleakness formed a stark contrast with the popular clubs around them . It was as though they were a vacuum .

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“I hereby announce that from today onwards, I, Gulli, will be the king of Sunset College . If you aren’t convinced, step forward . ” A clear voice came from the school’s entrance, causing the noisy school gates to fall silent .

The freshmen looked in the direction of the school’s entrance and saw a handsome, tall, brown-haired youth standing on the steps of a memorial wall . He looked like the king of the world as he raised his head and loudly announced that the world belonged to him .

However, very quickly, most of the people’s attention was attracted to a girl beside him .

The girl was wearing a white dress . She was tall, but her face was exquisite like an angel’s . She had long blond hair and green eyes . She looked like she had walked out of an oil painting .

“What excellence . I never expected our school to have such an excellent junior . If we can woo her, I’m afraid others will die of envy,” Li Xuan said as he looked at the girl .

Li Xuan was only joking, but many people had already taken action . The freshmen were still very reserved, but the seniors had already mastered the ability to be shameless . This was especially so for the old foxes of the clubs . All of them held their club’s recruitment notices and ran over to the girl, inviting her to join their club . They also asked for the girl’s name and so on . If it wasn’t to maintain their images as seniors, they would have even asked for her vital statistics .

Gulli was originally very satisfied that he had attracted the attention of all the students, but he soon realized that no one was paying any attention to him . Everyone was surrounding the girl, causing the corners of his eyes to twitch . His aura seemed to have become very strange .

This was Sunset College . The older students were already accustomed to it, so how could they care about a freshman like Gulli? They thought nothing of him .

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“Get out of the way . We aren’t joining any clubs . ” Gulli had no choice but to jump down the stairs and part the crowd around the girl, pushing away the enthusiastic seniors .

The girl’s attitude was friendly, but it was obvious that her thoughts weren’t on those people . She scanned the crowd and when she saw Zhou Wen, she immediately stared at him as though she had found her prey .

“He’s there,” the girl said to Gulli .

Gulli traced the girl’s gaze and saw Zhou Wen . He opened up a path from the crowd of seniors and walked towards Zhou Wen and company .

The girl followed behind Gulli and also walked towards Zhou Wen and company .

Some of the seniors had originally planned on pestering them, but when they saw them walk towards Zhou Wen and company, they could only stop and watch from afar in dismay .

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