Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: 607

Gulli walked to the table and took out his phone . Then, he opened the photo album and found a photo . He looked at it before looking at Zhou Wen . After confirming it, he put away his phone and said to Zhou Wen, “You are the strongest student at Sunset College, Zhou Wen, right? I, Gulli, want to challenge you . Let’s go to the training grounds . ”

Li Xuan looked at Gulli with interest, but he didn’t say a word .

Zhou Wen put down his phone and sized up Gulli . “You’ve got the wrong person . ”

“The wrong person?” Gulli was taken aback when he heard that . He hurriedly took out his phone and quickly tapped on the photo to compare it with Zhou Wen before saying to Zhou Wen, “Don’t try to lie to me . The person in the photo is clearly you . ”

With that said, Gulli rotated his phone to let Zhou Wen take a look at the photo .

Zhou Wen glanced at the photo . It really was him, but it didn’t look like the photo he had taken recently . The clothes were probably the ones he wore when he went to the Holy Land .

“You really have got the wrong person . Take a closer look . The person in the photo has longer hair than me . Furthermore, his pupils are pure black . My pupils are a little brownish-black . Take a closer look . Our facial features are somewhat different,” Zhou Wen said to Gulli .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, Gulli took a closer look and felt that it was indeed a little different .

In fact, everyone’s photos were slightly different from the person . This was normal .

“Sis, it looks like we got the wrong person,” Gulli said to the beautiful girl .

The girl rolled her eyes at him and said to Zhou Wen, “To be able to defeat a genius like Lance, I thought Zhou Wen was really an impressive figure . But he’s just a coward who doesn’t even dare recognize his name . ”

“You know Lance?” Zhou Wen asked the girl .

“My name is Sadie . This is my younger brother, Gulli . Lance is our cousin,” the girl said .

“So it’s Lance’s cousins . Welcome to Sunset College to study . If there’s anything you aren’t used to, feel free to look for me . I’ll try my best to help you within my capabilities . ” Although Zhou Wen and Lance were rivals before, Zhou Wen was still very impressed with Lance’s character .

Furthermore, Lance had once helped them leave Holy City . It was only right for him to take care of his cousins .

“Are you really Zhou Wen? Why did you lie?” Gulli stared at Zhou Wen angrily .

Li Xuan said with a smile, “He’s Zhou Wen, but his name isn’t the strongest student at Sunset College, Zhou Wen . Therefore, he’s not lying . ”

“Humph, cut the crap . I want to defeat you and avenge Lance,” Gulli said as he stared at Zhou Wen .

“Even Lance lost . Do you think you are stronger than Lance?” Li Xuan asked .

“Lance is naturally the strongest . Zhou Wen was only lucky to defeat him . If you battle again, Lance will definitely win . I will definitely win as well,” Gulli said confidently .

“I see . Seeing how confident you are, I believe you can defeat Zhou Wen . However, Sunset College forbids private duels . Even if you don’t care about being expelled, Zhou Wen won’t fight you,” Li Xuan said with a smile .

Gulli immediately frowned . “Why would Sunset College have such a rule? Wouldn’t that mean our special admission into Sunset College was a waste of time?”

“That’s not the case . Seeing how confident you are, your abilities definitely can’t be bad . I also believe that you can definitely defeat Zhou Wen . To be honest, I’ve long found Zhou Wen an eyesore . Unfortunately, I’m no match for him, so I might as well help you . See this? You and your sister can fill in this application form and sign it . Then, you can join our Xuanwen Club . The Xuanwen Club is a formal club approved by the school . The club’s members are free to spar . You can use the opportunity to defeat Zhou Wen . This way, Zhou Wen and you won’t be punished . He has no way of rejecting the sparring either . ”

With that said, Li Xuan stuffed the two application forms into Gulli’s hand . He patted his shoulder and said, “Junior, this is all I can do for you . Whether or not you can help Lance avenge his humiliation depends on you . ”

“Are you sure I can challenge Zhou Wen this way?” Gulli asked Li Xuan in disbelief .

“Of course . After joining the club, you’ll definitely be able to spar with Zhou Wen . If not, I’ll stand there and let you beat me until you are satisfied,” Li Xuan said as he patted his chest .

“Alright, I’ll be joining . ” Gulli leaned against the table and began filling in the form .

“Junior Sadie, you also wish to challenge Zhou Wen, right? Fill it out together . ” Li Xuan handed the other application form to Sadie .

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Sadie glanced at Li Xuan as though she had seen through him . However, Li Xuan didn’t mind as he continued smiling at her .

Sadie didn’t say anything . She picked up the pen on the table and filled in the application form before signing her name .

“Congratulations to the two of you for becoming new members of our Xuanwen Club . ” After receiving their application forms, he extended his hand out to Sadie .

However, Sadie ignored him and looked at Zhou Wen . “Can we challenge you now?”

“Of course, but you can’t do it here, right? Go to your dorms and settle down first . I’ll arrange the time and venue for you . Don’t worry . With me around, I guarantee that you will have plenty of time to spar with Zhou Wen…” Li Xuan warmly helped Sadie take her luggage and took them to the matriculation booth .

When members from the other clubs saw that Sadie had been pulled into the Xuanwen Club, they secretly pounded their chests and stamped their feet . Their hearts ached for such a beautiful woman . She had actually entered a beast’s nest .

Once Li Xuan left, there was no need for Zhou Wen and Gu Dian to stay . They couldn’t recruit new members at all .

With Li Xuan handling them, Zhou Wen didn’t pay any attention to this matter . He returned to continue grinding his game dungeons .

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The next morning, after Gulli and Sadie finished their matriculation procedures, they contacted Li Xuan to arrange the duel with Zhou Wen .

Li Xuan agreed and got Gulli and Shady to wait for him at the training grounds .

Gulli and Sadie arrived at the training grounds . After waiting for a while, they saw Li Xuan bring a boy over . He looked handsome, but he wasn’t Zhou Wen .

“Li Xuan, where’s Zhou Wen?” Gulli asked with a frown .

“Calm down . Let me introduce him to you . This student’s surname is Feng . He is under the tutelage of Zhou Wen and has learned a few saber techniques . I especially invited him over to let you take a look at his saber techniques so that you will have a basic understanding of Zhou Wen . This way, when you challenge him again, your chances of winning will be much higher,” Li Xuan said .

“There’s no need . Our strength is enough to defeat Zhou Wen . We don’t have to waste time on this,” Gulli rejected .

“It’s not a big deal taking a look first . I’ve long found Zhou Wen an eyesore . I sincerely hope that you can beat him . Don’t you disappoint me,” Li Xuan said as he waved at Feng Qiuyan . “Little Yanyan, spar with Junior Gulli . Use everything you learned from Zhou Wen . Don’t disappoint him . ”

Feng Qiuyan walked silently to the training grounds’ arena . Gulli felt that Li Xuan had good intentions and couldn’t reject him . Seeing Sadie nod, he walked into the arena .

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