Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: 608

“I’ll give you a one-hand handicap . Come . ” Gulli didn’t pick a weapon from the training rack . He extended his hand and hooked his hand at Feng Qiuyan, gesturing for him to attack .

Feng Qiuyan didn’t stand on ceremony . He picked up a practice saber from the rack, walked to Gulli, and slashed .

Gulli and Lance came from the same family . Among his peers, he was only impressed with Lance . He couldn’t accept the fact that Lance had been defeated by Zhou Wen . He and Sadie shared the same thoughts . They had entered Sunset College together to right Lance’s reputation .

Gulli’s strength was not bad . He wasn’t much weaker than Lance from a year ago . He naturally didn’t take the unknown Feng Qiuyan seriously .

However, when Feng Qiuyan’s saber was unsheathed, his aura instantly exploded as though he had changed into a different person . Gulli’s expression changed drastically as his body tensed up . He quickly moved, hoping to dodge Feng Qiuyan’s saber .

However, just as Gulli raised his toes, Feng Qiuyan’s practice saber was already at his neck . Gulli’s expression turned extremely ugly .

“Who are you?” Now Gulli didn’t believe that Feng Qiuyan was some nobody who had randomly learned a few saber techniques from Zhou Wen .

“I’m Feng Qiuyan . I learned a few mediocre saber techniques from Coach Zhou Wen . I look forward to our fight,” Feng Qiuyan said as he retracted his saber .

Gulli’s gaze focused as he suddenly attacked to catch Feng Qiuyan by surprise .

However, just as he raised his fist, Feng Qiuyan’s saber was pressed against his neck again . It was so fast that he couldn’t see the saber’s shadow .

Gulli refused to accept it as he pushed away the practice saber and attacked again . However, Feng Qiuyan moved slightly and dodged his fist . At the same time, the practice saber was placed on his neck .

Gulli was alarmed and furious . Feng Qiuyan was about the same age as him, but his saber techniques were so fast that he couldn’t even dodge them . If it was a true life-and-death battle, he wouldn’t have enough limbs for him to cleave off even if he had three heads and six arms .

“Gulli, that’s enough . ” Sadie stopped Gulli from continuing the battle . She could tell that Gulli was obviously inferior to Feng Qiuyan . It would be impossible for him to win .

“Your surname is Feng . Are you from the capital’s Feng family or the Sea Return’s Feng family?” Gulli retreated to the side as Sadie asked Feng Qiuyan .

“The Sea Return’s Feng family,” Feng Qiuyan answered .

“With the Sea Return Feng family producing a saber genius like you, there’s hope for it to take back the Divine Wind Blade and become the main Feng family,” said Sadie .

“You’re too kind . My saber techniques aren’t much . I just learned a little from Coach,” Feng Qiuyan said indifferently when he saw that Sadie had no intention of attacking . He placed the practice saber back on the rack .

“Did you really learn your saber techniques from Zhou Wen?” Sadie didn’t believe Feng Qiuyan’s words .

He and Gulli had watched the video of Zhou Wen and Lance’s battle . Zhou Wen would probably not have been a match for Feng Qiuyan back then .

In less than a year, no matter how fast Zhou Wen improved, it was impossible for him to be stronger than Feng Qiuyan . How could he teach Feng Qiuyan such saber techniques?

“Yes,” Feng Qiuyan answered before saying to Li Xuan, “President, I’ll be heading back now . I’ve got an appointment with Coach to do a homework mission together . ”

“Little Yanyan, go back now . ” Li Xuan sent Feng Qiuyan away with a smile before sighing at Gulli and Sadie . “You can’t even defeat Feng Qiuyan, so how are you going to challenge Zhou Wen? From the looks of it, I can only let that fellow continue his arrogant ways . It’s really heart-wrenching!”

Gulli was momentarily disappointed . Feng Qiuyan’s absolute suppression had already made him lose his confidence .

“However, you don’t have to be too disheartened . Our club still has many activities . When the time comes, you will still have the chance to continue learning and growing . Zhou Wen will often participate in activities . Work hard, and there’s still a chance of defeating him . I think highly of you . ” As Li Xuan spoke, he picked up his phone and looked at it . “Alright, that’s all for today . I’ll inform you when the club has an activity . ”

“Sis, it’s no wonder Zhou Wen defeated Lance . The disciples he taught are so strong . He must be stronger,” Gulli said in disappointment .

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However, Sadie curled her lips and said, “Gulli, you are too gullible . It’s too easy for you to be deceived . Feng Qiuyan’s saber technique already has the inklings of a master saber expert . Even among the six families, there aren’t many people with such saber techniques . How can Zhou Wen teach such a person? It’s more like him teaching Zhou Wen . ”

“But Feng Qiuyan said it himself…” Before Gulli could finish, Sadie interrupted him .

Sadie said firmly, “The more that’s the case, the more problematic it is . If Zhou Wen is really that strong, why didn’t he accept the challenge himself? It’s clearly because he’s afraid of losing to us that he joined forces with Li Xuan and Feng Qiuyan to put up such a show for us . It’s to make us give up on challenging him . ”

“I see . I was almost fooled by him . Let’s go find Zhou Wen . We can’t let him run again no matter what . ” Gulli’s eyes gradually lit up .

However, when he turned his head, Gulli frowned again . “But how can we find Zhou Wen? We have no idea where he lives . ”

“That’s not difficult . Didn’t Feng Qiuyan say that he has an appointment with Zhou Wen? As long as we follow Feng Qiuyan, we will definitely be able to find him,” Sadie said indifferently .

“That’s right . With your Eye of Odin, it’ll be easy to keep up with Feng Qiuyan . Let’s go now,” Gulli said as he walked out .

The two of them left the training grounds . Sadie’s eyes suffused a faint blue light as she led the way . Soon, the two of them arrived at Dragon Gate Grotto . From afar, they saw Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan enter a cave together .

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“I see them . They are there . Zhou Wen is indeed here,” Gulli said as he pointed to where Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan had entered .

Sadie nodded and the two of them arrived in front of the cave . She carefully sized up the cave and said, “This should be the Lotus Flower Cave in Dragon Gate Grotto . There are Legendary Flying Beasts and Epic Fairy-type dimensional creatures inside . With Feng Qiuyan’s strength, the Flying Beasts aren’t challenging him . I reckon they are here to kill the Fairies . ”

“It doesn’t matter what they kill . They just happened to enter a dimensional zone . Let’s chase after them and fight Zhou Wen . As long as we defeat him, it doesn’t matter even if we get expelled . After all, we came here to defeat him,” said Gulli as he quickly walked towards Lotus Flower Cave . Sadie followed closely behind .

Zhou Wen had been invited by Feng Qiuyan to Lotus Flower Cave . As Feng Qiuyan had discovered a Mutated Fairy there, he had invited Zhou Wen to kill it .

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