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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 609

Published at 20th of November 2020 05:30:10 PM

Chapter 609: 609

The last time Zhou Wen came to kill the Mutated Fairy, he was with Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya, and Hui Haifeng . Now, the three of them were scattered across the world . He did not know if there would come a day when the four of them would reunite .

“The Mutated Fairy is inside . I’ll be in charge of restraining the Flying Beasts and ordinary Fairies later . I’ll leave the Mutated Fairy to you, Coach,” Feng Qiuyan said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen nodded slightly .

The two of them walked into one of the caves . Sadie and Gulli also arrived nearby . When they saw Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan walk into the cave, Gulli wanted to chase after them, but he was stopped by Sadie .

“Wait a moment . ” After grabbing Gulli, Sadie looked in the direction of the cave that Zhou Wen had entered . An eye suddenly flew out of her eye socket and vanished as though it had teleported .

Sadie had one eye closed, but her other opened eye shot out a light beam that formed a three-dimensional projection in front of her . It was a scene of Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan .

In the projection, they were facing a group of Flying Beasts . There were at least a few hundred of them . There were also more than a dozen of Fairies, as well as a mutated black-and-white Fairy .

“So many Fairies . Can the two of them deal with so many Fairies?” Gulli asked while looking at the three-dimensional projection .

“Coach, I’ll pave the way for you,” Feng Qiuyan said as he drew his saber to meet the incoming Flying Beasts .

“There’s no need . Didn’t you invite me over to see me take action? Leave it to me . ” Zhou Wen knew very well .

If Feng Qiuyan really wanted him to kill the Mutated Fairy, he would definitely try his best . It was impossible for him to seek his help . The reason he had invited him wasn’t to kill the Mutated Fairy at all .

“As expected, nothing can escape your eyes, Coach,” Feng Qiuyan said .

“Then just watch . ” Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade in hand as he stared at the Flying Beasts and Fairies that rushed over like a swath of dark clouds . However, his focus wasn’t on them . Instead, he passed through the beast horde and stared at the Mutated Fairy floating in the sky .

“What is he trying to do? To fight so many dimensional creatures alone, even an Epic wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed, right?” Gulli said .

“Wait until everything is over,” said Sadie .

Seeing the horde of Flying Beasts and Fairies rush towards Zhou Wen and about to lunge at him, Feng Qiuyan, who was standing beside him, took two steps back as though he really didn’t plan on helping .

Just as Gulli and Sadie were wondering how Zhou Wen was going to deal with the group of Flying Beasts and Fairies, Zhou Wen finally unsheathed his saber .

A saber beam flashed but Gulli and Sadie only saw the flash dissipate . Before they could see the blade, it had already returned to its sheath .

The Flying Beasts and Fairies that filled the sky didn’t seem to be affected as they charged at Zhou Wen .

“What the hell? It’s useless,” Gulli muttered .

However, in the next second, the Flying Beasts and Fairies were split in half . Hundreds of Flying Beasts spewed out blood as their dismembered corpses fell .

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More than ten Fairies were covered in blood, their bodies beheaded . Even a hundred meters away, the Mutated Fairy who hadn’t charged over had its head chopped off .

Instantly, blood splattered everywhere in the cave; not a single Flying Beast or Fairy survived .

Gulli and Sadie’s expressions changed drastically as though someone had stabbed them in the heart . Their faces turned pale and a cold sweat broke out on their foreheads .

The two of them exchanged looks before retreating . They slowly walked out of Lotus Flower Cave .

After exiting Lotus Flower Cave, Gulli took a deep breath and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead . He asked Sadie in bewilderment, “Sis, did you see how he slashed out just now?”

“It was too fast . I didn’t see it clearly, but it’s alright . I have the Eye of Odin . I’ll take my time to have a look when I get back . ” It was unknown when the eye that flew out had returned to Sadie’s eye socket .

When the two of them entered their dormitory, Sadie closed the door and windows . Only then did her eyes glow with blue light . The light that shot out formed a three-dimensional projection .

The projection was the scene of Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan in the cave . The scene was like a video that was played by Sadie’s eyes .

At the moment Zhou Wen drew his saber, Sadie slowed down the projection . The Flying Beasts’ actions slowed down, but they could only see a saber flash . Before they could see what the saber in Zhou Wen’s hand looked like, it had already returned to its scabbard .

“Impossible… How can it be so fast… Even if he has advanced to the Epic stage… it’s impossible for him to advance so quickly…” Gulli’s face was filled with disbelief .

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Sadie’s expression was solemn, but she didn’t say anything . She slowed down the speed of the projection once again . This time, after slowing down, the Flying Beasts’ movements were jittery as it reeled forward frame by frame .

This time, they finally saw Zhou Wen’s strike clearly . The saber was like a stream of light, but in fact, it wasn’t just a saber .

Zhou Wen’s body leaned forward as he drew his saber . Instantly, he flew up with the saber and drew an arc as he shuttled through the Fairy beast horde .

Under such slow replay speeds, he remained so fast that it left them dazzled . The saber beam streaked across the Flying Beasts and Fairies’ bodies like lightning before finally slashing across the Mutated Fairy’s neck . After completing a circle, Zhou Wen returned to his original spot . The saber returned to its scabbard as though he had never moved .

The entire process looked pleasing to the eye . The entire process was smooth, as though it was an agile and speedy flash of lightning .

Gulli broke out into a cold sweat as he looked at Sadie with a stiff neck . “Sis, how slow was your Eye of Odin’s replay speed?”

“Seven times,” Sadie replied with a strange expression .

“Impossible!” Upon hearing this answer, Gulli immediately shouted . “When your Eye of Odin lowers the speed by two times, the fastest Legendary expert will become as slow as a snail . At the speed of four times, even an Epic stage will also be like a turtle crawl . At the speed of six times, even a top Epic expert who focuses on speed will become like a super slow motion scene . How can his saber technique and movement technique be so fast at a seven times slowdown? Even if he’s already a top Epic, it’s impossible for him to have such a fast saber and movement technique . ”

“Yes, it’s indeed impossible . The Eye of Odin was slowed down seven times . Only the speed of a Mythical stage expert can produce such an effect,” said Sadie .

“How can he be at the Mythical stage? Impossible . Sis, are you mistaken?” How could Gulli believe that Zhou Wen, who was less than two years older than him, be at the Mythical stage?

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“It’s impossible for my Eye of Odin to make a mistake . Of course, it’s impossible for him to be at the Mythical stage . Then, there’s only one possibility left . He trained his saber technique to become a divine technique, which is why he has such a fast speed,” Sadie said with a burning gaze .

“Divine saber technique!” Gulli was stunned . This answer was still unacceptable to him, but he knew very well that Sadie’s Eye of Odin couldn’t be wrong .

They had originally come here to right Lance’s reputation . Although Gulli hadn’t advanced to the Epic stage, he was already very close . As for Sadie, she had advanced to the Epic stage and obtained the Life Soul, Eye of Odin, which was almost like a bug in computer programs .

Gulli originally believed that no matter how strong Zhou Wen was, even if he could defeat him, he was definitely not Sadie’s match .

But now, he felt endless despair . A person who had mastered a divine technique at the Epic stage, and him being only seventeen years old—just the thought of it left him dizzy .

Even in the history of the six families, there had never been such a terrifying person .

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