Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: 61

Chapter 61 Qualifications

Due to Xu Miantu’s death, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were investigated by the school, but they were quickly released .

“What kind of person is your brother?” In the dorm, Zhou Wen leaned against a chair and asked Li Xuan .

Li Xuan casually sat on the floor, holding a can of beer and downing it slowly . Then, he said, “My family has three brothers . My eldest brother was a genius . He was good at everything, believed to be a super genius on par with An Tianzuo in Luoyang City . He was the most talented of our Li family . Unfortunately, he died young . ”

Downing another mouthful of beer, Li Xuan continued, “My second brother, Li Xiubai, was promising at a young age . Although he wasn’t as illustrious as An Tianzuo . He’s a Li family genius known to all and he has a very good reputation outside . At home, he’s a figure who can discuss the Li family matters with the other uncles . He’s a lot stronger than a foppish scion like me . Most of my old man’s adopted sons look up to him as their leader .

“But you can see that my childhood friends, Jiang Hao and Xu Miantu, people who had the strongest relationships with me in the Li family betrayed me one after the other . They spent no effort to help my brother kill me . It was especially so for Xu Miantu . I’m certain that he wasn’t working for my brother before he returned to Luoyang . But in a few short days, he turned his back on me . You should be able to guess what kind of character and means my brother has . ” Li Xuan crushed the beer can upon saying that .

“Why? Aren you vying for the Li family’s business? Just to be safe, he’s willing to do this to his younger brother? Doesn’t your father care?” Zhou Wen found it somewhat unbelievable .

“No, it’s not because of the Li family’s business . If it was only that, we wouldn’t have reached this point,” Li Xuan said with a shake of his head .

“Then what’s the reason?” Seeing Li Xuan silent, Zhou Wen said, “Forget it if you can’t

say . ”

Li Xuan shook his head slightly and sighed after a long period of time . “The higher the levels of dimensional creatures, the greater the difference in strength . Just like Legendary creatures are almost no match for Epic creatures, with the gap between the Epic stage and the Mythical stage even larger, it can be said that even a hundred humans at the Epic stage might not be able to kill a Mythical creature . It might even lead to their complete wipeout . ”

“I’ve learned that from the textbooks . ” Zhou Wen felt that Li Xuan was saying the obvious .

Li Xuan continued, “Then have you thought about how humans were able to kill the first Mythical creature considering the huge difference in strength?”

“Legend has it that the few founders of the League combined forces to kill it . It’s also the Six League Heroes as taught in the textbooks . ” Zhou Wen knew that Li Xuan definitely had more to tell

“Then do you know how they killed the Mythical creature?” Li Xuan asked with a smile .

“The books say that they had a difficult battle that lasted three full days…” Before Zhou Wen finished his sentence, Li Xuan interrupted him .

“Don’t believe in the books’ nonsense . If they were really only at the Epic stage, even sixty people wouldn’t be able to kill a Mythical creature, much less six,” Li Xuan said in disdain .

“Then how is one killed?” Zhou Wen asked out of curiosity .

“It’s because they had Mythical Companion Beasts,” Li Xuan said .

“Isn’t what you say contradictory? Without killing the first Mythical creature, how will one have a Mythical Companion Beast? This doesn’t adhere to logic . ”

Li Xuan laughed in reply, “Of course it doesn’t adhere to logic . It’s because their Companion Beasts weren’t obtained by killing Mythical creatures . Instead, someone gave them to them . Although they can’t be considered real Mythical creatures and can only be called larva of Mythical creatures, it’s already enviable . ”

“This still doesn’t adhere to logic . If someone gave them Mythical Companion Beasts, then the person who gave them must have killed Mythical creatures before,” Zhou Wen said with a frown .

“No one can answer this question . At the very least, not me . I only know that there’s such a department in the top brass of the League that does such matters . Some humans can obtain the qualifications just like the Six League Heroes . And my Li family has such a qualification . Then, the person who might be able to obtain a Mythical Companion Beast might be me . Only with me dead will this opportunity have a chance of landing on my brother . It’s because I was appointed by my old man,” Li Xuan said in a teasing tone .

“So that’s the reason . In that case, isn’t your old man going to rein in and do something about your brother?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

If it were him, he definitely wouldn’t kill his younger brother over such matters . However, everyone was different . Zhou Wen didn’t believe that his thoughts represented everyone . In fact, he always felt that his character and thoughts were in the minority .

“Rein in? How? Beat him to death? Or get me to give up the Mythical Companion Beast qualifications? At this point in time, I can only compete with my brother,” Li Xuan said with a glint in his eyes . He didn’t seem afraid and was even excited .

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“You have to be careful . ” Although Zhou Wen had never met Li Xiubai, he had a deep impression of him after what had happened to Jiang Hao and Xu Miantu .

“I will soon advance to the Legendary stage, then I’ll have nothing to fear . Instead, it’s you that should be careful . You have foiled my brother’s plans twice . With my understanding of him, he will definitely not spare you,” Li Xuan said very solemnly .

Zhou Wen nodded slightly . He didn’t believe that Li Xuan was being an alarmist . It was something very possible .

Although the campus didn’t permit private fighting, even Xu Miantu dared to take action in a dimensional zone under Li Xiubai’s scheme . It was difficult to guarantee that a second or third Xu Miantu wouldn’t appear on campus .

“Thankfully you live alone in Four Seasons Garden . The situation there isn’t as complicated as the ordinary dorms . It makes it a lot safer . Speaking of which, I recall that the An family also has the qualifications to obtain a Mythical Companion Beast . Unfortunately, you aren’t born into the An family; otherwise, you might have a chance to vie for it from An Jing,” Li Xuan joked .

“Why would it be with An Jing? Didn’t you said that An Tianzuo was the genius? Shouldn’t the An family’s Mythical Companion Beast qualification be his?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“That I’m not sure . While my old man was telling me about the Mythical Companion Beasts, he had mentioned in passing that the An family had likely chosen An Jing . In Luoyang City, only my Li family and the An family has the qualifications,” Li Xuan said with great certainty .

Li Xuan was in a bad mood, so he drank plenty . In his drunken stupor, he vomited and collapsed in Zhou Wen’s bed .

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Zhou Wen had no choice but to sit on the chair to game since he had no intention of sleeping .

Although the Li family’s matters had nothing to do with him, it was as Li Xuan said; Li Xiubai-in his displeasure-might even want him out of the way, so he needed to be wary .

But no matter what he did, nothing was as effective as being strong himself .

After today’s experience and the battle with the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, Zhou Wen was quite inspired . He wanted to see if he could kill the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus alone . Although this was a crazy idea, Zhou Wen could already see its viability .