Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 610

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Chapter 610: 610


A crisp sound came from the phone . Zhou Wen saw an item drop in-game and nearly jumped out of bed .

After returning yesterday, Zhou Wen had spent the entire night grinding dungeons . When he finally killed the Golden Battle God Halberd in the morning, a Companion Egg dropped for the third time .

Is the drop rate for the Golden Battle God Halberd that high? Zhou Wen looked at the three identical halberds with slightly different stats and skills . He felt a little depressed .

An additional Mythical Companion Beast was indeed able to greatly enhance Zhou Wen’s strength . However, when facing different situations, the same Companion Beast’s ability made for weaker adaptation .

When restrained, the same Companion Beasts would be restrained together . They would be limited and prevent him from adapting to the situation .

However, for fusion, there’s no suitable Companion Beast to fuse with the Golden Battle God Halberd . Zhou Wen matched his Companion Beasts with the Golden Battle God Halberd again .

In the final match, the compatibility between Overlord Sword and Golden Battle God Halberd was the highest, but it was only 41% . With less than 50% fusion compatibility, the chances of a fusion success were very low .

The only fusion plan with a high compatibility score was the Golden Battle God Halberd and the Golden Battle God Halberd . However, the most important function of the Golden Battle God Halberd was its Life Soul—Golden Divine Light—and Unstoppable .

With these two abilities, the Golden Battle God Halberd’s effects could already be considered to be at its peak . Even if he could enhance its attributes or have a few more skills after fusion, the main functions of the Golden Battle God Halberd wouldn’t have any qualitative improvement . It would be better to keep two Golden Battle God Halberds so that he could be stronger in battle .

I already have three Golden Battle God Halberds . I can take the gamble with one . With 41% compatibility, the chances of success can’t be considered very low . If the Golden Battle God Halberd can fuse with Overlord Sword’s abilities, the best outcome will be having two skills—Unstoppable and Ever-Victorious—at the same time . Then, releasing sword beams being augmented by these two skills, that would be really impressive . However, this is only the best outcome . Ignoring the possibility of fusion failure, even if the fusion succeeds, it might not turn out the way I wish . The skills may be retained, but the Life Providence and Life Soul can also be changed . It might not be able to retain its Mythical stage… After some consideration, Zhou Wen decided to give it a try .

Since Overlord Sword isn’t of much use anymore and I have three Golden Divine Battle Halberds, so be it if I lose one . Zhou Wen didn’t hold much hope as he placed the Golden Battle God Halberd and Overlord Sword together into the fusion column before clicking on fusion .

The two Companion Beasts emitted light at the same time before fusing into one, turning the entire screen into a snow-white glow . When the light gradually dissipated, a new Companion Beast appeared in front of Zhou Wen .

I succeeded… Zhou Wen was delighted as he sized up the Companion Beast .

As the two were already incubated Companion Beasts, the newly fused Companion Beast was affected by the two Companion Beasts, causing a change in appearance .

Zhou Wen’s first impression was that it was a tycoon with a shiny, golden blade . However, this blade was extremely odd . From its appearance, it looked like a greatsword .

However, two short blades protruded from the two sides of the greatsword’s hilt . They were like two side blades of the trident, making it look both like a greatsword or a mutated trident .

After pulling out the information on the new Companion Beast, Zhou Wen carefully looked at its stats .

Golden Overlord Sword: Mythical

Life Providence: Sword Sovereign of God

Life Soul: Golden Sword Aura

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Wheel of Destiny: Benevolence of the Battle God

Strength: 79

Speed: 72

Constitution: 79

Essence Energy: 68

Talent Skill: Ever-Victorious, Fangwheel Sword Flash

Companion Form: Golden Greatsword

Zhou Wen frowned slightly . It looked like its stats weren’t bad and it seemed to have fused well in all aspects, but it lacked an important skill—Unstoppable—a skill that came with Golden Battle God Halberd .

Furthermore, he did not know if the Golden Sword Aura’s effect could be compared to the Golden Divine Light .

Zhou Wen took the golden greatsword to try it in-game and realized that the Golden Sword Aura could actually be shot out as a Fangwheel Sword Flash . Furthermore, its might wasn’t inferior to the Golden Divine Light .

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It was just that it lacked Unstoppable skill . Its destructive power was slightly weaker, but with Ever-Victorious’s augmentation, it was not too much weaker .

Although the Golden Overlord Sword’s stats and skills were slightly inferior to the Golden Battle God Halberd, its Golden Sword Aura could be released . This was a qualitative leap, raising Zhou Wen’s combat ability . If he had to choose out of the two, Zhou Wen would still choose the Golden Overlord Sword .

Looking at the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg that hadn’t hatched, Zhou Wen matched it with the Golden Overlord Sword and realized that the compatibility was higher than before . It was as high as 69% .

With the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg as a supplementary ingredient, I can strengthen it without changing the Golden Overlord Sword’s foundation . However, I wonder how much it can increase . It would be great if I could fuse Unstoppable into it . Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and placed the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg on it again . He decided to fuse it again .

Although the Golden Overlord Sword was already very powerful, Zhou Wen felt that something was missing without Unstoppable .

It had to be said that Zhou Wen had some perfectionist inclinations .

Seeing the light engulf the Golden Overlord Sword and Companion Egg, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel nervous . Although the success rate was close to 70%, Zhou Wen had previously failed at a higher success rate . Failure wasn’t impossible .

My heart is in a mess . I need to blank my mind… Just as the fusion began, his phone suddenly rang . It gave Zhou Wen a fright . He picked up his phone and saw that it was Wang Lu’s number .

“What are you doing? Why did you take so long to answer the call?” Wang Lu’s voice sounded from the phone .

“I’m gaming,” Zhou Wen answered . He turned his head and saw that the fusion had ended . The Golden Overlord Sword was still there and hadn’t disappeared .

“Can’t you have other activities other than gaming?” Wang Lu said unhappily .

“I don’t want to move,” Zhou Wen answered .

Wang Lu knew that Zhou Wen wasn’t a talkative person, but she still felt indignant . After calming herself down, she continued, “I’ve successfully advanced to the Epic stage . However, due to the problem of cultivating my Essence Energy Art, I’ve degenerated to the Mortal stage . I need time to recultivate again . I won’t be able to return to school anytime soon . When I wasn’t around, the antelope and Little Feifei must have suffered quite a lot . You must have forgotten to feed them . Do you now know that it’s impossible without me?”

“Not at all . When I wasn’t around, An Sheng would feed them . They had plenty of good food to eat,” Zhou Wen answered .

“Goodbye . ” Wang Lu decisively hung up . She felt that if she continued chatting, she would be infuriated by Zhou Wen .

Why did you hang up on me? Zhou Wen put down his phone and looked at the post-fusion stats of the Golden Overlord Sword .

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