Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 613

Published at 23rd of November 2020 06:21:56 PM

Chapter 613: 613
Zhou Wen was considering how to kill Primordial Sword Immortal . He had no interest in an opponent at Sadie's level . Even if she was a peerless genius, she was at most at the Epic stage .

The Epic stage was already too weak for Zhou Wen . He had condensed five Life Souls which was equivalent to someone advancing to the Epic stage five times . He really didn't find the Epic stage impressive .

Even the six families wouldn't randomly give a Mythical Companion Beast to such a young genius . This was because they had too little combat experience and were too young . Their minds weren't staid enough and with mighty strength, they easily took risks . That way, they would die even faster .

An Epic expert without a Mythical Companion Beast was no challenge for Zhou Wen .

Sadie seemed to have expected that Zhou Wen would reject her, so she wasn't angry . She continued, "I know you are very strong . If it were a life-and-death battle, I definitely wouldn't be your match . However, if we compete in the acumen, I believe you aren't my match . "

"Since you are so confident, I'll leave the Demonized General hunting mission to you . " Zhou Wen retreated a little . A group of Demonized Soldiers had already discovered them and were charging over .

Although Sadie felt that Zhou Wen was looking down on her, she didn't mind .

In the past, she would definitely have thought that Zhou Wen was too arrogant . However, after seeing Zhou Wen's Transcendent Flying Immortal, she felt that he had the right to be arrogant .

A seventeen-year-old person who had already mastered a divine technique could be as arrogant as he wanted . It wasn't excessive .

Sadie summoned an ice sword and charged at the Demonized Soldiers . The Demonized Soldiers were naturally not her match and were easily killed by her . They weren't even considered a warm-up .

Seeing how Zhou Wen ignored her, Sadie tactfully didn't say anything else . All she did was wait for an opportunity to make Zhou Wen think of her in a different light .

She was very confident in her Eye of Odin Life Soul . In her family's evaluation, the Eye of Odin Life Soul was S+ rank . It was even stronger than the average S rank, a Life Soul akin to a bug in games .

Although Sadie's Eye of Odin had only just condensed and was still a Primordial Body, its ability was already excellent .

Previously, it had been used to record videos, but in fact, it was just a trick of the Eye of Odin . What was truly impressive about the Eye of Odin was that it could observe an opponent in battle .

Now, Sadie's limit was to slow things down by seven times . In battle, if she used this ability, all trajectories would appear seven times slower in her eyes .

This multiplier was calculated according to the standards of the Eye of Odin . It wasn't slowing down the object by seven times .

The Eye of Odin didn't only strengthen her vision; in fact, the real target of the Eye of Odin was to strengthen her brain . If the brain's thinking speed and reaction couldn't keep up, it could easily cause a situation where one couldn't react in time despite being able to detect it .

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However, the Eye of Odin had strengthened her brain, allowing Sadie's brain to think and react faster . This was the truly terrifying part .

A saber technique that looked as fast as lightning looked like slow motion in Sadie's eyes when she slowed it down by seven times . At the same time, her mind raced with all sorts of countermeasures at lightning speed .

Now, Sadie's only flaw was that because her eyesight and brainpower were too strong, her body couldn't keep up with her brain's reaction speed, causing her to have synchronization issues .

Under normal circumstances, a speed of four to five times was her limit . Her body's speed could keep up with her eyesight and brainpower . Any higher, her body's movement speed wouldn't be able to keep up even if her brain issued an order .

In terms of combat abilities, Sadie knew that she was far from Zhou Wen's match, but in terms of acumen, Sadie didn't believe that she would lose to him .

As she charged forward, the ice sword in Sadie's hand mercilessly harvested the lives of the Demonized Soldiers . Even if she encountered Demonized Generals, she could still kill them with one strike .

Her sword techniques didn't have any unnecessary movements . She could always use the simplest method to kill her enemy .

Zhou Wen followed behind Sadie without making a move . Seeing that Sadie was about to rush into the range of the Tiger Cage Demonized General, he said, "Let's end here . Stop walking forward . "

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"I heard that Tiger Cage Pass has a very powerful dimensional creature guarding it and ordinary people can't charge in . Why don't we have a bet? If I can charge into the city and kill the dimensional creature guarding the gates, it'll be considered my victory . If I can't charge in, or if I can't kill the dimensional creature guarding the gates, count it as my loss . If I lose, I can tell you a secret about the cube ranking . If I'm lucky to win, I hope you can officially spar with me . Just the two of us . Let's see who's acumen is better," Sadie said .

"What secret?" Zhou Wen asked .

"It's not a secret if I tell you, but I guarantee with my character that this secret is definitely worth it," Sadie said with certainty .

"Alright, I'll bet with you . Are you sure you want to kill the strongest dimensional creature in Tiger Cage Pass?" Zhou Wen asked .

"That's right . Let's smack palms to make an oath . It's a deal?" Sadie extended her hand .

Zhou Wen didn't hesitate as he extended his palm and slapped Sadie's palm .

Tiger Cage Demonized General was already a top Epic creature . No matter how talented Sadie was, killing Tiger Cage Demonized General was not bad .

However, what was truly terrifying in Tiger Cage Pass wasn't the Tiger Cage Demonized General, but the Elegant Emperor's Avatar Puppet . Although that fellow was only at the Epic stage, his difficulty was already close to the Mythical stage . Zhou Wen didn't think Sadie had the ability to kill the Elegant Emperor's Avatar Puppet .

After retracting her palm, Sadie's lips curled up slightly . She wore a confident expression as she charged towards Tiger Cage Pass with her ice sword .

Zhou Wen watched from the side, prepared to help at any moment . If Sadie were to fail, he couldn't watch her die here .

Just as Sadie stepped into the range of the Tiger Cage Demonized General's shooting range, she saw an arrow shoot over with a strong spiral force . It was shockingly fast .

However, Sadie didn't panic . When the arrow reached her, she took a slight step to the side and dodged the arrow . At the same time, she slashed the ice sword in her hand, landing the arrow . She continued rushing towards Tiger Cage Pass .

The storm-like arrows immediately shot over .

Zhou Wen watched as Sadie moved in a small area and brandished the ice sword in her hand . She easily passed through the arrow rain and continued charging at Tiger Cage Pass .

This Sadie really has some ability . Zhou Wen realized that when Sadie passed through the rain of arrows, she used a very small movement to dodge a large number of arrows . Every time the ice sword struck out, it struck the most critical arrow .

The entire process was as exact as a computer's calculated path . There was no waste of stamina through any unnecessary actions .

Even Zhou Wen himself couldn't do better than Sadie .