Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 614

Published at 23rd of November 2020 06:21:55 PM

Chapter 614: 614
Back when Lance visited, he had only just reached the edge of Minute Subtlety . Sadie was a little younger than Lance, yet she had completely mastered Minute Subtlety . From Zhou Wen's point of view, this was extremely shocking .

Unbeknown to Zhou Wen, Sadie purely relied on the powers of Eye of Odin . Her true realm was inferior to Lance, so she naturally wasn't as good as Zhou Wen .

However, Eye of Odin was like a bug in games . To outsiders, Sadie was simply at some greater mastery of Minute Subtlety . No matter how intense the battle was, she could always calmly achieve perfection .

Soon, Sadie rushed to the top of the city and began fighting the Tiger Cage Demonized General .

Tiger Cage Demonized General was slightly stronger than Sadie in every aspect, but under the effects of the Eye of Odin, she could counter all his moves . He couldn't injure Sadie at all . Instead, he was severely restrained by Sadie . It was only a matter of time before he was killed .

There's actually such a genius in this world? Zhou Wen looked at Sadie's battle and was increasingly certain that she had achieved greater mastery of Minute Subtlety . Otherwise, how could she have reached such a stage?

She should be around my age or younger than me . Since she can do it, there's no reason I can't do it . Zhou Wen carefully observed Sadie's actions as he switched his Essence Energy Skill to Small Perfection of Wisdom .

The Eight Perfections Wisdom Life Providence and Hell King Life Soul also worked at the same time, making his senses extremely sharp .

Zhou Wen sat on the Chi's back and watched the battle . At the same time, he put himself in Sadie's shoes . He imagined a battle with the Tiger Cage Demonized General . In this battle, what was the difference between his choices and Sadie's choices?

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that although his choice wasn't wrong, he found them a little crude compared to Sadie . He wasn't as meticulous as Sadie .

What exactly am I lacking? As Zhou Wen thought, he gradually gained some insight .

There's a saying that goes, "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated . " The reason why gods are revered is that they have terrifying clairvoyant abilities . From this, one can see the importance of the word "know . " What Minute Subtlety needs is clairvoyance . By observing the other party's actions, one can derive information about the other party and exploit the information obtained… As Zhou Wen's mind raced, his Hell King Life Soul also expanded .

The stronger Zhou Wen's mind was, the stronger the feedback his body received .

With Zhou Wen's comprehension, the Hell King Life Soul became stronger . As for the Hell King Life Soul, it was one with Zhou Wen . The growth of the Hell King Life Soul immediately reflected back on Zhou Wen, making him feel increasingly sensitive .

Suddenly, a vertical eye on Zhou Wen's glabella opened . It was the Eye of Hell that belonged to the Hell King . At the instant it opened, it seemed to have countless wraiths howling in pain .

The moment the Eye of Hell opened, the space around Zhou Wen seemed to change . It wasn't a real eye, but a door that led to hell .

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When the Eye of Hell opened, Zhou Wen's body experienced a strange feeling . It was as though there was another feeling beyond his senses . This feeling made his sensual organs feel extremely strange .

So this is the Hell King's true ability . This should be the so-called Eighth Sense, right? To break through the understanding of spatial dimension… Under the effects of the Hell King Life Soul, Zhou Wen didn't even need to look to sense the minute changes in his surroundings .

However, he gradually realized that the feeling he had when he was Hell King didn't seem to be as simple as an eighth sense .

Apart from a normal feeling, he also discovered a strange phenomenon in every creature . It was an indescribable feeling .

He seemed to see a transparent flame burning on all the creatures . Some of the transparent flames were bigger than others, burning like a bonfire .

Some of the flames were relatively small, like fire plumes . It was as though the slightest breath could extinguish them .

What was even stranger was that the flames were transparent and colorless . It should have been impossible to see them, but he could . Even if he closed his eyes, he could sense the existence of the flames .

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Furthermore, Zhou Wen could vaguely sense that the transparent and colorless flames seemed to have some connection with the Eye of Hell at his glabella .

Could it be that the flames I see are actually the legendary karmic sinflames? Zhou Wen guessed inwardly, but he wasn't confident .

Legend had it that karmic sinflames were the flames of sins . Every time someone did something evil, he would have more karmic sinflames on him . After he went to hell, he would be burned by the karmic sinflames .

The greater the sins, the more karmic sinflames there were . This also prolonged the burning in hell . One had to wait for the karmic sinflames to burn out before they could reincarnate .

Zhou Wen was only guessing, unsure if what he saw were karmic sinflames .

Sadie was still fighting the Tiger Cage Demonized General . Her Eye of Odin was indeed powerful . Despite fighting someone stronger than herself, she suppressed the Tiger Cage Demonized General and eventually killed him with one strike .

The entire process was smooth and fluid . She didn't give the Tiger Cage Demonized General a chance . The Tiger Cage Demonized General didn't even manage to touch her clothes . Even Sadie was very satisfied with her performance .

Standing on the city wall, Sadie said to Zhou Wen who was outside the city with a smile, "Zhou Wen, I won . "

"See what's behind you first," Zhou Wen said calmly .

Sadie was slightly taken aback . She turned her head and saw a strange person wearing a mask standing on top of a tower in the city .

Before Sadie could do anything, the strange person held a stack of yellow paper in his hand and threw it into the air . The yellow paper scattered, turning out to be paper figurines .

However, when the paper figurines landed, they turned into Tiger Cage Demonized Generals . There were more than ten of them .

More than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals charged forward and immediately surrounded Sadie .

Sadie was alarmed . She could still deal with a single Tiger Cage Demonized General . If these Tiger Cage Demonized Generals had the same combat strength as the previous Tiger Cage Demonized Generals, she was definitely no match for them .

She originally hoped that these Tiger Cage Demonized Generals were only paper tigers and didn't have any true strength, but after a short battle, she realized that they were equally terrifying .

Sadie fought many alone . Relying on the ability of Eye of Odin, she constantly dodged and moved around, ensuring that she remained safe . However, under the siege of the Tiger Cage Demonized Generals, Sadie's physical reaction was no longer able to keep up with her acumen and brain's reactions . All she could do was try her best to find flaws in the siege and use the time difference to dodge .

Zhou Wen watched with relish . Sadie's speed couldn't be considered fast, but her ability, which was akin to Minute Subtlety, was indeed very powerful . She wasn't injured under the siege of more than ten Tiger Cage Demonized Generals . She was indeed extraordinarily strong .